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Xbox One $567 @ The Good Guys


Available in-store and online Friday 22/11/2013.

A bit cheaper than the Big W deal. However their games are 85$.

UPDATE: Also available for pre-order.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    Will be a good jb hifi price match seeing EB is just being dicks on it.

    • +1

      They are?

    • +1

      Heard JB won't be price matching anything on Xbox One or PS4.. kinda false advertising every day lowest prices

      • I don't think they will be price mathing until the console has been out for the day as pre-ordering allows for midnight pickup.

        Also existing pre-orders are prob Day-One Editions and come with FIFA so they are different products

        • FIFA download is literally just a handed out bit of DLC… Not directly "packaged" with the console. Shouldn't stop any half decent EB store from pricematching…

        • If EB Games were half decent… which they're not.

  • +1

    The Good Guys are steppin' the Xbox One price wars up! Good to see.

  • do you have to pre-order this? Or can you just rock up on the day?

    • Judging from the catalogue, there isn't any mention of pre-orders. So guessing that it's a first come first serve basis on launch day/online orders.

      • +2

        Just called up a good guys and pre-ordered one. Have stock for 22 Nov.

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    so cheap!

  • +7

    I like the fact the Xbone costs $499US in America but only $567AU in Australia
    I DO NOT like the fact the PS4 costs $399US in America but costs $548AU in Australia

    PS4 = $149 Australian mark up price.
    Xbone = $68 Australian mark up price. (The Exchange rate alone is most of this)

    Looks like Sony is playing on the popularity of the PS4 VS Xbone to rip us Aussie off!

    • What about tax?

      • +12

        Ohh yeah well then it looks like the Xbone is selling for less then it does in America if you include the 10% GST … WOW Microsoft really are giving us a discount " AT LAUNCH " Never before seen on a launch of a product

        • -2

          Good Guys discount does not mean Microsoft generosity. It's supply and demand, the PS4 probably won't be deeply discounted for a while because they've sold every 2013 allocated console at full RRP so clearly don't need a discount to move units where this console seems to need a bit of a nudge.

        • SONY RRP still has twice the aussie mark up as MS RRP so no idea what your talking about

    • +2

      Also for those of us that pre-ordered a bit earlier, we get Fifa 14 for free. Actually turns out cheaper than the US.

      • +4

        when it comes to a bargain price "In Australia" the xbone really is the better deal at the moment.

        I think PS4 buyers should wait for some deals to hit before snapping one up the true OZbargain way!

        • +3

          Err, I'll just wait for decent games to come out thanks.

      • did you pre-order from good guys?

        • +10

          i'm not buying either PS4 or Xbone so no :) PC Games are more then enough of a time sink.

    • +7

      567AUD / 1.1 GST = 524AUD = 491USD

      548AUD / 1.1 GST = 498AUD = 467 USD

      Xbox is cheaper here than America. PS4 is more expensive but not by that much really.

      • In raw dollars, $68 isn't heaps. As a markup of 17% though, that's somewhat significant.

    • +9

      I really hate the name Xbone. I keep thinking it's a pokemon move till my brain realizes it' sthe xbox you're talking about.

      • It really should be XB1 to match PS4 abbreviation, i'm sick of reading it as X-BONE…

    • +1

      It's $599 in AUS but. Once there is stock of the PS4 I'm sure we will see similar $20 or $30 discounts.

      I still do feel that on exchange rate alone, the XBox has translated better from the $USD to $AUD despite being a bit more expensive, but I don't think its fair to compare the RRP of one and the discounted price of another at a single retailer.

      As an aside, hopefully EB Games will price match on Day One Editions. Not sure they will, but I'll give it a try. I went in over lunch and they said I'd have to wait until the launch day so they could check the competitors for stock.

    • I see it as Microsoft being more competitive rather than Sony ripping us off more, still its a hell of a lot better than previous console launch prices.

  • +1

    You will also get a $60 credit for instore as price is over $500


    Edit: Wait nevermind, promo ends thurs :( boo

    • -1

      Wow all those copies of luigi and zombiiu I just bought mean I will be able to get a bonus $10 off the Xbox One if I buy it from the goodguys bringing it to $557 :D

      • -1

        So you were one of those ppl who bought a bunch of copies to sell for profit leaving none for other genuine shoppers? Way to ruin it for everyone douche bag…

        • Don't start crying Shaun. It's first in, best dressed. Build a bridge and get over it.

  • Should Dicksmith price match this?

