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Brave Soul Men's Pride Crew Neck Sweatshirt $7 Delivered, Mens 2-Pack Knitwear ~ $10 Delivered


Brave Soul Men's Pride Crew Neck Sweatshirt


Brave Soul Men's Marc 2-Pack Knitwear ~ $10 Delivered

Brave Soul Men's Simon 2-Pack Knitwear ~ $10 Delivered

Brave Soul Men's Sebubla 2-Pack Crew Neck Sweat Jumpers ~ $12 Delivered

Beware this may be a price error.
Also i can comment about the quality

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  • Darn you beat me to posting this !

  • Ordered Brave Soul Men's Marc 2-Pack Knitwear.

  • Damn i bought sweatshirt for 15 last week

  • How are the sizing?

  • does it shrink after wash?

  • +3

    The discount code you entered is invalid or not applicable to the contents of your basket.

    • +1

      Got the same message :(

  • +1

    Same error!

  • +3

    I smell another price/coupon error…

  • +1

    Confirmed it's an Price Error and Expired

  • Who have succeeded on this offer?
    Same error here..

    • I was able to order it. Lets see whether its come thru or get my money back due to pricing error.

    • -1

      Highly chances getting cancel again, same price/coupon error as previously…

      • -1

        you got your previous comment negged out so you went to post it on another thread. seriously.

        • -1

          People do weird things when they don't get what they want. I think of it as a matured tantrum

  • i managed to put an order through at around 4.55. just received email saying there was a problem with the payment. assuming order might get cancelled? :/

    • got email about payment order problem too. i have ordered so many items from the hut before with no problem. Damn it was a good run.

  • I managed to put my order as well, no problem with the code.

  • Just a quick update for felow ozb:Got an email from Hut about delivery with tracking number. So order was honored by hut.

    • I was lucky as well, I received the dispatch notice overnight

  • Missed out again! I need to sit on OZB spamming F5 through the night from now on.

  • Got an email confirming dispatch. So it wasn't pricing error may be just a limit on coupon…

  • I got a confirmation as well

  • Mines 'despatched' too. No word on the hoodies though..

    • I never knew president Clinton also hooked to ozb..lol

      • It's been a long fall from grace..

        • blame it on the economic recession in the US

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