Best 64GB MicroSD card?

I'm interested in getting a 64gb MicroSD card for my S4 phone, but after reading about them, I'm no better off in terms of understanding enough to make an informed comparison.

I think Kingston, Samsung, Sandisk and Lexar seem like the most reliable and reputable brands, though I get confused as some of them have changed their production facilities to cheap locations.

I think I'm after very fast write speeds so I can take fast photos and video of my young kid (who doesn't seem to pose long enough to get a good photo). However I don't want to pay hundreds for this card.

I'm also going to Hong Kong at the end of the year, so I can claim gst or just buy the card over there.

Does anyone have any sound advice or a clear and simple website that I can be pointed to? All these different descriptions and specs are getting beyond me.



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    Get the cheapest one. Really makes no difference at this end of the market (the only 64gb cards being made are class 10 SDXC models anyway).

    For what its worth Ive got two Sandisk Ultra 64gb microSD cards running in my Xperia Z Ultra and Microsoft Surface, both are doing fine. But I would buy a Lexar/Samsung/Kingston in a heartbeat if they were even a dollar cheaper.

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    Oh, and if you want to get fast photos of your kid, buy a decent CSC camera (Sony NEX or Samsung NX). Trying to take fast photos on even the best smartphones with even the fastest microSD cards is an exercise in complete futility.


    Any card will do just fine for video. The only thing to worry about is if you want to run apps off the card and want them to be quick, then you have to look at something like the Sandisk Ultra series.


    I'm using one from Kogan for my xperia z1. Movies and musics off of it seems dandy.