  • +2

    Awesome, I just now went to the Good Guys in Artarmon and pre-ordered one, and yes, they take pre-orders in store, I just paid mine in full.
    The guy who served me told me they only had 3 left when I asked, so there is now 2 remaining in that specific store.

    This price was pretty impressive and originally I wasn't going to get an Xbox One at all (I'm a Playstation fan and still waiting for my PS4 to arrive from Amazon - I was lucky to get mine shipped for free), but it was too attractive to pass up, and the only reason I want this console is because of Killer Instinct.

    • +2

      Slightly OT…but nice display pic!

      Can't beat the good ol' split-screen Goldeneye multiplayer, good times!!

      • +1

        that's where that life bar pick was.. :) ahhh was driving me crazy thanks!

    • So does that mean still comes with Fifa 14? If so then other places really should be price matching

  • Anyone know if the pre-order console comes with Fifa 14?

  • I called Good Guys in Braybrook Victoria, and their store manger is refusing to pre-order without any reason even though i mentioned the Lasoo ad. does anyone know if this is a NSW thing?

  • get $60 store credit when you purchase xboxone between 19 - 21 Nov.

    • +1

      Its out Nov 22nd

    • exclues games + consoles read term + c closely

  • this is even funnier than the other shitguys thread

    • ^_^ i was going to ask you who are these shitguys your talking about but then it came to me! - now that i think about it even more.. why am i typing what i was thinking.. stupid internets!

  • you are right, sorry

  • Would almost be a great machine had they not removed the media player capabilities. Now you can't attach external hard drives to them or even play mp3s off them.

  • This or PS4?

    • -3

      PS4 .. unless u must have an xbone exclusive

  • Already! payed off my xbox one with fifa free, and i also payed off Ryse, Dead Rising 3, BF4, NFSR, Extra controller play charge.
    I will be getting Killer Instinct 3 Ultra edition!
    Good deal!

    • +1


  • I've pre orders the DOE at ebgames and it comes with fifa14

    So they won't price match this?

  • you can get the $60 store credit deal if you prepay the full amount so if you pay for it today or tomorrow you will get the $60 store credit (it does have restrictions) if you have a good sales person you may get extra discount for cash as well

  • Has anyone confirmed if this is a day one edition with the fifa digital download, in case the above posters credibility is not 100%?

      • How can you tell? I rang my local GG, and they couldnt tell me what version it was. Is there something special they need to look for in their system?

        • What was stock like at your local store? I was going to hold off for about a year or wait till the first revision, but at this price, bundeled with this stuff, I don't see this console getting any cheaper than this for a year, only draw back is I do already have fifa 14 on 360 but besides Killer Instinct (made by different developers so my hopes arn't to high) I'm not interested in any launch titles.

          I was going to just get a PS4 but with talks of stock not being available till march and the first batches from overseas having a lot of DOA issues, I definitely will hold off on that, just need a reason to push me over the line to get this I guess.

        • The couldnt tell me how many they would get either. So no numbers, and no confirmation of DayOne edition. So naturally, Im not going to put down any $$ for deposit with so many unknowns.

        • I was looking at GG in Blacktown NSW. Cheers

        • If your legit rep your a legend for your efforts for us! Sorry to be skeptical but there is always a lot of trolling going on.

        • Can't PM you bearjew, would you be able to PM me please?

        • No! PM me first! :P

        • Check Narre Warren, VIC store if that's alright mate, thanks.

        • you should be aloud to enable PM's receive tho?

          If not I need to know about areas in the West of Melbourne (e.g Melton)

        • How about Castle Hill? Thanks!

  • Harvey Norman will pricematch as well dont forget

    • But do they have Day Ones?

    • Will Harvey Norman price match console price as well as bigW games?

      • Yep.

  • So if this console works out to about $415 if you factor in the game and store credit (provided you have a reason to use it), does anyone see there being better deals in about a year time? I was waiting for some revisions and a slight price drops with good games included, but I'm not sure I see things getting that cheap in a years time roughly…

    Thought some feedback from others might raise some interesting points I am yet to think of.

  • +1

    Has anyone successfully pre-ordered?

    • +1

      Jumped on the phone yesterday and was able to place an order over the phone and leave $50 via CC. Got my email verification and receipt within 10 min with delivery instructions to pick up friday!

      Ordered from the GG's store in Preston.

  • +1

    I pre-ordered mine at the GG Mile End, SA. Docket reads ETA 22/11

    I had a $100 store voucher that actually expired a week ago (from a previous GG Promo), however the SM was kind enough to honour the voucher.

