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Logitech Lapdesk $9.99 Delivered @ COTD


Saw on FB:

That's right, you're eyes aren't deceiving you! Normally retailing for $99.95, selling on Catch for $29.99. Use this coupon code "LOGITECHTOUCH" in the shopping cart "Have a coupon" link and get it delivered today for just $9.99! Limited stock and limited to one per member - HURRY!

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  • +10

    Do I need one? no

    Did I buy one? yes :(

    • +1

      I am in a similar boat. Not sure I have any need for one… but $9.99 is hard to resist.

    • Same here :)

  • +2

    why not … bought , thanks OP

    more junk for my bunk

  • I have one of their couch lappy stands, like it alot.

    One with a built in touchpad, odd…

  • Would Officeworks pricematch?

    • first rule of ozbargain is:

      buy now … think and ask later

  • +2

    must… resist

    • +4

      resistance… is… futile…

      I don't even have a laptop but I'm buying… ARRRGH!!

  • Weight: 1100g (1.1kg) !

    • Youll get some exercise while not burning your legs. Win-win!

    • That's cheaper than lamb! +1 from me

  • +3

    sweet, what did i just buy?

    • not sure but I got one too

  • +1

    Was thinking off buying a lapdesk at ikea for a while but resisted. Glad that I waited! Got one thanks to op! This will be heaps better than my magazine

  • im not even sure what the point of this deal. the damn laptop already has a touchpad. And yet im thinking how not to buy it. damn ozbargain

  • +1

    Got too much stuff. I made a vow yesterday- every time I buy something, I get rid of something.

    • +1

      That was my NY resolution as well. Gumtree works well for that.

  • thanks mate

  • I don't think I need this but I got one any way

  • LOL, classic ozbargain catch! Tempting…

    • +1

      5 seconds late, sold out. :( or :)

  • bah sold out when putting the code

  • have absolutely no use for this. despite it's cheapness. Why would anyone want to add 1.1kg of weight on their lap?

  • {"error":"Quantity requested is not available."}

    That's all folks!

  • Those few went quick.

  • Sold out!

  • Sold out by the looks of it.

    Oh well, saves me dealing with COTD again…

  • damn! i actually wanted one of these!!! (my ultrabook touchpad/buttons suck)

    missed out inputting new work address…

  • i think i got the last one!

    • +1

      What's your order number end in?

      • 21?

        • Mine was 56

        • Mine 92. Order made at 09:27:28

        • Mine was 9:32am

        • NVM

        • Wow, you win! :)

        • mine was 95 09:29:12

          DO I GET A PRIZE?

        • +2

          YES !! you have won the INTERNET !!

        • YES! You have won the special LAST UNIT!

  • awesome, a tad late though.

  • +1

    If only for left handed people!!!!!

  • Shame it's sold out, I would have actually used one these!

    • +2

      He is in Sydney and has PM enabled, for those who buy this and realise they'll never use it :)

  • Now I have to think what should I use it for…

    • I just got my new chopping board, yay!

  • +1

    Dicksmith has the Lapdesk N700 (with built-in speakers) for $9.95. NOt the same thing, but if someone wants a lapdesk - the touchpad N700 would do the job.

    • +1

      I doubt there would be much stock available

  • +3

    Bought. Worst case scenario, I use it for TV dinners.

    • I bought it for my 11 year old son. he normally sits on the couch with the laptop on his lap ( i guess that's why they're called that ) and it does get a bit hot after a while. this thingy should give him some reprieve.

  • i have been waiting for a deal like this for a few months now. this one looks even better than what i want. just missed…………

  • Damn the East/West time difference - missed it :(

  • Sold out.
    Missed it. :(

  • +2

    Wow is the website on the laptop screen ozbargain?

    • Yeah, that's what I was thinking :)

  • i missed out… bugger.

  • shucks… i wanted one too dammit!!!

  • -1

    Normally retailing for $99.95


    The arguably better N500 is $25 delivered from Logitechshop

    • Thats the one I have, from there.

      works for me…

  • +7

    Looks like they are browsing OzBargain in the picture!

    • Omg they are ahha

  • OMG, sold out, too late to see it :(

  • +1

    Got an email notification that my order has been dispatched via Australia Post, that's very fast from COTD. I ordered 15 minutes after the deal was posted, thanks kheob!

  • Damn….wish I had bought this :(

  • recieved !!

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