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COTD iPad with Retina Display (iPad 4) 64GB + Cellular. $699


Ipad with retina display 64gb + cellular (black and white available) $699.

$200 cheaper than apple store. Current model 32gb also available

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  • Good prices, shame there's only White left in 64GB.

    The 32GB 3G was also good at $599 but Sold Out already

  • Plus Shipping & Handling Fee $8.95

  • Sold out.

  • What is the difference between these and the ones sold by Kogan. eg. $689 64Gb version sold by Kogan?

    • The $689 Kogan ipads are wifi only. The COTD ipads had 3G also.

    • That item is WiFi only (no cellular / 4G). Kogan's equivalent is $829.00
      Edit; link http://www.kogan.com/au/buy/apple-ipad-4-retina-display-64gb...

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        Well I guess I was not paying attention. I saw this deal the second it went live but had a few reservations.

        1. It was Catch of the Day.
        2. I did not realise it had cellular so looked similar price to Kogan.
        3. It stated they coated it in Liquidpel - Is this an issue?
        4. No mention that I saw regarding grey import (unless I missed it).
        5. It was Catch of the Day!

        For an iPad purchase, issue 1 and 5 really worried me!

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    All sold out sadly.
    Looks like the ipad4 inventory is being moved out, ready for the next model.

  • WiFi + 3G.. why didn't they label it as 4G? Could be non-aussie model?

    • umm in case you missed them getting fined for labelling their stock as 4G in Australia… their 4G models were not compatible with Australian 4G networks :)

      • That's actually incorrect. The iPad 3 model was not compatible with Australian 4G networks (which is where they were fined), however the iPad 4 (or iPad with Retina display) and iPad Mini is compatible with Australian 4G networks, but to make it simpler they changed the name to WiFi + Cellular.

      • that was only with the ipad 3. iPad 4 supports Aus 4G networks

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    Did you notice this?? It's been opened and resealed:

    Liquidpel is an invisible coating that has been pre-treated to this iPad, and delivers long-lasting protection that will repel liquid from your device’s delicate internal components. If you want Liquidpel treatment there are only two ways to have it applied; by buying a new product already with it or applying it yourself. As these iPads come already with this treatment this means the brand new box has been opened and resealed - please note the original warranty provided by the Manufacturer still applies.

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    I am pretty sure that treating your iPad with Liquipel voids your warranty. There has been a few threads on Apple's Support Forums and they claim that warranty is voided. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4662591?start=0&tstart=...

  • SOLD OUT Please mark deal as expired.

  • Last time I got an iPad mini in one of those competitions they claimed that they were sold out and sent me a dick smith gift card to the same value. Don't know if they're allowed to sell 'out of stock' goods.

  • Is it possible to sell them at 20% off rrp? I know bigw had staff mothers day sale 20% off ipad and ipad mini but i didn't know cotd is as generous as bigw. Maybe only less than 20 units at this price?

    • Big W had a what now?

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