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HUDSONS COFFEE - Shout You Credit for a Small Coffee for a Short Survey >Must Register as Member


Simply register as a Rewards Member and then fill in the ^brief survey. (Survey link on site)
(^ Dexterous mouse clickers can complete under 5 minutes, Snail paced procrastinators and multi-taskers refreshing the New Deals page may edge towards double digit time)

Thank you for being a loyal customer! (or joining for this freebie) Blah…

Important stuff - The value of a FREE small coffee will be added to your rewards card on the Friday after you complete the survey.

OP Disclaimer - Value of this FREE small coffee is unknown though estimated to be in the $3-4 range. Double dipping by gaining reward on your FREEbie is also unknown. Expiry of the promotion is unknown. Known = FREE tastes better!

Link to the site for the survey

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    For a large coffee, maybe… But not for a small one.

    • Its not for a 'coffee' Its just credit on your reward account in dollar value that equals the value of a small coffee. You can use it on anything you like.

  • Hmm… just like to add that when you join as a member, they give you a free coffee too. Not sure if you can double-dip and get two coffees.

  • Hi there, just a little feedback. For me it might have be more helpful if you linked to membership first. That's a long survey to fill out for no reward.

  • I have completed the survey but it did not link to my card :(

    • When i did it, It wasn't instant. It is manually added to your card. So give it a few days and check again.

  • I love the new chilli chocolate, they are amazing!

  • warning have to pick up card from coffee shop before registering as a member online then doing the survey. not worth the bother unless you are already a member!

    • why is that so?
      As soon as you register the card, you get $3.6 and after the survey, you get another 3.6, that's $7.2 for one free gmail/hotmail/yahoomail account.