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Kisai SenSai Aluminium LED Watch 4000 Yen off ($70) 3 Days Only


Hi everyone TokyoFlash japan sell innovative watch designs none of you would have seen the likes of before. They have a special on that if you are a member (membership is free you just need an email address)you get 4000yen off ($70) and free shipping as always.


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  • Looks very errr…unique…but too much geek for me though…is this like one of those watches where it displays time through binary code- Sorry my eyes are seriously sweating now, cant read the site to find out, only have a quick glance at the pics …gotta go have a shower and take out my contacts..

  • um, I registered and only got a 600 yen coupon…? Cool site though, thanks for the introduction.

  • not really, if you look around and compare sumtimes u get better price there

  • That watch makes my brain hurt…

    Cool site though

  • no you have to register then use the link i provided through the pic to get an extra 4000yen off

  • That site is AWESOME!
    Thanks very much for the intro indeed. That watch is a bit much for me, but some of the bags and things are just wicked. Kind of expensive though..

  • Funny watch

    I can just imagine myself, try to read it down the local pub late on a friday night..
    Girl comes up to you and asks the time…and you spend the next half hour trying to work out the time. LOL

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