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Green's Pancake Shake 200g $1.00 at Coles (Save $1.18)


Seriously, how cheap is this. Love my pancakes! Starts Wednesday.

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    this is a great price.

    the pikelet mix in a bag which you can buy at woolworths for 90cents is the same mix as greens. just pop it in a container and mix with water or milk.

    do people here mix with water or milk.

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      I use water, is cheaper

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      Rev milk. Pancakes taste incredible!

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      whole milk, I think it tastes better…
      I generally only use these shakers when we're camping, at home I make them from scratch or use the Pancake Parlour mix.

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      try using soda water. works great

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    I used to find Greens brand didn't make as nice fluffy pancakes as White Wings. Guess could give it a try again.

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      nah agree with this. Greens mix for some reason does not do a fluffy pancake.

      The white wings buttermilk mix FTW!

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      Honestly, I'm disappointed with almost every Greens product I've tried. The no-name stuff is generally better (and usually cheaper).

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    Even cheaper pancakes -


    1 Cup Flour
    3/4 Cup Milk
    1 Egg
    1/4 Teaspoon Salt
    1/3 Teaspoon butter (added to pan before each pancake is poured)

    Method -
    Mix everything together (apart from butter), let it sit for 10 minutes to rest before mixing again just before use. Add butter to pan before each pancake.

    (I have the ingredients written on my fridge in whiteboard marker, we get perfect pancakes everytime. But if you want amazing pancakes then try getting some buttermilk and substituting the milk in this recipe for it)

    • I'm guessing that's for crepes or English pancakes.
      Unless that's SR Flour?

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        Standard flour for normal English pancakes.

        The recipe also doubles for amazing Yorkshire puddings.

        Preheat the oven to 210 degrees
        Spray canola oil or alternatively paste oil in to a muffin try using a folded up bit of kitchen roll.
        Place the tray in the preheated oven for 5-10minutes
        Take the hot tray out (very carefully)
        Pour in pancake mixture about 3/4 full for each muffin tray
        Bake for 15-20minutes until golden brown.

        They are amazing! From memory 1 person pancake mix makes around 6 Yorkshire puddings.

      • add some baking powder if you want it to rise nicely, or SR flour as you said

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      Mmm both recipes sound yum!
      How about you just tell us where you live and we'll come dine at yours?

    • nice recipe. The thing about the greens mix is how much sugar it contains. If you like your pancakes sweet you can add your own sugar

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        In my opinion there's enough sugar in everything else, there's no need for it in the pancakes.

        Maple syrup, ice cream, sugar, jam are all packed full of sugar (especially the third one). When I was young one of our favourite kind of pancake was a savoury one with taco seasoned mince which makes a filling, satisfying and cheap dinner.

        • edit - fixed some terrebel speeeling
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    TA, you're a Coles Rep now arent ya? ;)

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      Haha rawn… nah, just a regular tightarse looking for gold coin bargains. Cheers mate.

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    try this recipe - easy to remember, simple, and the best.

    600ml of buttermilk.
    2 cups self raising flour
    2 eggs
    2 Tbs sugar

    whisk well - adding a dash of milk to get a little consistency.

    heat pan then bring heat down to med-low. small knob of margarine each time.

    top with ice-cream and maple syrup.

    <insert homer face>

    • I prefer the 1:1:1 method - one cup flour, one cup milk, one egg (and one teaspoon sugar or salt, if you want). Which is essentially the same as your recipe but I can remember 1,1,1 much easier.

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        yes because 222 is so much more complex than 111 :o :O

  • I love these easy mix pancakes! Yes, pancakes are easy to make from scratch, but this only costs $1 and saves all the time, effort. Less dishes/messes to clean up coz its all in a bottle and all u do is hold it under the tap and shake. Obviously wont be as good as home made from scratch pancakes but at this price its still good enough to satisfy me :D

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      Isn't it funny how we can add water and shake our arm off to make pancakes, but can't be bothered taking the extra step to mix the dry ingredients. I worked out the only difference was the convenience and the container - in other words, because it's already mixed and you just add water.

      So I bought a couple of these recently, for the container as much as the pancakes. Then we washed it out and mixed our own dry ingredients (Aldi flour = $0.99/kg = 5x lots of pancakes) and keep it in the containers ready. Then when we want to make pancakes, just add an egg and water and shake like the original.

      Oh - and Aldi maple syrup (which is even cheaper lately). Sometimes when they reduce the price it's just the new price. But sometimes it means they are going to stop selling it. So get it while it lasts folks!

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    This is the small 200g mix. I would need 4 of them for a family brekkie!
    Still, good price.

    I agree white wings is the best, but I usually get the cheap Coles stuff.

  • These are by far the best tasting pancakes everrrrr. This and the $10 maple syrup!

  • What are Greens products like nowadays anyway? When they first came out they were just terrible.

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      Only $1 to find out…

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    I don't understand. These pre-made ones never ever taste as good as homemade. What's all the fuss about?

    Every time I've had them I just feel like I'm eating nothing and yearn for some real pancakes. There's just no flavour. No substance!

    • Every time I eat homemade ones I wonder why I bother. The mixes taste better to me - and so much easier.

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        Well, guess it could be a couple of things. The homemade ones I eat could just be really good, or the premade ones I eat could be really bad.

        I would have thought it'd be in the same category as pre-made cake mixes. They are never as good as making the real thing.

  • So what's the verdict, is the white wings better, homemade is better or is this good enough? tough decision here.

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      Homemade depends on who is making them and the recipe, for me homemade tastes far better.

      It depends on your cooking competency for most recipes but with pancakes they are so simple and quick I don't see a need to try and make it quicker when it makes it more expensive.

      Generally when I'm making pancakes I do a good 3 person serve which would take 3 of these containers which is so wasteful, not to mention there is a great local egg farm that has fresh eggs which makes everything better. (Werribee, Bulban road egg farm only 10-15 mins from where I live. They sell 850gram dozen eggs for $3.50 a dozen from memory)

      In conclusion > fresher eggs + sifted flour = better more consistent pancakes.

      • 3 of these containers would serve at least 7-8 people I reckon. Not sure how many pancakes you eat at a serving

  • NEver actually made pancakes before… Are they easy to do with these mixtures?