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Kindle 6" Wi-Fi ~AUD $78 Delivered from Amazon


Might be useful for those looking to update their e-reader or get into the market. No touchscreen but a very affordable price.
~AUD$78 including delivery.

From Amazon:

Today, December 9, 2013, save $30 on Kindle. Enter promotional code KINDLE59 at checkout.

Limit one discount per customer, while supplies last. Non-U.S. customers only. Discount valid only on Kindle sold and shipped by Amazon Digital Services. It does not apply to the same products sold by other sellers. Amazon reserves the right to cancel the promotion at any time. Promo may not be combined with other offers. If you return items purchased using a promo code, we will subtract the value of the discount from your return credit. Offer not valid with 1-Click ordering. Void where prohibited.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • AUD 81.08 delivered to Melbourne

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    Including delivery and the conversion to AUD, it's about $78.

    • Thanks - have updated

  • So this is the latest model? Just the bottom level one. Am I actually missing out on anything important?

    • +1

      It is what it is. It's NOT:

      • Paperwhite
      • Touchscreen
      • 3G

      But as a basic eInk eReader, it's fine.

    • +3

      Nothing important.

      I have this and my wife has the Paperwhite (neither of us bothered with 3G, you don't need it if you can setup a wifi hotspot on your phone on the few occassions you don't have wifi where you are).

      Not having touchscreen doesn't bother me at all. To be honest, other than for keyboard entry (which is rarely needed), I preferred having hard buttons.

      The backlit screen is nice on the Paperwhite, but with this price difference, not worth. What makes Kindles so great is that the screen is as easy on your eyes as paper, and if you're reading a real book at night, you need a light anyway.

      • +2

        I prefer buttons too. Then I can hold/ touch anywhere without screen turning pages

        • +6

          Plus to waterproof it for reading in the bath or by the pool, I just double bag it in ziplocks and the buttons still work fine.

        • +3

          You never waste any time do you?

    • Not paperwhite. Great for reading novels.

      I have this and the older one with the real keyboard.

      The e-ink screen on the old Kindle is better than this, and it has more memory, but it is bigger.

  • Good e-reader. I had one for a while. If you can deal with the absolutely horrible interface (which you will be using less than 1% of the time assuming you read each book from start to finish), it's a great choice. text input is a nightmare on this device.

  • Nice

  • Very good price – this is around $100-110 in Big W and Dick Smith. I still use this Kindle and I love it so much.

  • +17

    You can get this for $84 delivered at David Jones. Use codes welcome and treatme5.

    • +2

      Cancelled my Amazon order and placed one with DJ instead.

      Nice one!

    • +2

      Also cancelled my Amazon order and placed one with DJ instead. Delivery would be after 25 December!

    • Went for the DJs one, thanks mate!

  • Can you load and read books from other sources onto the kindle? Or do you have to buy books from Amazon?

    • +1

      You can load MOBI books. PDFs can be viewed but are not reflowable so a pain to scroll.

    • +8

      You can use Calibre to convert books from different formats.

    • +1

      You can also email books to your Kindle email address and Amazon will automatically convert them. Can't remember which formats are supported but I used it a lot when I had a kindle.

  • I wonder why the photos show it squarer than it really is. It's same size as the one I bought over a year ago, so really the same basic model, though with some improvements.

  • Isn't this the usual US price?

  • Awesome deal! I've also noticed that keyboard versions are selling for around $100 used on eBay, so this will be a nice upgrade and perhaps even make a profit on the old one too!

  • +4

    Should mention that Big W had the official leather cases for these reduced to $10 (from about $45 I think)

    • Bigw online is 30bux

      • sorry, meant in store. The store was Rouse Hill.

  • +2

    Personally I would buy this;


    And for $100 get this;


    For an extra $20 you get -

    • 4gb (vs 2gb) storage
    • Touch function
    • 3G

    • (refurbished)

    • +1

      Do you really need 4gb storage? That's many months worth of books!

      I find hardware keys preferable, I'm forever turning pages by mistake when lying I'm bed with my kobo, but I guess that's personal choice.

      I also think 3g is unnecessary when most people have tetherable smartphones these days.

      But hey, that's just me

    • +1

      I've never managed to fill up the 2GB of storage. The only time I miss touch is when I need to type in words. I've also never missed 3G when you can use your smartphone.

    • +1

      cancelled amazon and ordered this.

