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15% off HP Genuine Cartridges Check Us before You Go to Officeworks and eBay


HP No.564XL Black Cartridge Only $20.36
HP No.61 Black Colour set, Only $27.16
HP CE285A Only $62.02
HP CE505A Only $76.47
HP CE310A Only $51.82

Be Hurry, promotion ends at 28 July 2013

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    So we can get 5% of your prices at officeworks?


      I haven't checked eBay but I did build up an order for 3x GENUINE HP toners on 3 different sites to compare.

      Shopping cart is for 1x HP Q6000A black toner, and 2x HP CE285A black toners, and INCLUDES delivery.

      • OFFICEWORKS = $331 (can you say RIP OFF)

      • MEGABUY = $207.32

      • TONERKING = $203.91

      MegaBuy is the cheapest retailer on for both of these genuine HP toners.

      Since TonerKing beats them, I say these prices are still a bargain or at least beats the majority of other retailers, if you are not comfortable dealing with an eBay seller.

      EDIT: one of the comments below does link through to another website with low pricing, so I did the same comparison - which came in pretty sharp - possibly because both these models are on "clearance" with limited stock.

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    Hi "Be Hurry",
    I checked your prices before I checked ebay for the 564xl black and I can't see any bargain in your site!
    ebay has got the 564xl black for $23.86 shipped and you sell it for more than $26 including shipping.
    Also, the CE285A is cheaper on ebay, I won't waste more time about your other items
    Maybe you should check ebay before you post your deal here ;) Thank you


      Yep, this is just advertising - and poor advertising at that since they suggest we check eBay to find cheaper!!


    I have used before for the 564XL, $24.88 inc shipping.

    be careful with the eBay seller at $23.83, they remove the packaging to save postage costs which the others don't do.

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    HP CE285A Only $62.02

    $43.76 here…

    no bargain…

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    well, YMMV, but I +1 the post cos of HP60XL (CC641WA):
    29.71 from OP
    29.87 Gemoffice (but 29.12 if >6 purchased)
    30.40 ebay
    37.50 Cartridge Store
    (have not allowed for shipping costs in any of the above, which is free from OP if I got 3, which I probably would… but I wouldn't have the need for 6 right now)

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      have not allowed for shipping costs in any of the above

      even including shipping, the one I posted is way cheaper

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        as I said: YMMV.
        for my needs, this deal is better, and that's why I gave it the up vote.

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          This deal isn't free shipping anyway, so the price comarison I made is very valid.

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          Sorry battler, but you have to compare apples to apples. If you consider shipping costs then the OP's deal is not the cheapest, if you don't consider shipping then in your post you should mention the $24.99 ebay deal. In any case there is cheaper options! This is OZB, and honestly I cannot see the bargain in the OP's post


    wow. Another crappy toner site using Ozbargain to spam their crappy prices which are cheaper on Ebay.

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