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Samsung ATIV Smart PC Full Windows 8 500T for $399 @ DSE (NOT ONLINE - View Details)



This is the Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T XE500T1C Tablet. It runs full Windows 8 and has a detachable keyboard included. Specs are here:


Many DSE stores have the display model available at this price but if you want a new one you can get it ordered in but there's only 18 left at the distribution centre. Get In quick! Catch of the day has these on sale today for $549 + shipping! Tell staff to check catalogue code XC8627

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan

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  • isn't the Asus T100 a better buy?


    JB will price match PCCG, and they also had a $25 Microsoft Store credit (not sure if that offer is still running).

    EDIT just realised this is $399 + ship, so it is cheaper than the Asus.

    • JB wont price match PCCG! I went there yesterday trying to buy a Razer DeathAdder mouse and JB staff said they dont price match online store. They dont even match brick and mortal store like MSY.

      Their price is ridiculous at $89 and every where else is around $52. I even offer a reasonable price of $60 but still no. According to them that is below cost price and every one is selling below cost price. If they dont want to sell, they can just pull the below cost BS.

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        I think it depends which JB store you go to, and what the item is. I have had no problem but sometimes I do have to try 2 JB stores if the first one say no. I also find they are more likely to do it in store if you go in with a printout, rather than on the checking phone. I have even had JB match Shopping Express with added postage upon a printout shown (so many things take a week to get from Sydney to Melbourne with SE, cough couriers please cough).

        JB have refused to price match Apple gear however…

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          I have always wondered how JB can have a sign "CHEAPEST PRICES" in their shopfront, looking at their prices, wouldn't that be considered false advertising ?

        • nope. It's considered puffery.

        • Yes that is false advertising but most store dont have that slogan any more. They was call out by Kogan (lol of all the people/business) to remove the slogan or change it from "Always the cheapest price" to "Rarely the cheapest price". Ever since then, the "always the cheapest sign" have disappear in many places.

    • I bought the T100 for $444 at officeworks, Bay Trail CPU is a lot faster.


  • how to order from distribution centre?

  • +1

    i got this exact model
    the pen is excellent
    battery beats that bloody Nexus 7 2012 by a mile

    speakers are at the correct position for tablets
    good camera

    big crap bits: it is Samsung galaxy type plastic construction, the base keyboard thing is not well desgined.

    Great for school/uni/web it is what netbook should have been if intel put their effort in it before ipad

  • Any DSE store will get it in for you from the distribution centre. It was online yesterday but they pulled the link. You can still order through the stores.

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    Smart PC? Sounds like we've been using dumb PC for many decades.

    • Nope its just the people who use them ;)

  • thx

  • I went to the DSE in Chadstone, and they said they don't have it at this price

    • Tell them to check catalogue code XC8627

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