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Magic Plastic Cubby House $59.83 (Save $89.17) @ Target


Magic Plastic Cubby House $59.83 @ Target. Not ipads or HDD or LED TVs but BARGAIN for The Kids.

Click and Collect available.

With its unique shape and design, this sturdy and robust Magic Plastic Cubby House will provide hours of fun. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. No tools required for easy assembly. Ages 3+.

Product Height - 126cm
Product Width - 110cm
Product Depth - 110cm

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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  • Any idea what the normal price is?

  • +1

    according to a google search
    $150 and was $99 in toy sale last year

    • Awesome, thx SBOB!

  • good deal, was gonna get it at xmas for $99, lucky i didnt !

  • It's cheaper instore I swear I saw it for $40 odd

    • Really? Need to check it store then. Although I've made an online order just now, but I guess I can always get refund if not open?

    • where can i get $40 instore?

    • +3

      The feeling is priceless when they smiled and opened their new toys that you bought for them.
      Spending times with kids and playing with them even for 5 minutes are priceless let alone a week.

      • I thought you buy this so you dont have to spend time with this

  • Good deal, was looking for one of these recently at a good price. Ordered one, thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP, good deal, got one.

  • The one we got was completely different colours when we opened the box… walls were brown, roof green and door yellow. Sturdy plastic.

  • -1

    Pretty sure the kids would prefer an iPad

    • -1

      When I was a kid we never had any of these plastic cubbies or cars - we were more than entertained enough just exploring the vast backyard, pool, tennis court, etc. Or we made our own cubby houses. Kids these days are so uncreative.

      • They're probably safer too

      • +2

        I wish I could afford a "vast backyard, pool or tennis court" for my kids!

        • ^^ Love this!

      • Thanks for the contribution. Glad to hear you had the luxury of enjoying your childhood ranging about on vast well equipped grounds. Kids today with their dinky little backyards and ever shrinking homes have no use for creativity at all such is their lot today…

        • That's because parents these days waste their money on wanky overpriced 4WDs that they never use off-road, and other such nonsense.

        • +1

          Those must be some pretty pricey 4WDs if they are accounting for a huge block of land, that explains the glut of porsche cayennes I see on the road every day.

        • I see dozens of Cayennes every day. When I was growing up as a kid you rarely saw a Porsche.

        • I see dozens of Cayennes every day. When I was growing up as a kid you rarely saw a Porsche.

          or you just didnt take as much notice because they didnt mean as much to you..
          the same as how I don't remember seeing as many attractive 18-21 year olds back when I was that age ;)

        • 24+ a day? I call shenanigans.

          Even so In this porche fantasyland you live in that's only 24 kids with small backyards

          All this is of course away from the point made above, this being that its stupid to correlate big yards with creativity. Unless your strangely using that point to wax lyrical about having a privileged youth. But that would be weird.

  • $10 cheaper in store, bought one and send online store an email to cancel the order.

    • Mate which store?Just now went to Rockdale store,they sell it for $59.83.

  • Thanks OP - ordered one and will pop into the Chatswood store tomorrow to check local prices

    • Same price in store ($59.83) for Target Chatswood

  • Bought one. Thanks OP. Looks good.

  • Sold out, as expected…

  • i just bought one and so must be back in stock. please update deal. thank OP for the deal.

  • There were some in the clearout store at Kotara the other day

  • Which store has this for $40? I've got one on hold for me and would like to get them to match that price…

    • tweed.

  • got one at tweed this avo. marked 49.83 but scanned 59. they fixed that. display one there if you have a Ute.

  • lots in stock at robina. marked $59.83. Pacific Fair has some at $49.83. good luck. ps very easy to set them up - under 10 minutes.

  • few left at Charlestown NSW also..
    picked one up today from Glendale NSW

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