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900g MUSCLE PUMP Whey Protein Concentrate WPC OCTOBER SPECIAL.just $20.00 Per Tub


OCTOBER SPECIAL…. 900g Tub, USUALLY $35.00 NOW JUST $20.00 Saving of $15.00!! WHILE STOCKS LAST ONLY!!


Muscle Pump 100% Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC)

Muscle Pump Whey Protein is one of the purist and best tasting products on the market with only 10 grams of flavour per kg of protein (60g for cocoa flavours)

This product is for those who really love a sweeter more flavoursome product.

Choose from the following flavours:

*Double Choc *Vanilla Shake * Banana Smoothie *Strawberries n cream… ***LIMITED STOCK OF EACH FLAVOUR***

This uncompromising blend of whey proteins is designed to provide goal-driven individuals with a versatile combination of mixability, convenience and value along with Power Nutrients quality. Because it's instantized, Power Nutrients Whey Protein Concentrate mixes up effortlessly in as little as 100ml water, milk or your favorite beverage using just as glass and spoon. Thirsty for more? 250ml shake goes down with the same smooth milkshake taste. This premium WPC is ready to go to work before and after training, in between meals or any other time that you need a quick shot of premium protein.

Beyond The Basics

100% Fonterra Australian Whey Protein Concentrate
32 Grams of Whey Protein per 40g serve, Made Exclusively from Concentrate
Low Fat Carb Content NO added Sugar
Quick, Easy Glass & Spoon Mixing
Milkshake Taste in 100ml or 250ml of Water
Muscle Pump Quality at Exceptional Value ***Guaranteed***

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    Miss out on the last deal… have completely run out of protein except for the Soy based I have … eek… so I'll be checking this out… thank you rep!



      MUCH CHEAPER and better quality (WPI)

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        yes it is - for WPI, personal preference, I dont trust ebay or a store that's closing that could be selling anything because you won't be able to complain later… just my opinion of course… I had a chat with one of the reps from this company the other day when I missed out of the other deal, they know their stuff, always have great deals, nothing but helpful and patient… and you can pick up the store too (local for me)
        All these things make a difference to me :)

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        WPI isn't better 'quality' it's a completely different product with contrasting uses.


        WPI and WPC are completely different products. andwe are certainly not in voluntary deregistration or anything like that.

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          WPC and WPI are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT?????

          WPI is filtered WPC… which inturn are the same.

          WPI has a higher protein content because the fats and carbs have been filtered out. Thus a higher price.

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    *purest not purist


    Sorry no deal. Bulk Nutrients, 2kg of flavoured WPC $49 undiscounted price. Works out to 44.10 for 1.8kg.

    Above deal 1.8kg for $44.92

    Happy to change comment if mathemagics is wrong.


      Not all protein is the same, this stuff tastes better than BN and the nutritional information is no doubt different also, so it's not purely a price comparison.


        I haven't tasted this protein but I have had my fair share of bad tasting ones and BN flavours are nowhere near the bad end, they are actually quite good in my opinion.

        I disagree with your comment about not all proteins being the same. Thats what supplement companies say to get your money. WPC is WPC, dont care what fancy names you want to put on the label, how much protein gets into your bloodstream is all that matters.


      bulk nutrients is not for tubs, only bags, and ours are in incredible flavours….compared to BN or any other manufacturer.
      If you are after a comparable products try http://protein-n-more.com.au/index.php?route=product/product... which works out cheaper than BN and we have a price match guarantee.


        Who cares if its in a tub or a bag? Am I buying protein or a container? I only care about protein content and I totally agree with you, taste is important. In that regard I have tried many powders and there is nothing wrong with BN and I have bought some brands that I have thrown a whole shipment after 1 taste so I know how bad flavour can be in proteins.


          Jeez didn't you know protein doesn't count unless its in a tub?

          I mean really robbie, stop being an amateur.

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    why would you call a protein muscle pump when clearly consuming this protein will not give you a muscle pump? starting a brand with lies is not the way to go, if its not your brand and your just selling it for them, then clearly your not a bright spark.


      Its simply a product name mate, calling a product Anabolic doesnt make it a steroid, but companies use such names.


    Hey Rep,
    Does discount apply by itself? doesnt seem to be working for me


    there is no coupon code, it will automatically reduce price to 22.46 each on checkout if more than 1 tub is purchased
    i will double check that its working correctly now.


    sorry mate, not sure what the issue is, but its been fixed now…. ive set it so the new discount is $22.46 even for just 1 tub….

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