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Web and Reseller Hosting - 2 Years for The Price of One - from Only $3.66/Mo


Until Aug 31st, 2013 - All Biennial (2 year / 24 month) Web and reseller plans are 50% off. There is no obligation to renew after the 24 month term.

The following are just 2 examples, we have a range of other plans to choose from:

"EconoWeb" plan, normally $88/yr - Now $88 for 2 years ($3.66/Mo)
5GB Disk - 20GB Bandwidth

"BasicReseller" plan, normally $152/yr - Now $152 for 2 years ($6.33/Mo)
20GB Disk - 50GB Bandwidth - 20 cpanel accounts - overselling enabled.

visit http://smartartist.com.au/web-hosting.php for more plan details.

All hosting plans are Full service - we do not charge extra for 24/7 phone support, for overselling, or for access to backups.

Moving is easy - we offer a free migration service, so all you need to do is reap the savings, we'll do the rest.

Smart Artist - Value Web Hosting


This offer closes at precisely midnight, Aug 31st 2013

  1. All orders submitted must include the Promotional Code TWO4ONE in the appropriate order form section to be eligible.

  2. This offer is open to all customers, current and new.

  3. Customers may use the promo code for multiple purchases.

  4. This offer is available for NEW Web Hosting and WHM Reseller plans ONLY.

    • Renewals of existing services are excluded
    • Ressurection of any service cancelled after Aug 8th, 2013 are excluded.
    • VPS, dedicated servers and Domain Names are excluded.

  5. After the initial 2 year period has expired, all accounts will revert to annual billing. Customers may opt to adjust this to a different period. There is no obligation for customers to renew.

  6. This offer has a strict 30 day money-back guarantee. No refunds will be made after this period.

  7. All services purchased under this offer are governed by the standard Terms of Service at http://www.smartartist.com.au/terms-of-service.php.

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closed Comments

  • This offer closes at precisely midnight, Aug 31st 2013

    Which time zone?

  • Is this US based hosting or AUS based hosting?

  • Just aheads up, not 100% sure, but I think this is a reseller, reselling: TPP Hosting services.

    Reviews on Whirlpool aren't too good:

    Would stay clear.

    • So if you got a reseller account from them, could you resell to some else ???

      Is Pyramid reselling legal?

    • I've had some sites hosted with Smart Artists for several years with no problems.

    • @Jerry158 — I would like to know that where did you get that info? AFAIK only their own domain is handled by TPP Wholesale, and Smart Artist have nothing to do with TPP's hosting services.

  • to answer your questions, offer ends midnight Aug 31st, AEST.

    We are not a hosting reseller - we have been operating our own equipment out of Globalswitch in Sydney for 10+ years, and have our own AS number.

    I should also post a correction : The basic reseller plan has 15 GB disk space, it was incorrectly quoted in the main text.

  • I'd rather keep my original "lifetime" deal that you are not honouring Donna.


    You are losing easy money as I have never even hosted anything, so you were getting $23 for free.

    BTW Thanks for "upgrading me" to the "cheaper" plan of $88/year. It should be opt-in not opt-out

    Now you get zip.

    • -2

      We made no such offer to you. Your former host did that, and they are now out of business.

      • Don't give half-arsed one line responses. You were happily taking money each year then with no warning simply "upgraded" me to the "cheaper" plan.

        Hope you go bankrupt with such dodgy practices.

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