This was posted 8 years 2 months 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Double Passes to We're The Millers 13 August FREE Limited Number of Passes - Twitter Needed


Free double passes to a preview screening of We're the Millers on 13/8. Limited number of seats per location (about 300-400). Need Twitter account.

NSW - SYDNEY ALL GONE (Ozbargained)
Event Cinemas, George St
13 August, 6.30pm
Village Cinemas Jam Factory, Chapel St, South Yarra
13 August, 6.30pm
Event Cinemas, Westfield Marion
13 August, 6.30pm
Grand Cinemas, Warwick
13 August, 6.45pm
Event Cinemas, Garden City
13 August, 6.30pm

T&C's indicate it will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Hence, I am classifying this as a freebie and not a competition.

Full T's and C's here…

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    Should include twitter needed in title. thanks for the tickets OP

  • thank you OP!

  • it will be just like the OzBargain Meetup few months back, now in each state

  • Got a ticket last night and they must have changed the cinema size for Perth as there is now more than double the amount left lol

    Edit, they responded to my post on Facebook and they increased the cinema size in all States due to demand

  • Arggh… ACT??? Discrimination…

    • Territories not included

  • after you have tweeted how do you get the tickets?

    • Last time (for The Conjuring) they didn't email until the sessions were sold out I think

    • It says you will be notified by Monday.

    • +1

      "We will be in touch soon via email with details of the screening."

      • ok thanks!

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    A bird drops them off.. ;-)

  • cheers op. :-)

  • +1

    Sydney gone

  • -3

    I literally don't want this at all.

  • +1

    Yep Sydney gone. too many ozbargainers :P

  • +4

    Hmm. If this is a hit, perhaps we can look for an australian remake?

    We're the Millers:
    A veteran pot dealer creates a fake family as part of his plan to move a huge shipment of weed into the U.S. from Mexico.


    We're the Corbee's
    A veteran pot dealer creates a fake family as part of his plan to move a huge shipment of weed into Indonesia from Australia.

    (All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Names are also spelt completely differently.)

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      Too soon.

  • This is not related, but "Jesse Eisenberg" is going to be in Monday session 6:30 pm of "now you can see me" bondi juntion screening. It is the normal ticket price.

  • Melbourne and Sydney gone

  • Now waiting patiently for Facebook, tho dispite FB.

  • 98 left in Adelaide!!! Thanks

  • thanks OP

  • Hopefully it works, I put my email and phone number in, but joined up with some randoms twitter account that had used my laptop quickly on train journey I had not to long ago. I was already logged in as this person and didn't realize. I click to fast. Not sure if I should join again and waste a possible seat for someone else, which would be bad. Hopefully they don't limit it to the name on the twitter account and ask for id or something.

    • +2

      It's irrelevant. They send an email confirmation and then your email is on the door. So what twitter account you use doesn't matter. :)

  • Surprised these haven't gone that quick =/

  • Why is it always sydney always sold out first!!!?

  • Only 10 left at garden city, Brisbane Qld. Thanks op

  • Hurry up, before all the states get Ozbargained guys!

  • "This competition has now closed"

    Also, from the terms and conditions:
    "Each valid Primary Entry will entitle you to one (1) entry in the prize draw"

    "The prize pool for this Promotion is as follows:
    Main Prize:
    Two hundred (200) exclusive double passes to a pre-release screening of We’re The
    Millers in the following states:"

    So we are only in the draw to win…. No wonder it took 10 hours to sell out.

  • Hmm.. missed again.. Next time better..

  • +1

    I tweeted but didn't get an email (checked junkmail.) Anyone else in the same boat?

    • +3

      I think winners will be notified (emailed) on monday

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      think they'll contact you on monday after the promotion ends

  • All tickets have been exhausted. This should now be marked as expired.

  • This competition has now closed.

  • +2

    anybody get an email?

    • I didn't…

    • I don't think they've gone out yet I tweeted for mine the night before this was posted so I should be in no problem, I suspect they underestimated the response and are now having a hard time sorting the tweets and emailing the tickets. Patience is a virtue ;)

  • [Comment deleted as I thought the screening was tonight not tomorrow]

    • Its tomorrow ;)

  • i got no email :(

  • But the confirmation ticket should arrive today. By the way today "Jesse Eisenberg" has a Q/A session at 6:30 pm of "now you can see me" bondi juntion screening. It is the normal ticket price

  • Has anyone got the precious email confirming the tickets?? Seems no one has got any ticket yet…

    • I guess they forgot about us? :S

  • Still received no email.

    Only three hours until the screening.

    When I entered there was still 100 plus

    As no one has received tickets I think
    Competition is a scam.

    • the screening is tomorrow.

      Still they are leaving it a bit late though

    • +2

      Screenings are not until tomorrow! Not a scam Roadshow have said on Facebook that the emails will go out tomorrow morning, personally I think that's a little late and they should be out today


        Ryan Wilson: Hey, I tweeted the other day but haven't received any confirmation, just wondering when I might expect an email ? (21 hours ago)

        Roadshow Films: Hi Ryan - Thanks for taking part. You can expect an email Tuesday morning! (18 hours ago)

        • +2

          how are we supposed to make plans if we don't find out until tomorrow morning ? any reason why they couldn't send out the emails today ?

  • for The Conjuring tweet for a seat, the cinema was half empty. alot of people don't even turn up.

