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Samsung XE500T1C-A01AU 11.6" 64GB, Atom Z2760 Slate Windows 8 $399


Seems to the best price around for this model, personally I would rather the asus T100 for not much more that was recently posted but many like the samsung brand over asus.
Static Ice shows the next best price as $594


Windows 8 (32-bit)
ATOMâ„¢ Processor Z2760 (1.5GHz, 2 x 512KB)
11.6" HD LED Display (1366 x 768)
2GB LPDDR2 System Memory at 800MHz (on BD 2GB)
64GB e.MMC
Bluetooth v4.0
2Cell (30Wh)
0.761kg weight

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    For who wants to price match with officework


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    T100 doesn't support digitizer,this one does.

    • +1

      But the T100 is twice as fast and this one was released over 1 year ago. Still, a good price.

      • but t100 deal has already expired, or not?

        • yep, it's expired

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    Ive got one of these but in the i5 model, such a good unit, not quite as nice as a surface pro 2, but for the money its pretty damn good.

  • +5

    i had this model for a few weeks. it is painfully slow, mainly due to the software than samsung make you use for software updates.

    the keyboard also has no weight to it so the whole thing will tip over a lot.

    i have also had an asus me400c with same processor and it was a lot quicker.

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      I've had a 500T since launch and while there were teething issues, and it almost completely broke on the Win 8.1 update, Samsung have fixed all issues that I've had with it thus far. It's working better than ever today.

  • Is this better than galaxy note 10.1 (the new one and old one)?
    I am looking to buy one for uni.

    • Full windows 8 vs Android tablet ? So its pretty much would you like desktop application+metro apps or just android apps. If you are using it for uni recommend using Onenote which is the best note taking program in my opinion. This also can run word, power, excel which is also good if you use those.

      • +1

        i wud say go for windows if the purpose is taking notes….windows handles it much better and much much smoother.

    • Yeah I did one semester of uni with an asus transformer tablet, android just didnt cut it and I ended up buying a TF810c during the dick smith sale last year and it is light years ahead for productivity at uni.

      Though I am studying engineering so there are some software that I need windows for, but it was basically using both the transformer and a desktop pc, and now 100% using the tf810c. This model seems pretty closely specced to the tf810c so great for a student.

  • +1

    Price is OK but I can confirm it is quite slow last generation ATOM processor no where like the newer Baytrail processor in the Asus T100 which I am really impress! kills it processor speed wise….or spend a bit more to get even the first generation surface pro around $670. This is really last generation dreadful chip that send shivers down some people spines in comparison with the word ATOM chip unfortunately. I was not aware of the BIG difference until I compared it side by side.
    By the way this does not comes with Office Home & Student version at all, unlike the Asus T100 comes free so another $99 dollars on top makes this more expensive.

    • like tomlikesbeetroot I have the TF810c, the chip is fine, might not be as fast as the current version but I haven't had an issues using email, web browsing (IE, IE touch, Firefox on desktop), Citrix Viewer, many windows apps, Word and Excel.

      Definitely no shivers down my spine :-)

  • This tablet comes with GPS while Surface Pro does not, doesn't it?

  • The Asus with i5+NV635 and Sony with i5+740m seems good deal.

  • +4

    Anyone seriously considering getting this please ignore comments that it is slow. It's slow if you're going to run photoshop on it or HD video editing - it's just not made for that.

    But if you want something for uni to type notes in that can still run all Windows x86 apps (not RT), this is great. Boots into windows in under 5 seconds and loads MS Word / OneNote in about 2 seconds. Really quick and the keyboard is a great size. I did consider the T100 but the keyboard is too cramped for writing notes in lectures. Keyboard on the 500T is really nice, well spaced even though I have large hands. Highly recommend it but before you upgrade it to Win8.1, create recovery USB with a 16Gb USB, and run all the updates for Windows and the Samsung SW Updater app that will update drivers. Remove all the other bloatware.

    • +1

      Good point about the size, I was using an asus TF101 and found it too small, the TF810c is much better size (same size as this) and I believe its the same processor and I have no issues with speed on the asus.

    • +2

      agreed, cant understand the fascination with criticising these atom tablets on the basis they arent powerful enough - they would handle 90% of the use of 90% of the population - word processing, apps, net and email. Not too many non-windows tablets that have processors that handle video encoding or photoshop either. For day to day use I havent had a prob with my xe500. Bit plasticy feeling, but the digitizer is really handy for productivity uses and desktop mode. The type of charger is good also as not a propriety connection, so could find aftermarket options. Yes,keyboard is light and would have been great to have extra battery life in here and maybe a flat folding dock, but I guess they got to have somewhere to go in the future. Samsung sw updater is pain too, but sure with a bit of work it can be neutered.

  • Hoping someone could tell me if the xe700t1a could fit the keyboard dock for this. Called Samsung and they reckon there was no kb dock for the t1a.Cant work out why as it's such an obvious accessory

  • Bought this earlier this week, received the package today, only to find that its refurbished stock. Will be calling the store later on to ask for a refund or replacement. Website has no mention of the word refurbished.

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