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Jetstar 2 for 1 (Take a Friend for Free Sale)


Its on again… The Jetstar 2 for 1 birthday sale.
Dates do vary, most Oct - Dec 2013, Feb - Mar 2014 period.
Its got all fares from the looks of it including international to Bali, Singapore, Honolulu etc.
I received the early access email but it goes on sale to the public at 6am… this will link out to the page!
Enjoy :@)

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    wow that is impressive!

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    "Melbourne (Tullamarine) to Singapore - $359 for 2 people."…

  • Says sale ends tonight at 11:59pm

    • Yep thats 'presale' through the link I've provided. Then at 6am tomorrow it goes public (same fare pricing though).

      This is whats on the email:

      Early access for JetMail members starts now!

      Our JetMail members can only access the sale early by clicking on the 'BOOK NOW' button below until it becomes available to the general public from 6am (AEST) tomorrow through the Sale Banner at jetstar.com. So get in early and book tonight to take a friend for free!

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    Be sure to check with an overseas Expedia site like www.expedia.co.jp to ensure that you're getting a good deal.

    Searched for MEL - ADL flights for later this year and it would be $79pp return. Expedia lists the same flight for 5800 yen.

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      so for those of us that can't be arsed converting it, whats 5800 yen equal to?

      • $57.25 AUD according to google

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    Tip: In the past the issue has been getting home with international flights at cheap prices. Out cheap and easy but home been expensive and hard especially where weekends and around holiday times. So just be careful if you book 1-way thinking you will get a cheap home bound fare later.

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    Hobart to Christchurch return over a long weekend for $300 per person is indeed hard to beat.

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    Why no Japan?!?!?! :-(

    • yeah noticed that to, a few years i scored the gold coast - tokyo flights for $900 return to 2.
      ahh well could try fly into singapore then connect out with another carrier?

      • +2

        yea noticed that too, really wanted Japan here… :(

      • -1

        I got a deal like that as well, ezza. and there's no way I'm stuffing around going to singapore first as I have 2 kids and 1 on the way, it's hard enough stopping at the gold coast. ah well, i'll just have to wait til the next sale.

        • ahhh true with kids prob a lot more difficult i guess… ahhh well or maybe try bali :)

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      Jetstar has expanded massively it's presence in Japan within the last 12 months, they get so much Japanese patronage on the route now that they no longer need our cheap arse Aussie cash.

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    Thanks OP.

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      No probs.. my 2nd post… everyone seems to beat me when I find a nice deal thought I'd stop everything and post it up :@)

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    Can I stack it with Price-Beat Tiger and also get 2 for 1 from Jetstar?

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    Websites being hammered.

    • +1

      Accidental OzBargain induced DOS

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    Internal Server Error - Write
    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
    Reference #4.55df54b8.1368439848.af4ddc3

    can't make any booking :(

    • -1



      60秒後に再度アクセスいただき、それでもページが表示されない場合は、 5分ほど経ってから再度ご検索いただきますようお願いいたします。



      • +4

        Google Translate:

        Thank you for using Jetstar this time.

        Line is now we are very crowded.
        If I have access again after 60 seconds, still page does not appear, I ask to have you search again at a later about 5 minutes.
        I am really sorry if I apologize for any inconvenience. .

        We look forward to your boarding everyone.

      • Or, the English error message which shows up right next to the one Knightelf pasted above :p

        Thanks for your search.

        We're experiencing very high levels of demand on our web site at the moment.

        Please come back in 60 seconds and try your search again.

        Alternatively, please try again in about 5 minutes.

        Thank you for choosing Jetstar, we look forward to flying with you soon!

  • Time to bootup the next server

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    Jetstar needs some competent server admins.

    • +7

      Jetstar and competent aren't words that are used together often.

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    Whilst trying to get through, I thought this bit in the fine print could prove costly for some -

    If you need to make any changes to your booking change fees and any fare difference will apply. Passengers whose name is entered and marked as "FREE" receive a $0 fare, and the fare difference for them will be calculated from $0.

