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Sygic GPS Navigation for Android 30% off + Get 1 Extra Licence Free = 2 Copies for $41.53 AUD


Christmas promotion for probably the best offline navigation app for mobile devices. You can try it for free by installing from Google Play

If you travel a bit, it might be worth getting the world licence for $98.80 AUD or splitting it with someone to get a licence each for $43.40 AUD

I used this on a Maemo (Nokia N900) device but can't transfer the licence. I have been waiting for a good deal like this to put it on my Android device, and will split the cost with a friend.

Points of note

*Lifetime Licence for Android (Although to the best of my knowledge you can only install the licence on 5 devices, so if you upgrade your device 5 times, you are done. Check with Sygic support for clarification)
*Free map updates
*Free POI and speed camera updates
*High quality offline maps

There is a new HUD feature which is an in app purchase. I gather it mirrors the output so you can leave your device flat on the dash facing up and the screen is reflected back by the windscreen. Kind of cool,but not sure I'll be buying that. There's probably a way of doing it in tasker anyway.

And before it gets asked, no, you can't use the credit you won in the KitKat competition to buy this.

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  • Anyone interested in going halves?

    • +1

      i am interested in going halves on the world maps?

      • PM me for my email?

  • I am used to Nokia Drive and I am getting to grips with the GPS on my new Nexus 5. Is this massively superior to those?

    • -1

      It's free to try. You be the judge.

  • Gone up since last time, I purchased it for $27.00 (not on special at the time)

    Well worth it any ways. Not as much as a battery/data hog as Google Maps.

  • How long is it free to try for?
    What's missing in the free trial?

    • if i am not mistaken 7 days trial.
      You don't miss anything except the in app purchase.

      it is getting better now and the new software and map fix the speed camera issue (around my area).

  • How are they expecting people to make use of the extra license? I assume they intend for people to split purchase? Or is it one license per device? So if you have 3 android device you need 3 licenses?

    • from my understanding 1 licence for 5 devices.
      hence I only bought 1 licence but I paid around $75 AUD for world map.

      NOTE: if you get a voucher, it is better to use and download sygic from google play store and NOT the voucher edition software.
      I think voucher edition software has v13.1.5 and the normal sygic edition v14 something. I use v14 something. So I am not sure what is/are the differences.

    • You buy Sygic. Install on up to five devices with the one licence.
      Use the free licence they send you any way you want. Install on another 5 devices or give to a family member or friend.

  • +1

    By far the best GPS app. I paid $32 a while back but it wasn't on special. Fixed speed cameras are built in. You can activate up to 5 different devices. I also bought the traffic licence. Sign up to the newsletter, they always have deals on.

    • But this is the first 'deal' that is actually a deal. Normally, it's a persistent sale, ie: a lie. Standard range for world license is 62-64 Euro. No point signing up to their newsletter.

  • If anyone is keen to go halves on the world maps let me know

  • Christmas promotion for probably the best offline navigation app for mobile devices. You can try it for free by installing from Google Play

    Not having bought any map apps before, I am not sure how this sort of thing works. Is it correct to assume that the app itself is free, but if you wish to download an offline map, you pay for the map? If this is the case, with the trial version, what map can you actually test it with? Thx.

    • Most programs include the maps. In the case of Sygic, you buy a license. That license covers all maps in certain regions. Just read the list of countries before you buy so you know what countries you're getting.

      PS: "World maps" is NOT really the world in Sygic's case. From memory it excludes Australia, New Zealand, Bosnia, Montenegro, numerous others.

      • World does include Aus and NZ.

        *PLEASE NOTE that following maps from our offer are not part of the World license: Algeria, Azerbaijan, Colombia, India, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Pakistan, Tunisia, Venezuela, Vietnam.

  • Sounds perfect for fixing the nexus 7 on the car. Anyone interested to share the half?

    • the World Ed.?

      • replied

  • If anyone has gotten one of these and would like to sell one off i'm interested :)

    • If you are interested in australia and new zealand maps only… let me know..

      • Can't seem to start a conversation with you must be to new and

    • I bought the world edition, do you want to split that?


  • anyone wish to share half let me know

  • Just bought the WORLD EDITION myself. If anyone else wants to go halvies, PM me or email [email protected].