    She also mentioned I would get the $60 store credit too. Not entirely sure why I purchased the console, but since the majority are saying its a good deal I guess I needed to spend the voucher on something worthwhile I guess!

    I don't have a Blu ray player yet and I just read it won't support Blu ray on launch, lol.

    PS. I havent played console games in about 10 years!

    • Do you know if yours is a Day One edition, or STD Edition with Fifa, or no Fifa at all?

      • I actually just received a courtesy call from the GG informing me the Xbox's have arrived instore just now however I can not pick up till the 22/11.

        I asked about the Fifa/ Day one bundle and he could not confirm either

        I'll make a phone call now and see if I can find out more info.

        edit. On hold for too long but it appears others assisted in finding out more info!

  • I was told and read that the Day One Editions are only for sale at EB, JB & Harvey Norman.

    The Day one Edition have a logo on the controller saying DAY ONE 2013 -


    This Day One Edition above includes FIFA 14

    Is the Good Guys XBOX One this one?

  • For me, its more about getting Fifa14 included. There are some STD editions with Fifa as well, so that would be fine with me. Just not sure whether any of the Good Guys XB1's have Fifa included, and my local store still can't tell me.

    • did it appear as though they have a lot of stock? I can't get to a store till tomorrow if I decide to get one, and by then it may be too late for me.

  • Bear Jew, are you aware of TGG position on the PS4? Did they just sell out of pre-orders and that's it or?

  • Some TGG's near my area keep saying no pre-orders, just walk-ins. So annoying.

    • What is "your area" ?

  • Spoke to person at Good Guys, said the XB1s were only standard editions and not bundled with FIFA. They had the empty green XB1 boxes there but no Fifa on the cover so I assume its true.

    • If this is true that's a massive shame, it's a deal breaker for me, I was almost across the line, although after not being sure whats going on with the 2 games I purchased from them yesterday, I may have a slightly sower taste left in my mouth about the way they handle themselves.

  • +1

    Just called TGG's Nunawading VIC have 5 Xbox ONE consoles but are all allocated. Could not confirm FIFA 14 was in bundle.

    TGG's Bayswater VIC order needed to be placed for console, wasn't sure if console will be in by Friday. Could not confirm FIFA 14 was in bundle.

    TGG's Northland VIC 1 Xbox ONE console left, I asked if consoles will come with FIFA 14 was told no.

    TGG's Chadstone VIC all Xbox ONE consoles allocated, I asked if consoles will come with FIFA 14 was told no. (The guy I spoke to said he had confirmed with the Microsoft REP NO FIFA 14.)

    • Thanks for your efforts, sounds like this is not day one edition, so there is no FIFA 14, regular stock, good deal, but can see better ones coming in the future if your not in a rush.

      • Yep. Still a good deal, but won't buy on release now.

  • +1

    So jewbear revokes all comments and moves from Brisbane to Sydney in a matter of hours, no pictures, no E-Mail and everyone that has spoken to other TGG staff has said it's regular stock with no FIFA 14…

    I hope no one went and made purchases based on what he said, lucky I was stuck at work to make the impulse buy tooo soon!

  • I put one on hold, and can confirm that its just a standard edition as the guy went out the back and brought the box out, it was $567 less $13 for cash, fifa is not for me so could not care less about this but the day one edition would have been cool also got a extra controller for $57

    • I already have fifa 14 I think it was more about not needing to but a game straight away, but a controller for $57 sounds like great value! Is that with a battery? Cause if so, that's basically the same price as a 360 controller now!

  • +1

    Disappointing that ol jewbear turned out to be a w&*%er as I wanted FIFA 14, nonetheless I managed to get one of these puppies for $555 from my local GG store, So not all is bad.

    • Well clearly a troll considering I recall him saying it was $3 above cost and 2 people have managed to get it even cheaper than that!

    • Got mine for $555 as well, no haggling, was just given that price.

      My store were only allocated with 2. Hopefully it arrives on Friday!

      • +1

        Same here philz, I was actually ready to pay the advertised price and the assistant just said "well we can do that for $555"!!
        Store had 3 "in the vault" ready to go Friday.
        Just have to decide where to get my games!

        • Hey which store? :)

  • hi yacman was just the normal controller not the play and charge kit one, I intend to get the energizer stand that charges two controllers $50 from memory

    • Thanks for the update, congrats on your purchase hope you enjoy it, I'll be waiting a whole, in still curious if TGG are sticking any PS4 though…?

  • Can confirm JB WILL NOT price match as tgg only have a few consoles per store.

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