    • For what it's worth, I've had to change a name once and change a date once after booking with these fares and JetStar didn't charge me any extra. The terms and conditions allow them to charge you, but it doesn't always mean they will.

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    Forever alone

  • This server error affects all instances of the jestar.com/xx domain - which means that a person in japan booking will also be hit with the server error/load issues. Poor b*sterds can't even book a full fare, non-discounted flight! Sigh.

  • Anyone japanese here in ozbaragin?

  • +3

    I wish i had a friend

    • +1

      I'll be your friend if you're paying.

      • +1

        I'll pay for our outbound, you pay for our return

  • +1

    $1,212 return for 2 adults and an infant to Hawaii!!!
    1 20kg suitcase included.

    • Return ? Only shows one way.

      • nah once you click on "access sale" you can book return or change directions

  • Anybody successfully booked a flight ? Can't seem to get through, waiting on the page to load.

    • Yeah I just booked two to Singapore for $848 return (including 25kg bag). But it took me multiple attempts to get the booking through.

      • Seems to be completely non-responsive for me now. Getting nothing but "Gateway Timeout".

  • Brisbane seems to have domestic only…hm

  • +1

    anyone have any luck booking? I have tried so many times and it just won't load…:(

  • awww all the international flights are just outbound and not inbound :(

    • +1

      You can get the 2 for 1 deal in both directions.

      • oh true that! thanks for the clarification mate

        • Is it really? My bali ticket doesn't seem discounted for both directions.

  • Hooray.
    Love this sale.
    4x Per-Sin on dates we want for $1032 all up
    (inc luggage, seats, credit card fees)

  • Is it possible to ring them and try to book it ?

  • who want to go to ayers rock in march ?

    • I'm in

    • Annielee, you must organise a tourney - the winner to carry your luggage and wear your favour upon his lance… Wait, that sounds wrong when I say it out loud

  • +1

    Sweet. I just booked two seats for myself and my big fat ass

  • +4

    Raping that F5 button. Refresh, refresh you can do it.

  • i dont believe anyone can go in. server dead

  • Is it possible to book a return to Honolulu for 1 person and get it for 1/2 price? That is, rather than 2 for 1.

    • the point of sale is BOGO. So no.

  • After hours of fighting, just booked 2*ADL to Bris :)

  • Just be patient in booking your flight it is really hard to access the website if there is so much people entering it. Just booked my family and it took me 4 hours to do it.

  • So how much in hidden fees do we have to add?

  • I took 3hours to book a MEL - SG for $718 return 2 pax. Awesome!

    There are no hidden fee if you do the following
    1. do not add additional luggage
    2. do not add food
    3. do not add entertainment
    4. do not select seats
    5. do not add insurance or car rental
    6. Use a Jetstar Mastercard or Direct Deposit (do not use any other credit card)

    • Pretty sure you can just use any Australia issued mastercard

      • needs to be a debit mastercard for your statement to be correct

        • +3

          Pretty sure you can just use any Australia issued debit mastercard that is made of plastic, has a chip or magnetic strip or both, cannot be a novelty card you received in the wheatbix box, nor the one you stole from the guy on the train with the long fingernails and shoes made of tissue boxes who used to work for a big corporation then got framed for colluding with a competitor because his former best friend needed money to buy his trophie wife a ferrari or she would leave him for the….im bored now

  • Attention!

    I found 2 for 1 sales for Hong Kong and Manila, but this has only been found using the ipad, this wasn't found using a computer or my phone. But basically using the sale page I click to the home Page and search Melbourne to hk or Manila during the sale periods, like November, and I had results of 2 for 1,in total flights from Melbourne to Manila for 2 people were 850.pretty good.

  • melbourne to bali return flights for 2 people $798. is that a bargain or not?

