$100 cash-back just deposit in my account!! (Xbox 360 E deal in Jan)

It is quicker than I thought, as the website state that the cash back will be in the end of Feb. Last night, I was checking a money transfer by my friend and see the entry.


  • Just confirming I got mine too, woot! :D

  • Yep, same. Came in over night. Purchase was from Target.

  • Got mine also. Deposit was dated 12 Feb.

  • I never got mine :( should I contact them or just wait it out?
    Bought from harvey norman on promo date and input the info during promo date got the confirmation email saying 10th feb but nothing :(

    • Maybe is because the different banks? Mine is Commbank.

      • Mine is the same

        • maybe they do it by store? I purchased it in target.

          you will get your cashback, just wait few more days. :)

  • Just give it until 28th Feb like they said before you start trying to contact them, they probably don't wanna lose many 1000s in one day lol

  • Got mine also.
    Not with commbank and bought from bigw.

  • mine too…

  • My friend got theirs on 12/02. He was one of the first to buy when the deal started. I decided to buy on the second last day so still have quite a wait!

  • Anyone else still waiting? Nothing for me yet.

    • Lots of people still waiting, including myself. sigh.

      • Don't despair, I just received mine today!

  • Still haven't seen mine
    Have emailed , waiting for a response
    Fingers crossed
    I ordered my from JB and printed out the ONLINE advert stating the $100 cash back, and I ordered it on the 25th of Dec
    so if I have an issue Ill be on to them

    • That might be your problem. The promotion period began 26th Dec. You bought it early.

  • I still am yet to receive my cashback as well, which I bought from Big W closer to the end of the sale.
    My order no. was in the late 96000's, which I did fill out early January.

    They apparently have 4 hours 49 mins before their deadline… If it's not in the account by tomorrow, I'll shoot them off an email stating they have breached their own terms and conditions…

    • Same here, I didn't get anything either. Just saw this thread after replying in the other one. I sent them an email but just get an auto reply saying the promotion is over. No contact info for assistance.

      • same here…I feel like being cheated by them…I gifted the XBOX which has now cost me more than the normal price for the 4gb model. Is there anyway we can follow up with them? Should I ask JB or MS Australia?

        • I've now sent an email of to them about this issue and received the usual "this promotion has now ended" email in response. Hopefully they still get the message and get on this issue quick smart.

        • I'll let you know how I go. Microsoft are assisting me at the moment. They're going to give me a call tomorrow.

        • thanks mate. once done, pls share the direct email of the team that helped you…

        • Well…I can tell you they know all about it. They're not looking like they're going to be particularly helpful any time soon. I tested the waters a few times but couldn't get a consistent answers.

          My first encounter ended up with them telling me my bank must just take a while to clear the money.
          My second encounter they told me this is actually a promotion run by the retailer and they will reimburse me.
          My third encounter they told me to go to the Xbox Forums and engage with a community ambassador who could help me out.
          My fourth encounter was just something special and went no where. They were more concerned with my Xbox Live profile than anything else.

          So…I've tried Microsoft Support. Xbox Support. Feedback. It all goes no where…

        • Damn MS…Just my bad luck or their usual business..
          One guy I know got two cashbacks by fooling them…
          Thats what they deserve..

  • Anyone using coles staff discount may not get the cashback. Here is the reply I got when I emailed them. I should have read that t&c more carefully :(

    Thank you for your email.

    Unfortunately your claim has been deemed invalid. As per the Terms and Conditions, employees of the Promoter, participating retail outlets, channel partners of the Promoter (which includes distributors, sub-distributors, resellers, retailers and system integrators), associated agencies and members of their immediate families are ineligible to participate in this Offer.

    Kind Regards,

    Microsoft Cash Back Team

    • Since I'm positive Coles don't sell consoles, how were you able to use your staff discount to buy it?

      • +1

        We can use it in Target.

        • I have a coles group staff discount card, but bought it from Target, and I don't actually work for Target, so I wonder if that is a valid defense?

          employees of the Promoter, participating retail outlets

          I'm not an employee the participating retail outlet (Target), so even though my discount card applies at Target, why would I interpret this as me being an employee of the participating retail outlet?

    • Oh crap.. I used my staff card as well.

      Did not get the cashback. :(

  • got a response today to my enquiry.

    Thank you for taking part in the Xbox 360 $100 Cashback Promotion. Please be assured your claim has been approved and verified.

    We are working as quickly as possible to ensure funds are transferred as soon as possible.

    All payments will be finalised over the coming weeks.

    Please accept our apologies for the delay & we thank you for your patience.

    • could you please tell us, who did you contact to get this response?
      Thanks a lot…

    • Just received the same email. I haven't made any inquiries, although I might now. Perhaps $50 XBox Live credit for Microsoft failing to keep their end of the bargain?

      xBox360CashBack [email protected]
      12:19 PM (1 hour ago)

      to me
      Thank you for taking part in the Xbox 360 $100 Cashback Promotion. Please be assured your claim has been approved and verified.

      We are working as quickly as possible to ensure funds are transferred as soon as possible.

      All payments will be finalised over the coming weeks.

      Please accept our apologies for the delay & we thank you for your patience.

      • That's encouraging.

      • but I get an auto reply, when I send a mail to them. :(

  • I made an error on my first claim so i submitted a second claim with the correct info.
    I got two credits in my account last week, so i guess they weren't actually checking the info on the clams at all.

  • I am STILL waiting but as I said earlier I did get an email
    from the promoter promising my claim was VALID and would be rebated

    previously I posted a question through the Xbox Australia Facebook page (direct)
    I got a reply last night.

    SO those who are having no luck my want to try Facebook.

    ""Apologies for the delay in getting back to you – we’ve been doing some digging on our end to get to the bottom of this.

    To let you know, there has been a technical issue that has caused some of the payments to be delayed following processing for some customers.

    Please send us:
    • Your claim number (so we can internally escalate your claim) and
    • Your best phone number to reach you on during business hours (this could be your mobile number) in-case we need to double check some details.

    Xbox Australia""

  • Hi Everyone,

    Just wanted to update that I got the cashback. I got the auto reply but then they replied saying that the money will be credited soon. Today got the money.


    • Yeah, mine arrived today as well.

      I doubt there will be anything as an apology though bar the email they sent through.

    • I got a reply saying they've already send the money, on February 12th…no money has ever arrived though. I'll just have to keep chasing I guess…