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Heinz Squeeze & Stir Soup $1 a Box (Expired) @ The Grocery Club (Rocklea QLD)


The Rocklea Grocery club is selling these boxes for $1 for 18 tubes. They expired about a year ago. No difference in taste though. I have drunk about fifty tubes in the past three days with no apparent ill effects, apart from severe flatulence which I presume is an inherent quality of the food itself. They have minestrone, Mediterranean vegetable and Thai chicken. I gave the chicken one a miss myself.

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The Grocery Club
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    50 tubes in 3 days. DUDE

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      dude I'm having flatulence just thinking of it.

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    This is awful. Seriously.

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      I agree.

      While the food itself might not kill you, you might end up killing someone else with the potent gas you let out afterwards…one of those 'silent-but-deadly' ones lol

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    There's an Expired Food Shop????

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      My toddler is terrified of the place. Every time I take him there he clings to me like a limpet. The wife banned me from feeding him expired food anyway.

      The funny thing is I see people there in chefs whites buying stuff for their restaurants. At least this way I'm cutting out the middleman.

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        My toddler is terrified of the place.

        Those are called instincts…they save us from walking in front of speeding lions or being eaten by wild trains or something!

        The wife banned me from feeding him expired food anyway.


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        Next time he's naughty tell him where he's going ;-) Every parent needs a place like that

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    hahahahaha this post is amazing

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    Words fail me…jeez the new year's gone quick, April 1st already?

    I gave the chicken one a miss myself.

    Yup, a man's got to have a code!

  • Illegal to sell expired foods. This shop is doing a dodgy.

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      You can't sell past "Use by" but "Best Before" is merely a serving suggestion.

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        Yes but by the sounds of it this is use by date.

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          Probably not. As it is soup it likely lasts a long time, so specifying a date it will become dangerous would be meaningless. Use by is the date where food could become dangerous/sickness inducing, not just when it might not taste/smell/look as good.

          Bonus fact, you don't need to include a best before date if the expiry is more than 2 years in the future (most canned foods) but manufacturers do in the hope you might toss stuff that is past their date but still fine, and buy another.

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          Look carefully at the second box in the photo, it has B/B and then a date. So I'm assuming its Best Before.

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          The photo is so blurry you can't fully clearly make out much of the writing on the boxes so how can you tell for sure going by that so badly taken photo.

          In any case i wouldn't eat a food product that's a year past the best by date. Are people so desperate that they'd eat a year old food.

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          Is that an alien face I see? Oh, just soup tubes.

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          Look carefully at the second box in the photo, it has B/B and then a date. So I'm assuming its Best Before.

          B/B 24/04/2013?

          Not sure about the month, but the year is clear(ish).

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        Best before vs use by. Not illegal to sell past best by date if the product has best by date but is illegal if the product has use by date.

    • you are right, but this would best before
      selling past use by and expired is illegal

      not sure why you got down voted for pointing out the truth

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    Crazy to think the entire contents of the image only cost $5. And a few years shaved off life expectancy.

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      Not to mention the fire hazard from the flatulence.

      • +17

        My wife now calls it Squeeze and Fart soup.

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          No need to squeeze, I take it.

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    These were selling for $1 a pack last year on special at Woolies, and I think $1.50 RRP, so 18 for $1 is a pretty good discount. Not sure I would have bought nearly 100 of them though.
    Still, I guess that is only a week's supply, though, at approx 50 every 3 days.

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    You sir are my idol.

    Thanks for making my day.

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    I thought times were tough but not this tough.

    • OP's floor looks to be doing it fairly tough too :-)

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    NASA was wondering where the Apollo mission leftovers went.

    • +12

      Apollo 1 Tragedy
      Jan. 27, 1967, tragedy struck on the launch pad at Cape Kennedy during a preflight test for Apollo 204 (AS-204). The mission was to be the first crewed flight of Apollo, and was scheduled to launch Feb. 21, 1967. Astronauts Virgil Grissom, Edward White and Roger Chaffee lost their lives when a fire caused by expired soup related flatulence swept through the command module.

      • +8

        The audio of the real (non-soup related) accident is on the web. You can hear Chaffee screaming "We're burning up!" before the signal cuts off. Quite sobering really. These guys were pioneering heroes.

        • Yep, all jokes aside those guys sure had chutzpah…no way you'd get me locked in a tin can on top of a bomb! :O

          Especially not locked in with paizuri!!! ;)

        • +4

          Afterwards, the other astronauts in the programme called the CM "the oven", and themselves "turkeys". Gallows humour essential for even high-functioning individuals in such a dangerous and stressful environment.

          Wouldn't paizuri be a gastronaut?

        • +2

          Gallows humour essential for even high-functioning individuals in such a dangerous and stressful environment.

          I would think it a prerequisite for the job!

          Wouldn't paizuri be a gastronaut?

          Good call. On the plus side, the NASA bill for liquid propellant could be dramatically reduced! :)

        • +1

          Yep, his gas repellant trumps liquid propellant.

      • +5

        This is actually almost true!


        • +3

          Some of the comments are hilarious…had me in tears, as did the transcript. My fave:

          Emission Control, do you copy?

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    I have an irrational aversion to soups in sachets like that. It feels wrong. Soup should come in a can or a cup. Sauces come in sachets. It'd feel like I'm squeezing out tomato sauce and slurping it up warm.

