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Navig8r GPS Sports Watches S20 - $74 S10 - $68


I was bummed I missed the 50% off a few months ago, checked today and both of these watches seem to be a good price!

Link for S10: http://www.harveynorman.com.au/navig8r-s10-sports-watch-with...

Copied from last post on S20:

Navig8r's S20 Sports Watch comes with great features to help aid you with you exercise goals, one of these being GPS tracking! With automatic worldwide synchronisation through GPS and Google Maps review tracking software; the S20's slim line design is ideal for maximising your results for each fitness session. The S20 can be used with exercising on any type of terrain, it can be used for walking, jogging, hiking, cycling and it can even be used on the ski slopes!

Monitor your performance

Easily track, monitor and store vital statistics from your adventures or exercise sessions including elevation, speed, distance, coordinates, trip logs and calories burned. This multi-sport watch also allows you to share your workout data with friends and family to track your personal statistics and improvement against others.


The Navig8r S20 Sport Watch with GPS Tracking had many convenient features allowing you to get the most out of your exercise sessions. It features a second time zone function, stopwatch, lap counter as well as a back-lit display. Providing added convenience, this watch has a built-in alarm for those early starts and also display the current day and date. USB Connection Clip and Performance Software Suite also included.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • What does "water resistant: 30 metres @ 3ATM" mean?

    • +2

      30 metres deep at three atmospheres of pressure?

      Surface of the earth = 1 ATM

      • Thanks, so pretty much no good for mixed events like triathlons which involve swimming - basically just getting caught in the rain, falling over in a puddle etc?

        • +3

          It'll work if it's just swimming. It won't work however if you plan on diving.

    • +1

      Pressure of water at 30 metres is 3 atmospheres higher than at sea level (4 atm total)

    • 3 atmospheres of pressure. 1 ATM is equivalent to 10m of water.

    • A better question might be:

      • Since all of our smartphones have a GPS & nav functions inbuilt
      • why is this deal's product worth the cost & trouble to carry?

      EG: We just paid $29 at Coles for a {Telstra-locked ZTE} smartphone based on Androoid

  • 3 atmospheres is 20m. We're already at 1 atmosphere at sea level. Watch makers like to dumb it down to 3ATM = 30m. Basically you can wash your hands and get it wet but that's about it. Wouldn't call it a 'sport' watch.

  • For swimming/multi-sport the Magellan Switch GPS might be a better option, "Being water resistant to 50m, this watch can handle swimming".

    For $159 with bonus bike mounts and a speed/cadence sensor its actually tempting, it's also ant+ compatible so will work with other sensors and comes with a heart rate strap.

  • I have been considering getting a watch like this but have not done a lot of research so far.

    I run usually about 30-40 KM per week (more when training) , recently did my first half marathon and aim to do my first marathon in 2014.

    Can someone give me some feedback on how these models will go against some of the other options out there ?

    • If you have a smartphone, just get a Heart Rate Monitor Strap to connect to it.

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