    • It was the same for Perth but it was a really really bad weather wise on that day

  • +6

    Can anyone please explain how someone can graduate with a marketing degree and then devise a national competition involving multiple cinemas in multiple states and then come up with the stunningly brilliant idea to distribute more than a thousand tickets to prize winners only a few hours before the screenings?

    So hundreds of double pass winners will have only a few hours to arrange the personal logistics of getting to the various cinemas while also trying to find someone to use the second pass.

    Can marketing companies please start hiring graduates who have a sense of reality, don't live in thought bubbles and are capable of realistic creativity that stretches beyond the bounds of their Facebook and Twitter cocoons?

    • The marketing side of things is to get people to spread the word on twitter, which all of us have already done. Us actually turning up to the movie or not doesn't matter as the marketing is not aimed at us, but our friends who see the twitter posts and decide to pay to see the movie. Job done (except I have no friends on twitter as my account was created purely to get free tickets to this and the conjuring).

      In saying that a free movie is a free movie and from past experience I am confident we will receive the email tomorrow with our tickets. :)

      • +1

        Anyone in Brisbane wanna meet up and see what other free stuff we can get nearby? :D

      • my twitter account is blank like I suspect most people here including yourself .. no buzz generated lol .. marketing failure lol

        • perhaps this is why no one "won" the tickets???? if you get my drift

    • the facebook/twitter crap really annoys me. alot simpler to just allow email or sign people up to a service that notifies you of these events like hopscotchfilms do..

  • I haven't received an email yet confirming the movie details? did any1 else get any response so far?

  • 9 am tuesday morning still havent got shit

  • Showing 6:30pm tonight - no tickets/email/whatever - seemed like a good idea at the time - sigh….

    • Same here :/

      • still waiting here….

        • same here .. still waiting LOL

  • +1

    This is becoming a joke. Email originally supposed to be sent Monday, then Tuesday morning, now it's almost midday and still nothing…

  • +2

    I tweeted and facebooked them voicing my appreciation for the ticket but displeasure at the lack of organisation they're still stating that tickets will be emailed shortly but they've been saying that for 2 hours now.

  • -2

    Still no tickets.

    • I didn't receive mine to too late. What a waste of time.

  • +3

    Process of logical deduction:

    1. Bottom of the Terms and conditions shows the Promoter as We Are Social.

    2. Quick google search gives you their phone number.

    3. Being such social people then I'm sure they'll appreciate some
      motivational phone calls to help them better focus on their competition

    Or maybe a rep from We Are Social can give us an update on here.

    Failing this I'm sure the marketing chiefs at Roadshow Films would love
    your feedback.

    Good luck! :-)

  • +4

    Lmao this is ridiculous. Almost 1pm and still no confirmation of tickets..

  • deleted…

  • +1

    here is the tweet I sent to the account of the director of "We are Social" - feel free to copy, paste and inundate.

    @julianward you should probably get those emails out in regards to the "tweet4aseat" competition. #wearesocialnotorganised

    edit: just got the email now… what a crap marketing company… would highly recommend that Village go with someone else in the future.

  • A few people posted on the facebook page an hour ago in regards to what is happening, they received a reply saying the tickets will arrive in 30 minutes. What a suprise, an hour later, no tickets haha!

    • Just now they've put up saying emails within 30mins

  • +1

    My email just came now. Thanks to their late notice, and my uncertainty of a ticket, I won't even be able to go now. Nice organising.

    • not yet for me. do u gotta print it out or could just show the ticket on ur mobile like good ol hungry jacks

    • -1

      Can i have your ticket?
      Print your email to a .pdf or something
      Then email it to [email protected] ? :D

      Edit: Wrong cinema…

  • Got my email finally!

  • Just got an email:


    Thanks for taking part in our #Tweet4ASeat competition.

    You have won two passes to the pre-release screening of We’re The Millers at Event Cinemas Garden City, Cnr Logan and Kessels Roads, Upper Mt Gravatt at 6:30pm Tuesday, August 13th.

    Please arrive at Cinema 16 at least 15 minutes before the film and your name will be on the doorlist, with a +1, so please bring your ID.

    For any more information please contact [email protected]

    We hope you’ll love this movie as much as we do, and if you do, don’t forget to tell your friends to come along to We’re The Millers!

    • Can i have your ticket?
      Print your email to a .pdf or something
      Then email it to [email protected] ? :D

    • +1

      oh great, i'll be watching the film with this tool.

  • Just got an email - hours before the movie is supposed to begin -_-

  • just got mine

  • +1

    Tickets received :) good thing we were organised!

  • Just got my email!

  • No tickets, just ID then.

    How does it work if I signed up twice with the same name because I wanted to bring 3 other people with me?

    • You just need to say your email address

      • are you sure thats okay ? just an email address is all you need ?

        • Names with email addresses is all the info they printed for the doormen for "The Conjuring" preview last time. And no, they did not ask for ID.

        • thanks for that .. got an email saying that just email address and mobile number is okay too

  • got mine, but im not sure why i got it for WA instead of VIC.

  • Anyone got a spare for Perth cos they can't make it? My friend missed out.

    • As in the tickets closed not as in they received an email saying they didn't get one

  • got mine.

  • Mine came finally

  • I can't go anyone know if I can pass it onto a friend?
    It says that I have to show Id…. But surely they won't care as the cinema probably won't be filled up.

    • just tell them your email