Professional Looking Website for Micro-business startup

I am looking to find a great priced, easy to use and professional website (and hosting service) which can handle high resolution photos, HD Video, contact details, etc.

I have noticed over the year that there are fairly regular deals coming up on Ozbargain, so was hoping someone could provide a few recommendations.

Please note: We have no experience in creating website.


  • I would get a cheap cpanel account and install WordPress. Unfortunately your requirement for high res photos and HD video may mean that you run into speed and or bandwidth problems.

    Another option would be to use Amazon or Google where you can quickly ramp up your specs, downside is that it's waaaaay harder to 'make' your website that way

    Bottom line- you're going to have to learn how to do this stuff, or pay someone to do it for you.

    • Looks as though WordPress is for blogging rather than commercial websites for service providers


        Made with WordPress

        • Tried my hand at developing with WordPress, but when viewing the website, the pages that I created don't appear, only the front page is visible (any idea on what I am doing wrong)?

        • Some themes don't work well, so it could be a theme problem.

          Make sure each page has been allocated a valid URL as well.

          Test if the page works by visiting the specific URL.

        • Thanks, I seem to have fixed these issues, I take it that themes change the appearance of menus and other aspects of a website.

          Still need to work out how to run a loop of ever changing photos.

  • Wordpress will do pretty much anything you want, and looks good without learning any html. It's the simplest way to a website that doesn't look like crap. If you have requirements that would disqualify wordpress, please let us know, it's a bit hard to work with the vague description you have provided so far!

  • These guys are excellent…

  • Wordpress is ideal for this. It's also worth you looking into using CloudFlare in front of your site to reduce bandwidth and the number of direct hits to your site - this can save you quite a bit of money if you're paying per GB transferred and have HD content. A relatively simple Wordpress site similar to your requirements that my brother made for a photographer friend is saving about 60% traffic per month by doing so, see

    You could also look at hosting your actual content elsewhere (Flickr, Vimeo etc) and embedding it on your site but beware of the T&Cs of any sites you use in case you lose ownership or other rights to content posted there.

  • For Hosting:
    I guess you can find whether you want to have US hosting - offer cheap space and bandwidth - or Aus based hosting - limited space and slightly more expensive.

    For professional site:
    Before selecting a content management systems, what your requirements are? do you need multi level user access? do you need just a simple blog? do you need it to be flexible?

    In terms of design, you can find a lot of 'premium' templates around. You can get a good one around $25 - $50 ish.
    They usually come with instruction, support and ready to use.

    Let me know if you need more information.

    • Unlikely to need multi level user access or online purchasing functionality.

      Have established domain and DNS with VentraIP and now planning on using squarespace for website design and hosting.

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