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Samsung i9505 Galaxy S4 $511 Delivered


Samsung Galaxy S4 S IV LTE version I9505

100% Brand New Original
retail full package
Unlock, able to support AU Network

Appears to be a grey import, but quite cheap! Has anyone bought anything from these guys before?

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  • Well that's the cheapest so far. Except I've never heard of these guys, which is a bit of a risk.

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    Nah they are ok, bought twice but cameras. Arrive in Sydney in 4 working days, via DHL. Impressive. They are same like dwi, elo bal, kogan, etc

    • They don't have many deals posted here. Why is that?

    • Same here, bought a Canon EOS 550D camera from them, fast delivery. Not sure they are selling phones though.

  • 3% paypal processing fee = $19.00

    • Plus shipping insurance ($8) although shipping seems free!

      Good price though

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        shipping insurance is included in the $511 as posted by the OP.

  • Black is $20 extra.

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    More interested in the Note 3 32GB for $746 myew

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    Shipping and Handling Fee: AUD$35.00
    No deal

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      There's another shipping option that's free.

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        Just tired the $35 is non-removable

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          I was able to get the total including shipping and insurance at $511 for the S4. You need to remove some other stuff in the menu.

  • their ebay store, for all who trust ebay feedback and paypal protection more

    • They're not selling the S4 on ebay.

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    There is a $35 Shipping and Handling charge which I don't think can be removed

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    Does anyone know if u still can get the 32Gb version of these?

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    $530 = $503 handset cost for blue or white + $8 of shipping insurance + $19 of paypal surcharge
    keeping all other fields "No Thanks"

    Despite cheap, I will still wait for other deal with more known dealer.

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    $550 = $503 handset cost + $8 of shipping insurance + $19 of paypal + $20 (Black)

    Change the title, it's not $511.

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      Who says about black?
      Anyhow, white usually more expensive so this is great price.

    • Don't pay via paypal. Use the other credit card payment, and there's no $19 surcharge.

      Buy white and you save the $20 black surcharge.

      It's $511 if you get the white one. But I would rather buy from someone more reputable.

  • Price is back up to 555!