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SanDisk Extreme 16GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive $17 @ MSY (Currently $42 @ Officeworks)


Found out this amazing flash drive USB 3.0, extremely speedy, secure and reliable from Sandisk, selling at cheap price $17 @ MSY. Well, don't compare with other standard USB sticks around - that has been at that price level for long time. This one has a performance beyond respectable.

Check review & price comparison from the following:

As always, let all of us know if there's any other options, cheaper & great in quality!


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    Looks good on price, not sure about the quality. Bought 3 Sandisk Cruzer Pop USB Flash Drive and they were terrible.

    • I have this drive and the build quality is OK. Feels a tad flimsy as it's all plastic, but not as flimsy as the cheaper Sandisk drives. Read/write speed on USB3 ports is very fast for the price.

    • +4

      You don't really buy these for their rugged construction; that purpose would be best served by something like a Corsair Flash Survivor or the Patriot Supersonic XT series.

      These SanDisk Extremes top much every recent USB flash drive benchmark.

      Having had two myself though, I can vouch for them being friggin' flimsy and made out of cheap, thin, creaky plastic that rattles a lot.

      You just have to be very gentle when you're pulling them out of or inserting them into, USB sockets. The slide mechanism I wouldn't trust to survive someone breathing on it too hard.

    • They are one of the best in terms of performance for the money. I just got one from MSY the other day and the quality seems on par with other plastic usb keys.

    • Cruzer Pops are shithouse. The Extreme line is very high quality. These in particular are blazing fast. I get about 80-140 MBPS write speed from files coming off my SSD, IIRC. Read speeds are phenomenal as well.

      You get what you pay for with these, and you simply cannot go wrong when it comes to the Sandisk Extremes.

  • +1

    They've been this price a while. Have purchased two in that time. Think they're the fastest out there, right? Well worth the price.

    • I don't think they are the outright fastest, they are certainly close to top on the benchmarks I've read. The best performers were around $60-70 last time I checked.

  • I use these at work, as a event photography company, we regularly take 10 plug GB of data and need to backup and sometimes post work to other departments. These are the best I have ever used, super fast and feel solid. Strongly recommend, much faster than a usb3 portable hard drive and all the standard rubbish USB drives that sandisk and other manufacturers make.

    • For your particular usage, wouldn't it be better to put an SSD into an external HDD case with USB3? Much more rugged too. Size isn't as good though, but that doesn't sound like a problem for copying between local PCs.

      • IIRC these flash drives actually use an SSD memory controller, which is what makes them such great performers.

  • Baught one a month ago… its very very fast. My copy maintains 50+ mb/s write(USB3.0 port).. havent really tested the read.
    Personally i'd highly recommend and although its all plastic, it doesn't feel as flimsy as it looks.

  • +3

    I bought three of these and one of them stopped working (first piece of electronics I've ever warrantied). The MemoryCity rep said on here on OzB they stopped stocking them because of the number of warranty returns they were getting. But, with the 200 MB/sec speeds and $17 I really don't care. Just don't keep the only copy of your wedding photos on it.

  • -3

    Price beat at Officeworks

    • +1

      Does OW pricebeat MSY?

      • Yeah, as long as its instock

        • +1

          Depends on which store. Richmond VIC refuses since MSY don't have the same return policies.

    • +1

      There is a directive by the Officeworks Support Office not to price beat these smaller electrical retailers that use grey import.

      • well luckily MSY doesn't.

      • +1

        You can't really say MSY is a small store now.. They grow quite a bit in the last few years.

  • +4

    Bought a couple of these for the same price last week at umart. Had a look just now and they are still the same price (just to give you another option on where to buy them, I prefer umart over msy). They are pretty fast and I would recommend them for the price.

    EDIT: I actually bought 2 different 32gb usb3 drives as well for wedding photo backups (wasn't too fussed about write speed on these ones). The kingston one was super slow, but the adata one seems much better. Haven't really used them for much yet (or tested actual write speed), but if you are after a <$20 32gb drive, the adata one at umart $18 seems ok.

  • I bought one of these at EB a while back for $15. It had a good write speed but i only wrote to it once and filled it up then attached it to the stereo in the car.

  • +2

    Have 2 of these. Very fast.
    Not interested in msy however.

    • +4

      So you're not interested in one of the consistently cheapest PC hardware retailers in Australia?