    • How do you get it for $100? The $110 gift card costs $110…

  • +1

    Ordering from DJ using delivery, when doing payment the following error is received:

    Error:Sorry, an error has occurred while trying to retrieve the inventory status of this product.

    • Same… Sold out?

      Ugh, got charged twice and have received no email about the order…

      • Grr. Very annoyed with David Jones. Their online purchasing system causes the bank to deduct money from your account even before the order is placed (i.e. before stock is checked). So in effect I was charged twice for a product they can not furnish.

        Because of the charge, I presumed the order had gone through so I didn't buy with Amazon. Now I've missed the opportunity and won't be getting anything from David Jones.

        Very reluctant to use their online shop again.

  • Had the same problem tonight. Tried twice. Hopefully won't charge me twice tomorrow. In the end ordered it off Amazon. AUD$78 is a good price for it. Expected arrival was stated next Friday 20 December - January 03. Happy Days Kindle people!!

  • Saw some YouTube reviews, a downside is the Amazon advertisements on the Kindle once idle. Oh well, no biggie! Great device for just a reading tool down at the beach or on the bus to work :-)

    • If you leave the wifi off (which I advise in general to preserve battery) then the ads don't update and eventually go to default Kindle wallpapers.

      Not great if you're constantly using the wifi, but as I tend to load it up using Calibre it's worked well for me.

      • Can I ask what you need the wifi for? Aren't the books already downloaded to the device? What is it doing in the background with your internet connection?

        • I don't. As I said.

          In general I'd say people use it to download books and use the build in web browser. Well my Kindle Keyboard has a browser. It's pretty useless. So I don't use it. But some people might.

  • For those who can't wait for delivery, get OW to price match Big W, comes up to $93.50ish. Add ING paywave on top of that if you have it and it'll dip below $90 :)

    • Would OW match the David Jones online price w/ discount code? If so that's $80.75 matched which would be pretty good.

      EDIT - checked officeworks policy, excludes coupons.

  • Any good deals on the paperwhite?

    • You can use the same discount codes at DJ and get the Paperwhite WiFi next gen delivered for $164. Alternatively, wait for it to be discounted at BigW, DS or DJ.

      • I noticed on DJ, they call it Dick Smith Kindle. WTF is with that? Is it actually branded DS instead of Amazon?

        • No, DJ is in bed with Dick :)…..
          So when you order they contact DS and DS will ship for DJs. At the bottom it says will be shipped from vendor. Try click and collect and most likely it will say stock might not be available. Meaning they don't know DS's inventory cause they are passing the order on.

          That's what I got from it anyway.
          It's an Amazon product.

        • So DJ is just being a middle man but not making a profit on it?

  • +1

    We Love this model too. We picked two up when Woolworths stores were selling them off for $60 about a year ago, and snagged the leather case for an extra $12.

    For that price, we thought that it would allow my wife and I to see if we could make the change to e-ink from real books without a huge outlay, and we both love them, inlcuing the regular e-ink colour over paperwhite, easier on the eye IMO. Plus, buying the cheaper one as a taste test have proved that we do not need all the extras, the USB to PC connection to tranfer books, or using WiFi is great. Neither of us would need 3G.
    If I needed a reaplecement for mine, I would be getting it direct from Amazon at that price.
    Before you start loading books onto it, get it registered with Amazon online and then allow the Kindle to update its firmware with them.

  • I bought a second hand one for $50 shipped from here http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Second-hand-Amazon-Kindle-4-E...

    I think it may be a test model because it literally has no serial number. I use calibre so the amazon store is irrelevant for my reading habits.


  • How does this compare to the Kobo Glow?

  • This isnt backlit.

    Can anyone suggest a cheapy that is backlit? Gift for an older person…

    • +1

      Get a reading light?

      • Have tried a couple, but the reflection/light spread never works that well. Plus for an older person it's more fuss…

    • Hoping for boxing day specials on the paperwhite, or perhaps the Kobo Glo?

  • I got a delivery notification that says mine is dispatched and estimated for delivery on Thursday.. much closer than the anticipated 20/12 or beyond date they gave when ordering.

    • Yep, I got the same date for delivery to Perth

  • Bugger. Wasted time with David Jones - still no confirmation of response despite double-charge - would have preferred to use Amazon now but code seems to have expired…

  • Wow, got mine delivered in 2 days! Tracking info says it came from China to Adelaide. Great!

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