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Amaysim 50% off Unlimted - Ends 31/3. Extra $10 Credit New Customers


Hi all. Amaysim have 50% off unlimted this month

50 % off 1st month. New online orders - Ends 31 Mar. Use code: UNL1435

Please use my referal link https://www.amaysim.com.au/my-account/friends/417470 for $10 credit for you and i when you sign up, if you feeling generous today :)

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Referral: random (606)

$10 credit to both the referrer and referee.

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    50% off first month only

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    There is a big difference between '50% off' and '50% off the first month' IMHO.
    To clarify - which is it?

  • where is credit applied for instance will it be$9.90 for first month!

    • No, you have to pay up front for the first month, but the credit will reduce your bill the next month.

  • Or get your $10 from any of these beautiful people here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/wiki/amaysim_referrals

    AFAIK you can use it for you second month, not you initial one.

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      Are we related?

  • Is the 'Extra $10 Credit New Customers' in addition to the $10 Referral Credit making a total of $20? Why don't you update the referral link to the Amaysim_Referrals Wiki?

  • They've latched onto nobody wants the first month anymore. Wholesalers are mean.

  • Their product summaries indicate that international calls and sms are not included in the unlimited product. Any good suggestion or offer for product that includes international?

  • 9.7150 countries; but caller ID faulty AFAIK.

    • You MUST buy 12 months at a time to get this rate.

    • that or install/run it both ends & have presence, video, IM etc 'unbotched' by tariff 0.

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