Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Tommy Hilifiger Polo Prices in US


I am making a trip to the US, and was wondering if anyone had any idea of the prices of polos (Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, TOMMY HILFIGER) in US. Wanted to know whether they are cheaper there or here. Currently Ralph Lauren Polos in australia are 70% off. Thanks


  • My folks returned from a trip to the US recently with a wardrobe worth of new clothes, including many of the named brands. So I can only assume that they were pretty cheap over there. Though that was before our dollar dropped below parity.

  • Thanks for that. I am just tossing up between getting some here with the 70percent off sale and the TRS (so probably low $30AUD) or getting some there but i have no idea how much they sell in US for.

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    Make sure you go to the 'Outlet Malls' (I went to Las Vegas last year, and they had North & South malls - think of large shopping centres, Name brand stores such as Polo, Nike, Adidas, Levis, Van Heusen etc, all with cheap gear.

    • These malls in Vegas are great. Polo shirts were 2 for $25 when I was there last year. Polo business shirts $19 on clearance.

  • Tommy is dirt cheap over there in comparison - as said above, go to the outlet malls which will have 70% off USA prices at the right times. Ralph is still relatively expensive there in comparison but still a lot cheaper than full retail price here. 70% off here would probably be comparable to the prices there (without sale), but the difference would be what you get. Huge range of stuff there.

    I would buy there and not worry about TRS/ lugging it around / limited options etc.

    • i was looking at getting business shirts and the normal polo shits. if they sell for around 20-39 usd there, that would be awesome

  • ralph lauren and tommy hilfiger are very cheap over there and you can get alot more styles, see polos less than $20 each and sweaters for under $30.

  • thanks for your help guys!

  • As said, go to the outlet malls. I've been to the ones at Vegas, loved the Spyder ski gear outlet and the nike outlet. Awesome for ski clothes and Golf Clothes at Nike. I am wearing some black Calvin Klein office pants that cost me $10 in an outlet shop in Colorado. As said, Tommy H is much cheaper in the outlet malls in the US. I have a long sleeve polo that cost $20. I bought my son an orange RL Polo for $25 but it was on special.

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  • RL in Colorado outlets had polos around $30 new season and $45 for shirts like the oxford, dress, custom etc. Tommy was ridiculously cheap. Some polos for $8 but new styles around 30

  • those brands in the USA are the 'low-middle end' of the brand scale, probably lower. make sure you hit up: Ross (we sell for less), best for less, etc - almost like factory outlet aggregator stores in the suburbs. best bargains ever.

  • Big thing about buying from US is the quality and thickness of the clothing you get

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  • If you're in New York head to Century 21 department Store.. Or if you're in California go to Nordstrom Rack - they carry both these brands usually about 60% off retail.

  • dont bother buying here if you are going to the US. which part are you going to by the way.I got Tommys for under 30 bucks each. mind you these were the striped ones not the solid ones. Polos were about 40-45usd when I was there last year. definitely hold off from buying here mate.

    • Going New York :)

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