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[Steam] Grand Theft Auto Bundle (1, 2, III, Vice City, San Andreas, IV, Episodes) - $10 V/ GMG


Get Grand Theft Auto 1 ,2, III, Vice City, San Andreas, IV and Episodes From Liberty City for less than $1.50 each in this bundle!

Regarding GTA 1 and 2

To be clear this comes with a Steam copy of GTA 1 and 2, though it is not listed on the bundle page. Read the user reviews as well as comments below, here is a photo with my account with all games activated. The duplicates are the MAC builds of the games.

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    Bargain! Bargain! Bargain!

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    Used some account credit ($2) and it came to $8..


    40GB Download though lol

    • Just download and play each game as you finish the other. No need to have them all installed at once.

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        • Steam store seemed to be knackered at the moment, maybe everyone is indeed downloading every GTA :)

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    I already own all of these, but this is a good deal.

    Please be aware that the first two games have been released as freeware.

    • Working with Steam? Link please.

      • +6

        There's more to PC gaming than Steam.

        • But with relevance to the deal they're probably not available on Steam for free.

        • -5

          They aren't even on Steam and they don't come with the deal. The title is misleading.

          They can be downloaded as stand alone freeware from the links I posted below.

        • +11

          They are on Steam and do come with this deal.

          My steam profile.



          You will notice GTA and GTA 2 on the list.

        • EDIT: removed doesn't make sense with the above comment removed :)

        • +1

          Yeah I replied to the wrong person…

    • +3

      Was just about to say the same thing, however they are not for STEAM..

      You used to be able to download them from the Rockstar website, but it is saying "Currently Unavailable"

      However, they can be found here:

      GTA I: http://grand-theft-auto.en.softonic.com/
      GTA II: http://grand-theft-auto-volume-2.en.softonic.com/

      "KILL FRENZY!" haha, so many memories playing these =)

    • GTA london 1969 is abandonware too now for anyone looking to complete the set

  • Thanks OP, I would buy it but I think I own about 4 copies of GTAIV now, including a physical PC copy bought for $100 on release lol

    • So how did you come to own so many copies of the same game?

      • +3

        1x Physical PC copy bought on release
        1x Physical Xbox 360 copy bought on release
        1x Digital PC GameFly copy
        1x Digital PC Steam copy

        Then I also have 2 copies of the GTAIV Expansions..
        1x Physical Xbox 360 copy
        1x Digital PC GameFly copy

  • Thanks so much OP. I have GTA IV which I've been dying to play again, but DVD 1 is scratched and I can't install!

  • -2

    You may want to change the title, because from what I can see, it doesn't include 1 and 2..

    • It is true they are not advertised on the site as being in this bundle, but the comments on the site seem to suggest they are included anyway:
      "Comes with all the GTA games even counting GTA 1 and 2. They are also included even if it doesn't show. GTA 1 and 2 are not even sold anymore on Steam as what Ive seen so this is a great deal"

    • While GMG does not advertise the first two, they are there. Read the comments on GMG, I did it myself last time it was on sale and got both 1 and 2.

        • +2

          They do come with the bundle for Steam. I have them in steam from this bundle, but the last time it was on sale.

          This is my steam account.

          Read the GMG store page (read the user reviews stating it comes with 1 and 2) I linked to and read people on reddit talking about this bundle. It comes with 1 & 2 for steam.

          Junkee's post is confusing people.

        • +1

          What's confusing is that searching the Steam store results in zero & going via your game collection->gta1->view product page results in a redirect to the Steam home page. Possibly a region restriction thing (Dark Sector does all this too)? So in essence you can activate games that don't 'exist' on the Steam store

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    Can someone who has bought this during this sale please confirm whether or not this comes with Steam keys for GTA 1 and 2. Thanks to whoever can help.

    • read junkee's comment above

      • Junkee hasn't bought the bundle from GMG as far as I can tell. All he is saying is that they have been available free for a while, which I am aware of.

        • +1

          I have updated the OP.

          When I bought the bundle last time it was on sale I got GTA I and II with it for steam.

          If you read the reviews on the GMG bundle page, every second person is confirming it comes with the first and second game.

      • +2

        Or read emwearz's comments

  • +8

    OK, bought right this minute. Includes GTA 1 and 2 definitely as per emwearz


    GTA: San Andreas and GTA: Vice City also show up twice in the game list, because of the Mac versions.

    • Thanks for posting.

  • good deal got it even though i have all on console:)

  • yes all games will be added to steam, and playable form steam including gta 1 and 2

  • +1

    Thank you. I tried to referral link but it just directed me into the home page. Got all the GTA for $10 usd.

    • Yeah, I'm trying to get the credit, but alas! OP, can you do something about it?

      • I can't sorry. It is working for some people as I have received credit. My apologies.

        • Pardon my ignorance good sir. I did get the credit after the payment, I just didn't know where to look. Thanks!

  • Just remember GFWL does not work anymore GTA4 and hasn't been patched out, so you'll need to use a community hack to get around it I believe.

    • You need the hack just to play single player?

      • +1

        SP should be fine but if you want to play online.. the above etc.

  • Good deal. Shame I already bought the lot at the 2013 Summer Sale.

  • Maybe sold out? Everytime I click on go to basket/checkout the item is cleared from my shopping cart.

    (edit) - Worked with Firefox. Stupid IE…

    • +1

      why on earth are you using IE in 2014 lol

    • +1

      "I'm sorry? Are you from the past?" - Roy, The IT Crowd

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