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Pro Racquet Sports Store Wide 10% off on Everything


Celebrated the first grand slam of the year "down under" in Australia 2014, and up coming Australia Day, we offer 10% Off on store wide products. Including all Tennis, Badminton, Squash and Table Tennis items.

This is an Online Exclusive Offer, not apply in our stores. However, pick up in our Auburn or Hurstville store is available after placing the orders online. No any P&H charge for pick up. Price for all products listing on our website is our original selling price (before 10% discount).

Coupon Code not apply to Feather Shuttlecocks and Stringing Services.

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  • COME ON GET REAL. This is the ozbargin web site. Since when is 10% of everything a bargin. Should not list unless at least 30% off.

    Does anyone else agree . Please send a message to this store rep. Postings jike this are a waste of time

    • Haven't looked thoroughly but just checking a few tennis racquets looks like all RRP so yeah 10% off RRP is pretty weak.

    • Free advertising and guaranteed sales. Just need to price yourself 1 cent cheaper than your competitor and it's automatically a "bargain". If you were a business you'd be bloody stupid not to list stuff on here, even at full price with no discount it will sell like hotcakes! lol!

  • -2

    is there a store? where are you located?

    • It's very clearly displayed on their front page.

    • Yes, we have 2 stores in Sydney aera. One in Auburn, the other on in Hurstville.

      But make sure you place the order online to get 10% Off before you pick up in the store.

  • Had a look at the badminton goods, the price eg nanoray z-speed (SP) is $10 cheaper than other online retailer (eg RacquetX), so including the 10% off it is still one of the cheapest prices you can find in Sydney.

    • +1

      We are the authorist dealer for Yonex, Wilson, Prince, Babolat, HEAD, Slazenger, Victor, Gosen, Pro Kennex, Tecnifibre and more.

      What we'er selling are all genuine Australia Models, and we gurantee the lowest price in Australia.

      Thanks for your comment. :)

    • We have 2 stores, and not gray import from oversea. All our sales come with GST tax invoice and warranty.

      However, we still put our price lower than any other retailer.

      As what you said, the lowest market price plus further 10% off, is good for the real sports players.

      • I bought yonnex badington/squash shoes from there and before I bought I checked prices and they were more than reasonable. He didnt give me a discount instore but he did throw in a free pair of socks. Really good local prices.

        • Thanks for your comment.

          Now you can get a further 10% discount on the more than reasonable local price. I think it's even better than a free pair of sport socks. :)

  • I'm not related to this company at all but wanted to say that this is a great deal, the prices are very good! Going to order Wilson BLX One myself which is $239 (with a further 10% discount) which is by far the best price in australia (cheapest online is $289 and in stores aroune $300+)

    Thanks for the post!

  • Hi Rep, do you have the Babolat Pure Drive 107, I don't see it on the website.

  • got my tennis racquet today, thanks guys!

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