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Men's Fashion Pants $9.99 Shipped from BangGood


Stumbled on this and my nephew was looking over my shoulder and went nuts for these. Can't argue with the price…

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  • those are shorts. shorts aren't pants.

    • neggers need to look up definiton of pants. it's another term for trousers, which is, wait for it, long pants.

      edit: gotta love the silent neggers. keep up the good work :)

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        negger please

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          negger lover

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        While I agree with the pants/shorts differences, these do look to be longer than most shorts to me. They look like 3/4 length pants, in which case I think the 'pants' description does fit, even if it would be better if the '3/4' description was added. Simo2601's description and fit on him discussed below would also match 3/4 length pants/trousers more so than shorts in my opinion.

    • So are these Short pants or Long shorts ? maybe Phorts or Sants ? im so confused!!

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    I think I am officially old now. Do people actually wear those hideous things?

    • Could be worse! I guess it makes others smile ;-)

    • They make me feel old too because they look like something the Bay City Rollers would have worn.

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    I think these are the lil wayne pants that you wear half way down your bum.

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    I own a pair of these (the grey ones) be aware, they go well below the knees, are a very skinny fit and a really light fabric, about as thick as a business shirt.

    If that is not your idea of fashioon, these are not for you.

  • why dont you just buy it on Ebay for cheaper


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      Cause you have to pay for shipping :/

      • ah darn i thought ebay was free shipping

        if only banggood at paypal though

  • BEWARE buying from this company.I bought 2 shirts from BangGood, ordered large in U.S size, and they sent XXL. I complained and they said that XXL was the Asian size which is equal to U.S. large. The shirts were US size XXL , the same size my husband wears who is a US XXL. They would not exchange them, at first they agreed that they had made a mistake and then said they hadn't, and after many emails complaining, they just didn't respond anymore. Don't buy from them and expect the correct size or a suitable outcome.

    • +1

      ??? so what went wrong?

    • Agree with the sizing issue
      Do not believe their us size guide at all
      Best to read measurements to see if it will fit you

    • Same, I ordered US Med, what I got had to be the equivalent of XS.

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    Jeans for short ppl, make me want to watch Time Bandits.

  • Bang … Good.

  • BangBad

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    Bang Bros

    • will buy if it comes with a free all areas access pass.. damn that preston :P~

  • Bang gods…

  • I'm surprised your nephew could look over your shoulder and go nuts for these imp trousers.

  • Stay away from this website. I ordered this pant last month and until now it still hasn't arrived. Talked with their rep and got advised that ill have to wait for a few more month. You are warned!!!

    • Happen to see this post via Ozb's newsletter,really sorry for the trouble caused,Could you please send me an email [email protected] which includes your order number. I will help rectify the problem.If the shipping time is more than what you expected,and you're not satisfied with it,I will let me to refund you.:D

  • I also ordered from them and it took more than 2 months for my parcel to arrive. And yes they stuffed up the sizes. I ordered all mediums and received 2 smalls and rest were all XXL. They are either too big or too small. Also the quality is very bad. It looks really good in the photos but when u get them its crap.

    • Really sorry for the trouble caused,could you please send me an email [email protected] which includes your order number. Usually takes 7-15 business days to arrive,if the shipping time is more than what you expected,I will let them to refund you.:D

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    The last rep got banned and posted the same deal. I'm surprised no one saw that

    • Yeah I remember that deal, it was a few months back… I'm skeptical.

  • I bought a couple of shirts last night, and paid via paypal. let's see what happens.

    btw, http://www.yesstyle.com.au/en/men.html sells almost the same stuff, even the photos look the same. But i have purchased heaps of stuff from yesstyle in the past and they all arrive in reasonable time, and sizes were correct.

  • What makes these "Fashion" pants?
    What would the difference be with non-fashion pants?

    • the level of applause

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    Aaron Chen is the person I dealt with, and will not change my sizes to US large as I ordered, insisted the XXL is the correct ones…. Will never do business with them again.

    • how did it fit? asian sizes are three sizes bigger, eg S is a L to XL

  • i buy cheapo electricals from them. so far so good.
    clothes is always questionable. you get what you pay for.

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