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PS3 FIFA 2012 for $16.98 ($12.98 Actual + $4 for Delivery) at BigW Online


Bought one from them so i thought i should share

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  • Also Nintendo 3DS version for $7.50 if you have stock near you at Dick Smith

    • No Tim Cahill on the cover

    • Big W shipping would be a lot quicker

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    Don't buy older versions of FIFA, you really pay for the online capabilities. Since FIFA 14 has 4 months left until release, wait and buy FIFA 13 at $20.

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      Having the last 2 FIFA games they're pretty much the same except for team sheets, the only thing I've noticed is andy Carroll doesn't make a move on his teammates when he "celebrates" in FIFA 13

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        As a Liverpool fan, I am sure scoring with him would be next to impossible.

        • If only he knew Suarez bites haha

    • unless your buying the wii version. It's just copy and paste each year with new team lists

    • wait 4 months for a game that is nearly identical to the previous one… so you can pay exactly the same price that you can get it for now… interesting strat.

      • well we dont realllly know its nearly identical until we get it…

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