    … which is probably exactly what it is.

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    Assuming three 24-hour periods since purchase, and 8 hours of sleep per period, that's a tube an hour, give or take.

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    Signed in to vote for this hilarious post and comments

    • +1

      im still wiping away the tears.

  • Just waiting for people to come back complaining of diarrhea after eating these best before a year ago food. No just kidding.

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      Save on laxatives? Bargain !!!

  • +2

    Teach me your ways Ultimate Ozbargainer.

  • This is not a few days, not a few weeks, not months, but years? No thanks.

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    OP should get a job as a test pilot for Heinz ;-)

    • +5

      They should at least provide him with a tether so that he remains attached to this planet.

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    This stuff was pretty rank when it first came out, I brought 5 a year ago, and the other 4 are still in my locker at work, as an emergency ration. I can send them to you if you like, but I doubt you're going to want to pay postage…

    …maybe it gets better with age?

  • Mould is good for you…

  • +1

    I had tears in my eyes just reading your description and glancing at the stack of boxes to the right.

  • Now try drinking milk after a year, now that should give you some mood, in sure taste might be off and it surely won't kill you but shorten your life dramatically.

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    This is why hospital emergency rooms exist.

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    Now wait a minute here guys, there's a lot we can learn here for the Zombie Apocalypse.

    In the hazy years after the first attacks, you a stumbling through a shanty of old Woolworths buildings and you manage to find a box of these! All you have to do is cast your mind back to this post and remember.

    Survival 101; brought to you by ozbargain and paizuri!

    • +6

      and even if you turn into a zombie after eating 50 of these your insides are so well preserved that you would outlast all other zombies by years before you start to rot! you could be the top zombie of the town! …

      i'm surprised why they don't advertise these advantages when they talk about preservatives!

      • +4

        Come on, you sons of b***hes, do you want to live forever?

    • Hilarious!!!!lol…

  • soup in a squeeze pack just sounds very depressing - i actually think it's kinda expensive given that it's expired! should be free given we're taking rubbish off their hands. lol

  • -3

    is it legal to sell expired food? or only if you mark it as so (seems silly having expiry dates) if you can just still sell it.

    • +3

      Best before: OK to sell
      Use by: Illegal to sell

      • so there's nothing to stop people from simply using best before for everything then?!!

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          If the product deteriorates in a way that could be dangerous e.g. meat, dairy etc. it has a use by date, and can't be sold after expiry.
          Products that do not provide a safety risk will have a best before date. After that time they may be stale, discoloured, taste not as good etc, but still be safe to eat.
          In reality, manufacturers are very conservative.
          Canned food, for example, will be safe to eat forever as long as the can is intact, but after a period it will lose texture and may discolour - faster if it is kept in varying or high temperatures. So you can eat an old can, but if it looks/smells unpalatable you probably won't enjoy it.
          These soups are probably safe to eat for many years, but I reckon they will eventually dry out and become pretty gross.
          A reference:

  • +2

    I have been to this place once.
    It reminds me of CostCo.
    Very scary indeed.

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    nevermind the food poisoning concerns…. are you guys not worried about the amount of preservatives that went into these things that after 1 year of it expiring, you still can eat it 'without problems'?

    • +5

      Nothing wrong with that at all, unless the product is accidentally consumed

      • i'm inferring to people who actually bought these things and consume them BEFORE they expire.. you know, like normal grocery runs?

        i don't know about you man, but if any food is still 'edible' after years of manufacture, I'm gonna ask some serious questions why/how.

        i'm no health freak, i just want to know what I'm getting into, I buy spam to enjoy the tastes of preservatives and salt for example.

        • +2

          Why would you need preservatives… same as canning, heat treat and it will preserve. The pouches would be filled with soup heat treated and hey presto.
          Does anyone ever check the best before dates on cans …of tuna for instance?

        • good question. have you ever stopped to think about why some canned food like tuna, expires 'earlier' when it's the spring water variant, and not the oil/extremely salted variants?

          also in the same regards to cans, you can draw your own conclusions:

          Not trying to make a tin foil hat argument, but knowing more is better even though sometimes it can be a curse. ;)

          ps. oh and btw, i've yet to seen a can of food that has longer expiry date than a can of spam. :)

          so that's what you are going to eat when zombies invade.. better get used to it people.

  • Thanks for the morning read peeps…very amusing indeed!!!

  • +6

    I'm a bit concerned about OP - it's now 17hrs22min since he last posted on OzBargain.

    • He was embarrassed too much to return, or the 3 day binge created enough thrust to propel him into space……in which case he'll be approaching the international space station any moment!
      Major Tom(paizuri) to ground control…

      • +3

        He strikes me as being a man not easily prone to embarrassment.

    • +1

      Lets find him a nice deal on toilet bowls and bathroom renovation…. just saying.

    • +1

      He's still alive- enough to comment that some deal on parmesan would go well with his remaining soup :')

      • What, some Parmigiano-Reggiano that they found in the ruins of Pompeii? ;)

  • As I said, "This is awful. Seriously." But it is entertaining, as is surrealist black comedy.

  • not a deal. these should be free.

  • Why don't they have places like the Grocery Club in Sydney? :-D

  • great deal

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