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Super Mario Brothers $3.50 @ Nintendo eShop (50% off) Expires on 13th March


Sorry didn't find the link to post here, but can be accessed from 3ds or 3ds xl. 50% off till 13.03.2014. And 20% off on mario party. Enjoy.

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    Everyone should refuse to buy the same game on more than 1 system as long as Nintendo refuses to implement a "cross-buy" feature for their consoles.

    • Very true, major advantage of ps3 /vita systems

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      Isn't super mario brother the very first gen was out like 20 years ago? If so how is cross buy possible?

      • It can run on current 3ds, so I can't see Y not on others

      • 30 years ago.

      • with a time machine?

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      We should refuse because SOME, not all, of playstation games offer crossbuy ? Ahh yeah ok, guess I'm not buying games from anywhere anymore.
      If I buy a movie should I get it on all formats ? Should I get an ebook with my physical book ?

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        I think the point he's making is that it's somewhat ridiculous that if you buy a copy of Mario Bros or whichever game on the 3DS' Virtual Console, you have to buy it yet again if you want to play it on the Wii U. On the PSP, Vita or PS3 on the other hand, you only have to purchase PS1 games once and you can play them on whichever system you like.

        Of these two systems, I have to say Sony's is more generous. Nintendo is by no means obligated to offer such a service, but it wouldn't hurt if they did.

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          they should implement an accounts system though. Break your 3ds? Your games that you have purchased are gone forever.

        • Nintendo Network ID is a start. But only one small step.

        • Really? that sucks.. I guess they don't want to leave the world of cartridge games, even though they don't need to exist anymore.. **cough* *STEAM** **cough***

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        Yes, you should get an ebook with your physical book.

  • Might be worth mentioning in the description that this deal is available on Wii U too.