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Pelaco Business Shirt and Tie Pack. Was $39. Now $10 at Target


Found this at my local Target. No signage but scanned at this price. Deal is online as well, so I am guessing this is nationwide.

Update: Sold out online

I have found they are good quality shirts for the price. Limited colour choices though.

Some links to other colours/styles:

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    Is this non iron?

    • They are classic fit, I believe.

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    what would the thread quality be like on a 10$ shirt? :(
    I've had REAL trouble finding shirts with actual thick, well woven material in the last few years, thanks China and tightass consumers only buying cheap stuff.

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      Try Charles Tyrwhitt. Fantastic quality on the shirts. During sales they go down to about $32 before shipping.

      • How do you know what size to get? Looks like they don't have any shops in Australia.

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      The quality of clothing in Australia is horrible compared to the UK/USA. Almost all our shirts are imported from asia and made of broadcloth, linen or some thin cotton polyester abomination, even in Myer!! For a thicker cotton you want oxford/poplin/twill fabrics which I have found at high prices (tommy hilfiger, polo) or cheaper yet Industrie and Ben Sherman when on sale. When the selection is so slim it's hard to even find a brand that fits well off the shelf but when you do, you can get it online for cheaper. If you are in Sydney, i'd check out the Industrie pop up at Parra westfields (if it's still open) I think they had Oxford shirts for $30/$35. If you are in melbourne i'd check out the uniqlo pop up store, probably even cheaper http://www.uniqlo.com/au/popupstore/index.html

      • Yep twill (herringbone??) is so great, feels nice, looks nice, not cheap.

      • Love Uniqlo. Can't go wrong with their stuff!

        • Yeah you can.

          Who wears light down vests nowadays? Are you trying to be Marty McFly?

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          Asian dudes.
          (not being racist!) for some reason they seem popular with Asian people, don't know why.

          I also, would not wear such a product, I think only Asians are lucky enough to be skinny enough to pull that off, one of those on me would look like the michelen man

        • +1


          Who DOESN'T Want to be Marty McFly?

          That's so heavy.

        • I am a stocky white dude and own a few uniqlo shirts. The XL fits me quite well.

        • Of COURSE you have a George Costanza picture, you think it's uniqlo - we all know it's a Gortex

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        The Uniqlo popupstore is tiny. I didn't see any shirts in there.

      • Industrie shirts suck. I've had a few and they are rubbish. Horrible to iron, and 2 of them bled colour on the first (SEPERATE) wash I did.

        • I think you missed the point of the post. You obviously bought broadcloth shirts, not one of the handful of good quality shirts they make. I own a few oxfords from industrie and the quality is great for the price.

  • I bought them last time around. Fantastic price. The tie itself is worth $10.

  • Any deals on pants to complete the deal?

  • The price is listed online however there isn't any stock online and the link says that it is available instore only.

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    Bought a box at my local store, scanned at $10.

    They were classic fit. Thanks OP

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    Checked my local and saw the ridiculous neck and chest size combinations Pelaco had for their shirts now (back of box, see here).
    Not sure what freak bodies they are working off for sizing these days. Gave it a miss as a result. What happened to 40 neck = 100/102 chest?

    PS. Anyone else sick of business shirts with all their pins and packaging - esp if you have to return it due to the bad fit? We don't need the randomness of women's size combinations in men's clothes now ;-S

    • Don't trust those size guides. The real chest measurement is around 3 sizes smaller.
      e.g. 40 neck would be 105 chest.

      • Shame Pelaco is providing incorrect sizing on their own products in that case. Esp since you can't readily try them on.

  • Wish I knew my neck size..

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      It is approximately half of your waist size.

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      Bring your wife. Her hands will likely have muscle memory for the exact size of your neck.

  • Just got one from Brimbank, marked at $10, not many left (around 10 or so) random sizes and colors.

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    about 6-7 left at Target Glen Waverley tooo…

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    There is a lot in Perth City target store. No signs of $10, but scan at $10.

    Might buy more tomorrow if these fit well.

  • thanks op - picked up a couple.

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