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Aliens Vs Predator Classic 2000 $1.24! PC Game


Hey all,

Brilliant game going cheap (listed a 20% voucher as well, no idea if it'll work)
Downside is that it isn't steam, capsule download.

They've got 75% off a bunch of other games linked below but didn't really see anything worth while.


NB Members are reporting the following code, brings it down to just $1


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      This 13 year old game is better than any of the other AVP games released to date.

      • AvP2 is also really good, but both are way better than AvP2010 for atmosphere. The marine campaign is also much better than Colonial Marines (then again a poop sandwich is better than CM).

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    Would've liked to get UFO: Aftermath, but, you know… Capsule. I refuse to put another game download manager on my pc. Steam, Origin, and Uplay (in that order) is plenty. Not even touching Desura.

    And you kids get off my lawn.
    It's time for grandpa's nude sunbathing.

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    If it bleeds we can kill it.

    Game over man! Game over!

    • I'm so confused.

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    2000… Wow, I remember life being so much easier then. Maybe if I purchase it'll take me back?

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      I think you also need to purchase a Delorean.

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        The Delorean can be used to visit the far off distant future. You know, 2015.

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    I prefer MAME-Arcade version of AvP. Mindless beat-them-up rather than FPS :)

  • The voucher you quote cannot be used for this.
    When trying to use it on this game, get the message "Unable to add the voucher"

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      Use that to bring it down to a buck.

      • That one worked. Thanks.

  • Won't need a PS4 or XboxOne for this at least ;-)

  • Great price for sure, but Capsule DRM is a deal breaker for me. I've already got accounts with Steam, Origin and Uplay. Don't want/need another one.

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      Capsule's just an installer, it's not DRM. It doesn't manage ANY rights. Steam, Origin and Uplay actually DO.

      It's like the amazon or GOG downloaders.

      • I think STENDEC probably didn't mean to put the term DRM in there, just meant that having a 4th gaming client on your machine is tiresome, which it is. It's not just an installer - according to GMG: "Capsule is our very own gaming client. It allows you to load, play and trade your games."