RWC workshop to recommend near Footscray

Hi, does anyone have a rwc workshop they can recommend near the footscray (or nearby suburbs) that does what its supposed to do and doesn't charge you for ridiculous items like changing an entire windscreen or wipers etc and will actually pass your car with just the rwc charges if your car is in excellent condition?



    Few places further east that'll just pass it to avoid problems ;) I get what you mean though, I've had quotes from $400 to $6000 (including requirement for engineers cert) for the same car…

    Best bet in my mind is to get an RACV check (proper), then a slab of beer roadworthy and give both to the buyer… that way it's more honest for both parties…


    Back when I first bought my cars, I was constantly changing windscreens with every car and wipers etc even though there are no chips or cracks on the windscreens! I understand that mechanics need to make a living but as with every profession, it should be an honest living.

    I found a great mechanic who was trustworthy whom I've used for years, but now he's sick with cancer and is closing down his shop soon.