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Far Cry 3 PS3 approx $28.94 Delivered from Zavvi


First ever post, cheers.

First time I have seen this below £20 (or below Au$30).
I also used a 10% off (we miss you) code that I had from January that still worked (even though it says it expired. Brought it down to £16.82 delivered.

I would suggest to check old emails for unused codes that might still work - or use the Unidays Discount.

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  • +1

    Not tempted to buy now , but good find

    • i really have to stop buying games until i get through my massive backlog. Just checked my Zavvi past orders… would have saved $8 if i had just waited, i havent even played those games yet :(

      • +2

        yep, i think its a problem, my backlog is 50+ games, i just buy because of how cheap they are from the UK

        • Mine would be a bit less then that but over 30 for sure. Maybe it's my hoarder side coming out. Oz bargain deals don't help.

        • The irony of the OzBargainer.

        • LOL, I have the same problem!
          Keep buying games on specials, but never have the time to play them all!
          Prices should have a massive drop once PS4 is out?

        • i hope not lol. luckily most of my games were bought for $20-25. So wont feel that bad if theres a price drop.

  • +2

    awesome game

    • +1

      Best FPS I have played in a long time. Wonderfully intricate environment and great AI and story.

      • The environment is awesome in this game - my first encounter with a tiger scared the crap out of me!

        But the main character and his friends…..geez…..I didn't really want to save them.

        And the boss "fights". :(

      • I hate the water. You can't wield a gun, can't see through the surface and then bam an alligator jumps out at you.

        And yeah Jason is douchey. Wish he was a non speaking main character. But yeah this game is awesome. It's like assassins creed meets cod. So if you're a fan of either game then pick this up.

        • They're douchey on purpose, so it makes Jason's transformation into a cold killer more realistic. He wants to leave behind his life of excess and wankery, including his friends.
          The fact that he's not a boring character who never speaks makes it so much more interesting, like the way he's disgusted every time you shove some animal skin in the rucksack.

        • Yeah I agree. I liked the character transformation.

        • I think character transformation is a little pointless if they are not developed fleshed out characters in the first place. I could liken Jason's character transformation to Anakin turning into Darth Vader in Episode III. Lets be honest - did you really care?

          I also read in an interview with the creators that the characters were meant to be over the top as part of a satire, the whole plot purposefully cheesy, like an action movie. The issue is that it wasn't pulled off very well.

          I still enjoyed the game however, I just didn't care for the main characters.

        • I actually was gutted when Anakin went dark side yeah, especially for my 6yo who idolized him (we revisited the movies a few weeks ago)

        • I can imagine you both on the couch yelling "Noooooooooooooooooooooo".

          How did you make it through Episode II? That movie had zero redeeming features and the worst love story ever written. Episode I has my favourite lightsabre battle, Episode III has that montage where the (SPOILERS) Jedis are killed, both of which are great.(SPOILERS)

        • We toughed out #2 but in fairness that had the Battle of Geonosis and Fett so it's still good in my opinion.

        • And it also has NSync in that battle from memory :D

        • Get out of it!

  • Saw this earlier while looking for prices on the x360 version. Too bad zavvi don't have the same price on both :P

  • Missed this which is a shame, wish I had gotten to it in time

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