This was posted 9 years 1 month 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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LogitechShop EOFY SALE - G35 Surround Sound Headset Only $85 Delivered AND MANY OTHERS


Bargaincrypt you have done it again…

Heaps and heaps of bargains from

I'll begin with a few and add more:

G600 MMO Gaming Mouse - $49 delivered

G105 keyboard + G600 mouse + G35 headset bundle - $165 delivered

S715i IPOD dock - $99 delivered

G35 headset $85 delivered

G300 gaming mouse $25 delivered

G510 gaming keyboard $79 delivered

G105 gaming keyboard $39 delivered

G510 keyboard and G700 mouse bundle $150 delivered

Z623 speakers $99 delivered

Logitech Alert™ 750i Master System - $175 delivered

Logitech Alert™ 700i Add-On Camera - $119 delivered

Logitech UE Mobile Boombox - BLUE/WHITE - $79 delivered

Harmony 650 remote $34 delivered

G700 gaming mouse - $75 delivered

G19 gaming keyboard - $159 delivered

G9X gaming mouse - $69 delivered

UE4000 headsets - $69 delivered
Also 2 for $135 delivered..
Choice of colours on web site…

Mk220 wireless mouse/keyboard combo - $24 delivered

M325 wireless mouse - $25 delivered

Logitech G19 + G300 + G35 + G13 Gaming Bundle - $325 delivered

C110 Webcam - $14 delivered
Or 10 x C110 Webcams - $75 delivered

M950 Mouse - $75 delivered

Logitech Fold-Up Keyboard for iPad 2 - $40 delivered

Logitech Alert™ 700e Outdoor Add-On Camera - $175 delivered

Logitech Harmony 700 remote control + PS3 adapter - $99 delivered

Logitech Harmony touch Universal Remote - $165 delivered

Logitech G19 keyboard + G600 mouse Gaming Bundle - $202 delivered

Logitech G510 keyboard + G9X mouse + G35 headset Gaming Bundle - $225 delivered

Logitech Zone Touch Mouse T400 - $35 delivered

Ultimate Ears 300vi Noise-Isolating Headset - $29 delivered

Logitech MK320 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo - $38 delivered

Z553 speakers - $95 delivered

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover (White) - $59 delivered

Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 White - $59 delivered

There are many other bargains and bundles online. Check it out…

I can personally vouch for the z623 speakers, S715i docks and the G510 gaming keyboard. In particular the Z623's are truly awesome…

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      • Had a few… tried the uberoption as well. At that time only a few of my mice were supported. Gave up after a while trying to work it in Windows 7 on different systems. Contacted their support … spoke to a lot of people and all they told me is something along the lines of "We hear you and we'll let the developers know" or "Try uberoptions".

        And it's not an issue that was unknown. Many people have complained about it before but yet no change. This was a few years back mind you.

        I gave up, changed to Razer and never looked back.

  • How are the UE200 deals going? Either missed them or there still coming ;-)

  • +1

    hoping for a boombox deal….

    • Or even UE Boom? :-)

  • +1

    Harmony one remote please.

  • Just picked up some Z623's. Thanks!

  • G700 is out of stock.

    • I will check on that


      • I want to buy one. Can you bring some more in? :)

  • Would to $24 wireless k/m be ok for a SteamBox build?

    • +1

      Anyone? Worried wireless would be to laggy for games?

  • Thanks OP!!!!!

  • +1 for the Z623. Best speakers in the market in that price range.

    Beware of the G9x mouse, especially the younger people with good hearing. It has been known to make a high pitched noise when the mouse is stationary. I have one, and the constant noise is really annoying when in a quiet environment. I am trying to find a logitech gaming mouse that doesn't have that issue. I wanted to get the G500 mouse, but even that is supposed to have the same issues.

  • You have a G13 for < $50? - Your only selling it in bundles… mine is a bit worn out.

  • Bargaincrypt, can you do something on those alert cameras champ? Wouldn't mind picking few up. Ta.

  • Rep, any chance to get a g27 gaming wheel around $100?

    • I still remember these going for $500 and thought $250 was a good price last year!

    • I think $195 was the lowest LTS had them for.

  • Any recommendations for a keyboard?

    Using a PoS tiny keyboard (not even full size). :(

    • Tossing up between G105 and G510. Any advice appreciated.

      • +1

        G510 isnt bad.

        USB, backlit keys, not too annoying LCD screen.

        • Thanks mate! Don't really care much about the LCD. Is it worth $40 more though?

          Edit: took the plunge on the G510. :) Looks pretty neat. Some vid reviews on youtube made the decision.

    • +1

      if you are using a tiny keyboard, just get any full size keyboard. (Preferably IBM M series).

      by definition of full sized, it has to have a layout like this:

      • Damn, that is ugly as! I like! :P

        +20 geek credz

  • +1

    Was looking for some rechargeable noise cancelling headphones but the ue9000 headphones aren't appearing. Bummer!

    • +1 interest on UE9000s if BC is watching.

  • Any sale on the diNovo Edge? :P

  • +1

    Logitech Z623 is $104 pickup at JbHiFi, so $5 bucks extra, but you won't have to wait for postage!
    Good if you're impatient!

  • +3

    I previously purchased the Z623 speakers, and yes they're good - BUT, the power switch developed a problem where it was very touchy and the speakers would often cut out unless I fiddled with the switch and got it into exactly the right position.

    I eventually got a refund from logitech (not logitechshop) but that was a very long and drawn out process.

    Try Googling: Z623 power button

    • Just ordered the speaker, if I knew sooner I wouldn't buy it……… Is it possible to return them and get a full refund?

      • +1

        Steady on. Chances are you won't have that problem. I bought the same speakers myself and I've read plenty of comments from happy users… don't let the buyers' remorse get to you.

