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Half price decor at Coles


Got the catalog in the mail today (VIC) and the back page has half price decor containers again. Last time they did this promo, I know my wife and mother went nuts and updated their whole cupboard on the stuff. Try to get an online version of the catalogue but it says the specials don't start until Thursday, so it doesn't look like it is up yet.

Half price on this stuff which has decent reputation for quality, might be worth a look for those that missed out last time and see what your local store has.

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  • is this VIC only?

    • Tried Sydney and Brisbane postcodes on the website - they have the cupcakes specials that someone mentioned last week on the back page. Adelaide though also has the half priced decor, so I guess it is not Australia wide then.

  • +1

    Definitely Melbourne, it is in my catalogue. Bonus is it's an Australian company! Owned by the guy who invented the hula hoop and the original wine cask cooler :)

  • NSW maty have to make to with the Woolworths half-price special:
    HALF-price coolers, lunchboxes, containers - clever Kiwi designs by Sistema
    That I posted this week on OzBargain:

    Hopefully the Decor range in Coles is better than the crap in Woolies. :)

    Are the Decor (Australia owned co.) products made in Australia?
    After Bonds' terrible showing this month I'm skeptical about companies which promote their Australian ownership (Dairy Farmers, Greens) and then promptly sell out to an overseas conpany, the moment the 'we are Aussie' ads end. [/rant]

    It's good to see a little competition between the brands and the shops.

  • From buckscoop:
    Starts Thursday Selected Coles Stores Only.
    May not be available at coles online.
    Tellfresh & Microsafe range
    Decor Tellfresh Oblong Container 250ml was $2.99 now $1.49
    Decor Tellfresh Oblong Container 900ml was $4.29 now $2.14
    Decor Microsafe Soup Mug was $5.25 now $2.62
    Decor Tellfresh Super Storer 5.5Litre was $9.99 now $4.99

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