      Yes there is no customer service, not much in the way of storefronts and God forbid you need to RMA or return something but how else would they manage such low profit margins, realistically?

      MSY are my go-to store for low investment, low risk, disposable (2-3 year lifespan) technology products.

      For a $17 USB drive… I think you can take the gamble.

      • +4

        They can manage their profit margins & still not be horrible when it comes to RMAs. These things are not exactly mutually exclusive.

      • In my experience MSY has been great with after-sales support.

    • +11

      Nice try Kogan, the sandisk drive in this offer is almost twice as fast.

  • Just got one of these from eBay - Really fast drive! Writing to it was sitting on 58/59mb/s which I believe is around the advertised maximum. Yes plastic, loose construction but very fast - functional drive. Advice - Format it to NTFS from FAT32 when you get it so you can transfer large files to it.

    • +3

      Even better, if using on Linux machines, format the drive as XFS. Amazingly fast when writing thousands of smallish files, like your MP3 collection. Doesn't slow down as the number of files increases, unlike other filesystems. Also, XFS is a journalling file system, so corruption extremely unlikely if you accidentally remove it (or power fails) while you are writing to it.

      Note that there is no way to get Windows machines to read XFS, so this advice is for Linux users only. Don't know if MacOs will mount XFS disks, might be possible.

    • Or exFAT if you need to use it on both Windows (XP SP2 and above) and OSX. Alternatively, you can enable unofficial NTFS support on OSX (http://osxdaily.com/2013/10/02/enable-ntfs-write-support-mac...).

  • I have one of these. fantastic.

  • +3

    I have the 32GB model and , yep, they are fast and it's a good price. Not sure if it'a anactual bargain, though as it's their everyday price.

  • +3

    Isn't it the normal MSY price for these? I bought one at this price about 4 weeks ago - not because it is cheap, but I need one that's quick.

  • +2

    i want the 32gb version at that price

  • +3

    It Always have been $17 since September of last year.

  • +4

    it's been $17 since at least July last year, as per Amar89's comment: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/111569#comment-1518457

  • +1

    I bought one of these for $15 last year from EBGames of all places.

  • I got two of these from ebgames when they had a sale and it was only $12.00 after using the 20% off voucher.

  • +2

    A lot of positives for a standard 16gb price

    • +1

      Apparantly Officeworks is the new price benchmark.

  • RRP $42, really?

    Costco sells the 64GB for $61.

  • i have the 64gb variant of this and it is still going strong, it doesnt feel like cheap plastic at all, if anything it feels better than some other usb flash sticks i have. I would buy again if the 64gb is on sale, i remember getting it for $50 or below when it was.

  • Wouldn't OW price match/beat this?
    Edit: Oops, online only :L

  • +2

    I think they've retailed at this price for at least a year now!
    And very much doubt they're the fastest, don't exceed much more than 50 MB/s through USB 3.0 on my Ultrabook with an SSD.
    But I've been very happy with them :P

    • The 64 GB one copies from a 6 Gb/s SATA SSD at about 170 MB/s on my Windows 7 desktop. An Atto benchmark gave 180-185 MB/s write speed.

  • +1

    It's always there at MSY. I bought 4-5 :-) and they are great

  • Yep 32G extreme sourced it couple years back when the dollar was strong came out $37 from ebay/ Shenzhen imported, nice to note it devalued only 10% (on per-gb basis), so certainly holds it value well.

    • +1

      You could get the 32GB from MSY for $36 12 months ago.

  • +5

    $17 + $10.44 (shipping) = $27.44 @MSY vs
    $19.95 (free shipping, OZ store) from eBay here
    Ordered one from eBay, but thanks anyway ;)

  • Easily rated #1 for best value amongst "16GB flash drives" - real world speeds

  • Another +1 for this faaaaaaaaaaast drive

  • I got 2 of these at Umart Brisbane in early December. Great little unit, nice and fast for transferring large files over USB3.

    Umart has them for $17 as well. This is at their Milton Store in Brisbane. Please note there is a duplicate of this Extreme 3.0 16GB that sells for $28.

    Under "USB Flash Drives" -> "USB 64GB Memory Drive" category: SanDisk Extreme 16GB CZ80 USB 3.0 Flash Drive

    I can confirm this is the same unit.

    Definitely recommend.

  • bought the last of them from Canberra Store this arvo…

  • its $21 now… still worth it?

  • Hi should this deal be marked as expired as it's not $17 anymore ?

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