        • Thanks for you comforting comment mate. IMO, for a $99 speaker with 2 years warranty is already asking to much. Worse case scenario is after 2 years time, I'll be looking at another speaker again…..

        • Just so you know, I set mine up last night and they're fantastic. No problems out of the box, and fingers crossed they'll last.

    • I was about to pull the trigger until i see your comment, it seems that this power button is a common problem on this speaker. A search on google or youtube will show this problem….What a pity, This was my dream speaker, i have been waiting for this set to drop on price. I have listened to them at OW and they are powerful speakers…Should i return the Edifier E3350 i just bought a week ago and jump on this deal and hope for my luck??:((((

      • Don't forget that we have very strong consumer protection laws in Australia - basically if there is a commonly known and recognised flaw or defect in the product you stand a very good chance of actually getting the manufacturer to provide a remedy.

        Oh, and it has 2 year warranty anyway (plus I get automatic extended warranty through the credit card I paid with - win!)

        • careful with that extended warranty you'll be $100 short most cases as there's a fee for the protection

        • Yeah, I spoke too soon. It's definitely not worth it for $100 speakers :-)

        • Are you serious? what is the problem with the speaker? ( sorry for asking too many question, but i am just too interested in this speaker )

        • Get the speakers, they're great, I just got some. but they do have common problems so be prepared to have to take them back and get them replaced if yours has the same problems.

    • spray contact cleaner in the switch, problem fixed

      • Did you have the same problem rokkz, has the problem been solved by using contact cleaner in the switch

        • Yes, its a common problem with all rotating volume contacts

  • G700 sold out?

  • cant seem to find g700 anymore :(

  • aren't the security cameras cheaper than the recent JB Hifi deal?

  • looking for G710 keyboard

  • 1 more to 150! lol

  • Why is everyone discounting the Logitech Alert product ( JBHI etc) , is a new version coming out soon?

  • Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 White $59 Delivered

  • +2

    Logitech Speaker System Z553 $95 Delivered

  • Ultimate Ears 300vi Noise-Isolating Headset
    Logitech MK320 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo

  • +1

    ue mobile boombox specials please! :)

    • +1

      And preferably in colours other than White/Blue

  • Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover (White)$59 Delivered

    • +1

      any black ones?

  • harmony 200/300 remote for under $20…possible?

  • +1

    No UE900/UE9000?

  • Do you still stock/sell the G930?

  • We are currently working on more items.

    • I'll give you the biggest internet kiss if you add the bluetooth speaker adapter, bargaincrypt! (xx)

      • I might jump on a cheap bluetooth adapter too.

        I've got one of these already, but not impressed with audio quality

        anyone know if the logitech one would be better??

  • I love to be an ozbargainer, we are so agreesive and so greedy, never enough for best deals …

  • very tempted to get the S715i to replace my ageing MM50 speakers. Can help but think I want bluetooth though.


    Anyone know if other stores will price match LTS?? I've heard LTS shipping is a bit slow and I'd like these kinda quick

  • +2

    Officeworks now selling the Z623's for $99 as well. I guess too many people were hitting their price match guarantee!

  • Any MK710 Combo?

    • I know there is a few more combos, not sure which ones i will post once they are up.

  • Any deals on this BC -

    One of the only keyboard combos without a sale on it.

  • -2

    I got the wireless mouse not going to + as I just needed a mouse and don't know if it's a great deal or not myself

  • Now I know why the Alert Carmeras are being reduced by all stores. Logitech has sold that division:

    I wonder if we buy the cameras if we get support

  • I bought the M950 mouse yesterday on their eBay store for $89 and I just checked today and found the price has dropped to $75.

    Wondering will they refund the price different or allowing me to cancel the order and buy another one?

  • Any chance that you'll get the Tablet Keyboard in stock (and on special)?

  • purchased the g510 + g700 combo - good timing, my g9x's thumb buttons started to fail and my g15's backlighting has gone out in a few spots (plus i spilled stuff on it making it sticky and i cbf cleaning it lol)

    • +1

      plus i spilled stuff on it making it sticky and i cbf cleaning it lol

      I don't want to know

    • too much info….

      • more like not enough info!!
        it was just lemonade guys, jeez!

        • yes sure, lemonade… milkguru.


  • +2

    Already received my G35s, crazy fast shipping! Solid effort Logitech

    • +1

      Ditto, ordered on Monday, arrived this morning!

    • +1

      My Z623 arrived this morning. Box is a lot bigger than I thought it would be! Gonna be a bitch trying to carry this home on the train!

      • Try Z-5500 =D

        • I bought mine from MSY years ago, had to go into the factory to get them because the tiny lady couldn't pick it up!

  • Just got my mouses i ordered very fast :)

  • +1

    Wife is gonna be angry again. Got two outdoor cameras (700e) and one indoor (700i).

    • Because you bought more for outside than the bedroom?

  • Any deals on Z906???

  • How come you guys prefer the z623 over the zii sound? I would have thought the extra $50 is more than worth the added features (e.g. remote, Bluetooth, 5.1 capability). And it sounds great, too (IMHO).

    • No reason in particular. I'm just using them for my computer and don't need 5.1.

  • Does anyone have the G300 gaming mouse? Do you like it? Would it be good as a general purpose mouse too? The only PC gaming we do is Skyrim occasionally, and lots of Minecraft.

    • +1

      I got 2 there great i use it for general purpose dont do gaming just wanted a good quality mouse with a few extra features

  • +1

    any chance of getting more G700+G510 kit in?

    • I was also wondering if any more stand alone G700's would be coming in?

  • Almost 200+ votes…


    2x Ultimate Ears™ 200vi Headset - Purple - $29 delivered

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