Your anti virus..... how does it rate in real world in august 2013 test?

av-comparatives are trusted by many anti virus companies and experts worldwide to do "independent" testing of anti virus products.

The info on the links are from the august 2013 real world test.

These results often change monthly etc but it is easy to see a trend amongst top rated products if we check whenever the tests results are released.

The chart gives the overall real world results but for more info it may be advisable to read the full report.

Full report:

Check your product results in last months real world..


  • AVG didn't so well…

  • is the test for the payed version?
    if so i would love to see the results for the FREE versions,

    bitdefender performs quite well in the tests but last time i tried the free version was painfully heavy compared to avast,avira or avg

    i left AVG couple of years ago after failing to find infections on both my computer and switched to AVIRA,
    but probably is time to move to a better one now.

    any suggestions? vista, win7 and a XP machine.

    • Avast or Microsoft Security Essentials. Both do its job well without impacting much on your pc performance.

  • These results change from test to test, but the top scoring usually maintain a place very near the top over the long term.

    Also in a pure detection tests… [not real world all encompassing like this], results can be different again.

    In alphabetical [sort of] order over many years of testing [for normal consumer easy to get progs], avira kaspersky norton, have been way up there.

  • +3

    i'm running no virus progs except what comes with win7/8

    seems to work fine

    if you surf chinese porn sites however…

  • +1

    My priority with security software is now performance/system impact. I think most antivirus/security suites, including Microsoft's inbuilt program/firewall have reached a level where they provide good protection for general web browsing.

  • +1 for Microsoft Security Essentials

  • +1

    Thanks for sharing. Good to see bit defender is one of the best, since I get it free through my bank.

    • Thanks, was looking at buying bitdefender and checked my bank after your comment. Free for Westpac online customers :). Thanks OP

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