    • There have been other sales and this is about as cheap as you will get. Also dates for this year are disappearing. October is about the end of the travel season as well, gets pretty hot after that and rains.

  • Just a tip, although not sure if it is still an issue: we managed to book flights easily and quickly using their mobile site, even though the main web version was being hammered and timing out.

    • Looked on mobile site but it didn't appear to offer the 2 for one Sale.
      Can access the main site now unlike last night.
      Just now need some money and a friend.

  • The site is behaving like a dog's breakfast. After 4 attempts I was finally able to make a booking, but am unsure whether I've been charged twice, although I only authorised payment once .

  • Thanks OP - managed to get some Syd flights last night for further travel connections!! :-D

  • Woohoo .. flights to Melbourne booked.

    Thanks to the OP.

  • can always pay with direct deposit to avoid credit card fee. That's what I did.

    Now I'm feeling paranoid about the transfer not going through in time. Anyone want to share your stories about using direct transfer for payment?

    • you have a 48hr window for the transfer so it should be fine. I did mine yesterday night

      • cool! let's hope we both get through without incident!

    • It doesn't really matter. If you paid through POLi they will wait for the money to transfer, as POLi sends Jetstar the confirmation that you've paid.

      And they put a limit on when you can no longer use POLi to pay for it (ie if you're close to the flight date), so if the option was available to you to begin with, you'll be fine. Enjoy your holidays.

      Edit: Unless Jetstar now accepts EFT without the use of the 3rd party tool? I don't know because I've always used POLi with them.

      • No I used normal bank transfer.

    • +1

      this is what i do.
      1. secure the booking for the next 48 hours using direct deposit option.
      2. if you are happy with the booking, go to manage booking, enter the detail and then it lets you pay using poli.
      3. payment success and booking confirmed.

      this is just a way to secure booking without paying the lock-in fee.

    • Did EFT last night, got a confirmation email a couple of hrs ago with itinerary, etc. Just follow their instructions and you should be right.

      • I paid through EFT last night/morning around 12 am too but I haven't received a confirmation that they have received payment yet.

  • does anybody know if you can change the free passengers name at a later date if needed?

    • It depends what type of fare you pay for.

    • they rarely check passengers name for domestic flights.

  • went to book Honolulu in March for a wedding… friend hesistated,,, neka minuite…

  • Thanks!! 2X Tix to Perth for $358. Bargain!!

    Although the bshit 'add-ons' that they keep bombarding you with are annoying. I haven't opted OUT of so much crap in my life. Seriously if you select the addons it will DOUBLE your fare.

    • Perth from where?

  • Can anyone provide some insight?

    I must have been too excited last night after hours of trying to get through the website. Once I got in, I quickly made the booking and picked option to pay through EFT to avoid extra costs. Did my EFT transfer.

    I then realised that I booked the trip same weekend as when Bruno Mars is coming to Perth (which I bought tickets already). I tried to cancel the transaction from my bank but they said it was too late.

    Called up Jetstar and they said they can not cancel it from their end until payment goes through and I should just contact my bank. They said I can change the flights later but it will have a $70 charge for each flight per passenger :(

    I still haven't received my confirmation letter from Jetstar though. My bad but I was hoping someone might have some insights to get around it??

    • I don't think there is a way around it. It will probably take a few more days until the payment was allocated and the flights are confirmed on the Jetstar side. Then you could change, but would have to pay for a fare difference…

    • guess you cannot do anything at this stage. You either pay for that change fee, or sell your concert tickets… If you choose to pay the change fee, that's exactly how low cost carriers make money!

  • Hi Guys,

    Can someone tell me if $518 (return Melb to Queenstown no luggage but planning to get some) is a good price?

    I heard nice things about Queenstown but I thought i have seen cheap fares with Air NewZealand before.

    Any advice is appreciated! Thanks :)

    • Great if it's for two people. Just OK if it's one person.

    • i also booked for Christchurch for 5pax for end of the year travel, will be driving from CC to Queenstown :-)

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