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FREE Large Slurpee @ 7 Eleven - In Todays MX!


In todays MX (you get at train stations in Sydney and Melbourne) on page 8, they have a voucher so you can get a FREE LARGE slurpee @ 7 eleven.

I just got one just then. They accepted it straight away.

Also when you get your free slurpee - DONT FORGET to ask the store guy for your extra membership prize. When they enter the barcode to get your FREE large slurpee, a reciept is printed with a SECOND FREE PRIZER!! You can win a free killer python or cadbury boost or a free medium slurpee too.

I got my FREE Large slurpee and then on the reciept won another FREE medium slurpee!!


P.s. I can confirm they are doing this with Sydney and Melbourne MX on wed 20/5. Not sure about other states….

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  • P.s voucher expires 1st of June.

  • They did it Melb MX about 2 weeks ago : )

    After they process your voucher for your free large slurpee, you will find out whether you get a medium slurpee, python or boost, meaning you don't get to choose.

    • They did it in Sydney too. I could choose which one I wanted.

  • so you could get a large slurpee + a medium slurpee in one hit?

  • Melbourne MX aswell, :D

  • Anyone want to scan the coupon?

    • +1

      There you go:

      I'm not sure if a print out copy would work.. Let us know =)

      • Thanks pretz! May need to do some creative crumpling and put a fake news story on the back.

        • Yeh it works, i got it when Melbourne had it two weeks ago and we have just been scanning them and re-printing them. If the Ask just say you got the voucher in an e-mail and you had to print it. Works for us!

          • @carterdog1234: I thought you couldn't reuse them, hence the reason for the barcode. Hence the reason the scan it to draw your second prize (boost bar, python, medium slurpee)?

            • @jiakz: nah.. the barcode is the same for all coupons..

              • @pretz: The prize is randomly printed out when they enter the barode number.

                I won a free medium slurpee… haha.

  • Had it in the Brissy one too

    • I just rang one of the Brisbane stores, and it looks like they accept it.
      I'm yet to redeem the the printed voucher.

      • The printed version does not work. They said that the barcode is not scanning in because it is not clear enough.

  • nice tip off. grabbed a handful of mx (what's the plural of mx?) on the way thru the train station.

    • There was only a few left at Southern Cross Station around 5.30pm :(

    • mxeses

  • Damn! So many freebies @ 7 Eleven but pity we don't have any in SA.
    I need $1 fly ticket :)

  • by the time i found this (two weeks ago, and today) i was on the train on the way home

  • I'm gonna try and use the printed voucher tomorrow :)

  • i used the printed voucher and got them to enter the barcodein the system :)

    so many slurpees for me in the next week

  • The prize is randomly printed out when they enter the barode number.

    I won a free medium slurpeeā€¦ haha.

  • I got a free slurpee today with my MX coupon…and my free gift was a wristband…

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