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Tuneup Utilities 2012 Full Version Free (Worth $40) - Lifetime Licence (Updated)


I know there are free software giveaways everyday. However, occasionally useful softwares are given away similar to this post. That was Tuneup Utility 2010. Then it was given away again 2011 version here. Now, Tuneup Utilities 2012 full version is offered free for limited time since they have released the 2013 version.

The classic features of TuneUp Utilities at a glance(Computer System Optimizer):

  • 1-Click Maintenance and Automatic Maintenance for all-around maintenance of your PC
  • Reliable hard disk defragmentation, for even better performance
  • TuneUp Registry Cleaner for intensive Windows registry cleaning
  • Live Optimization to bring your active programs and games up to top speed
  • Gain hard disk space by removing unnecessary data.

The Page is in German language after translating to english(Use Google trans)

Thank you for your interest in the TuneUp Utilities, 2012.
Please enter your name and email address and click "Get Serial Number" on.


  1. Enter any name, email and submit.You will be received a conformation email with a link to grab the unique serial code.
  2. Download Tuneup Utilities 2012 english here, install and activate with the above code. Enjoy……….

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  • +9

    Note: If I remember rightly this software is extremely hard to remove from your system if you find the need..

    • -2

      True that, happened to me. Spent hours trying to completely remove it from my system.

      Eventually i decided to reformat my laptop from scratch.

      The freebie cost me ~ 4 hours that i could have spent on something more productive

      • -3

        Eventually i decided to reformat my laptop from scratch. The freebie cost me ~ 4 hours

        Funny Story :) : ) . If that is the case anyhow, wouldn't you able to just restore the system, worst case in safe moode. Please don't mislead the people. It seems you are formatting your system everyday. Reviews for this one is not that bad. I admit there may be a problem with removing previous versions but not this.
        I installed, removed and reinstalled today.

        Truth is Award winner software with good reviews.

        • Please don't mislead the people.

          I think you shouldn't be misleading people

          Use google and see how much other people are having issues removing it completely from their system

  • +4

    Got excited and thought it was TuneUp for iTunes. Shame.

  • +5

    Seriously, just DON'T consider buying this.

    This is one of many "optimising/tuning" suites that I'm forever cleaning up after when clients bring their machines in.

    • +1


      I know they're practically useless, but what exactly do you have to clean up after?

      I've never seen this particular one do anything destructive.

      • +4

        corrupting your registry is one of the things that comes to mind ;)

        • -5

          Amazon 3 users $129.95 4.3/5Star 24R Yes you are in 0.7/5
          Cnet reviews Reviews 4/5 Star 1414R you are in 1/5
          400 international awards

          Negging a freebie that useful for some one is a shame.

        • +1

          I think negging this is fine, there is a lot of other free software out there that will ruin your PC. This is one of them, I don't understand the point of installing "software" to make your computer faster lol????

          As people including my self have said, this software does more damage than good. I highly don't recommend people to install it.

      • +1

        Yup, I've used in the past. Last week I downloaded 2013. It crashed my system and will now not boot from the SSD. It will only locate the DVD drive in the boot menu. Very unhappy.

  • +ve vote for the freebie.. used to use the 2010 one for ages… then 2012 became difficult to remove

    Much prefer the Glary Utilities that came up free recently combined with CCleaner

  • I got Advanced Systemcare when it was free earlier in the year, seems a great product, unfortunately after reformat it wouldn't take the code again so using the basic for now which still seems good

  • -3

    Crap software (bloatware).

    If you want to ruin your PC go to any pr0n website and install any EXEs you can find or install this software.

  • Seems I'm in the minority. I think tuneup is great. Maybe I'm just too much of a run of the mill consumer. I don't know or need to know anything about my pc other than how to keep it running sweetly and for the last 4 years this has been doing the trick.

  • +3

    If you want a useful piece of cleaning software, get CCleaner. I use it on all my clients machines.

    • +1

      Agree. If you want performance, get yourself a SSD drive.
      If you want to clean up your system - CCleaner is the best option. It’s efficient, free and tiny.
      Get a portable version - it doesn't require any install at all.

      • I've used many over the years, CCleaner is the one I always come back to and the only one I use today.

  • Does anyone know how I delete the trial 2013 version so that I can get the free 2012 version.

    • Start/All Programmes/ then click on Tuneup Utilities and it should have an uninstaller there

  • +1

    I've been using the free trial version for about six months with no issues and it DEFINITELY improves the performance of my aging Pentium 4 HT/Windows XP desktop when I run it (about monthly).

  • +1

    I've used TuneUp 2009 and 2010 with no issue and was happy with it. Don't know about 2012. Will try it now..

  • In my humble opinion these programmes are snake oil, they are relics of the past and newer operating systems don't need them

  • It turned me into a newt!

  • Thanks for all the posts. Was just about to install when I decided to read posts. Since I'm one of the majority who don't know a lot about computers I think I'll give this baby a miss, as I might be digging myself into a $$ - hole

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