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Dick Smith Online - 12% off Storewide (Ends 11pm Tonight)


The recent 11% code has expired, but they now have a better 12% code valid today for April fools day (ending 11pm tonight).

"Excludes Apple and Amazon Kindle branded products, Prepaid Mobile Phones, and Gift Cards."

… Probably a joke in itself how many 10%~ code's they've had the past few weeks

Some deals from the 11% off are slightly better again including:
Playstation 4: $482.24
Xbox One/Titanfall: $526.24
Samsung s5 white/black: $817.52

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  • ps4's are out of stock.

    • +1

      Really? I was able to add to cart and apply coupon…


    • It's on preorder (4/4/14) and works out to $482.24

      • the link by searching has it currently out of stock but Cyber's link worked so I've just bought one. thanks!

        • +1

          Yeah, for some reason it shows up twice, one for 'PS4 Console' (out of stock) and one for 'PS4 500GB Console' (pre order).

          I think I might pre-order Driveclub, the price after discount ($85) is not too bad when compared to others. Plus it was one of the reasons I bought a PS4, and now I've bought a PS4 I have a reason to buy Driveclub. I fear this is a loop I will never escape from :(

        • +1

          annnndd damn. I forgot to place my order, got lost under layers of windows and tabs :(

        • Huzzah! There is another sale on that makes driveclub even cheaper


  • +3

    Oh and look at that, the fitbit aria suddenly is unavailable again.

  • +12

    dick, again

  • great! got my av transmitter for my foxtel finally!!! this 12% post was more a reminder!
    funny thought it came up as $79, you enter your postcode and it said free post.
    then i added it into my cart and entered postcode and it billed $4.95 postage, took discount off and made it $74.47.. ohh well still $5 cheaper i guess!

    • Contact them. I just today got my delivery fee refunded from the11% sale

  • Wish jbhifi had an online price match system, have gift cards to spend and these dse deals are good

  • Is there any good deal on mobile phone? Any recommendation?

  • +6

    all the Sammy TVs Temporarily out of stock

    • +10

      All the Pc monitors too.
      Almost thought there were bargains to be had
      Well done Dick. April fools well played.

  • +4

    Can't select note 3 as I can't choose a store for click and collect.. damn it dick.

    • +2

      Aaaaaand they're back in stock today, what a surprise!

  • +1

    Will they have 13% 14% or even 15% off in the coming days?

    • +5

      even 20%, we hardly can strike a good deal as desired, because TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK, but will be available right after, dick deal

      • 100% off out of stock = out of stock.

  • Reaper of souls diablo expansion missing from site. Dam.

  • the Sony KDL-70R550A 70" 3D LED TV for $3,077.36 is pretty good ~ $3200 elsewhere


    • +3

      DLNA Certified® - No

  • +1
    • Very good price! If only my apartment was ready to move into now I would snap this up

    • What About this Panasonic Wannabe?? - $659.12

      Slightly smaller size but for half price..

    • Unfortunately the coupon code "APRILFOOLS" is not valid for this Panasonic 60" TH-P60S60.

      • Yes it is.

        • The code works only if I logged out to my account. After I logged in, the code becomes invalid. So existing customer won't benefit from this 12% sales?

  • +1

    PS3 bundles…. Temporarily out of stock. Sure.

  • Any uni laptops that are worth to buy? Prefer for the weight to be < 2kg with 13inch…but have no such luck :(

    • This is a little bit smaller @ 11.6" but i think it's a good deal for $791 with dual screen, core i5, touch screen with 128ssd and 4Gig of RAM. Asus Taichi

  • +1

    Is it just me or does their online catalogue seem really lacking? I almost can't even find anything I want.

    • +1

      Marketing tactic. It has become very common with these coupons. They make all the 'popular' items out of stock. That's what I've been told. ;)

  • I just got watch dogs, 75 delivered ps4 best I've seen

    • It seems that the game prices are not the spread out between countries. Is this normal, or is it because it's a new console? I mean if Dick Smith manage to be the 4th cheapest and that's in Australia; the land of price gouging.

      • This is the cheapest Australian version available.

    • you should have ordered it last week, got it for $68.

  • +9

    thanks OP! pre-ordered the S5 on the 28degrees. $817.52 will be the cheapest for next few months but if it drops any more I can claim the shoppers protections! #winning!

    • +1

      How do you make a claim? Do I have to take a screen shot of the current price for prove of price fall? I paid $836.11 last Saturday.

      • looking at the form online, you have to print it out, take it to the store you bought it from get the person that works there to fill in and sign it, not sure about stuff bought online.

    • Nice find. Its gonna take a while for the S5 to drop to that price, probably Christmas

      • not that long, next nexus or next iphone.

    • can you do a price claim on something you dont own yet

  • +2

    WHY no ps vita deal for $169 and 12% off that. UPSET BOI HERE

  • +1

    Toshiba 2tb portable hard drive - $122 delivered Sweet :D

  • The Acer S7-392 comes out to just under $1500 with the promotion. It also seems to be eligible for the ACER $149 cashback - pretty good for a well reviewed Ultrabook I thought.

  • Can anyone recommend a good unlocked smartphone?. Looking to get one for my Mum who will mostly use to play games etc. Was hoping the S3 would drop, but doesn't look like anytime soon.

  • +2

    I wonder if the Accc will be interested in their sales where they remove so many products

    • -1

      ummm…. no.

  • Always excludes apple

    • No I don't mean exclusions I mean how suddenly products aren't available when a sale like this is on

      • +1

        Twisty wasn't replying to you.

        • True
          I'm sick of it always apple products

  • Picked up the S5. Great price.

  • Titan fall (PC Version) temp out of stock lol.. it was even reduced to $59.95 so a 11% discount would make it an awesome price!

  • next time: Exclude Samsung S5

  • +2

    S5 is expensive this time around, remember the S3 cost $768 at release.

    • And the S2 ~$600.

      • With the S5, I hope they improved the amp that powers the headphone socket. I have the S4 and the sound quality through headphones does not match Apple products for loudness or clarity. Poweramp app improves the sound a fair bit for the S4.

  • +1

    Just bought Nexus 7 32gb at officworks for $249.13 price matched with this. Great price!

    • how did you price match at 10 pm?

      • Prolly he planned to sleep at officeworks

      • +4

        I am in WA, its still 20:06, officworks open till 21:00pm

  • Can the S5 pre-order can be cancelled at any time or before shipment?

    • Probably not as DS do not allow change of mind returns.

      • You're wrong! It can be according to this..

        You should however view your order status. If the order status is ‘Order being processed’ you can contact the Customer Service Centre on 1300 366 644 and they confirm whether there is still time to modify or cancel the order.


  • This is pretty good for $329.12 no idea of the quality though or the panel's actual manufacturer.


  • mmmm the ps4 games went back up…

  • Is the Samsung note 10.1 2014 for $560 any good?
    I think there is $50 cash back as well.

    I was thinking of getting one for uni.

  • Im amazed, they take stock off for these deals :/

    like this laptop…. http://www.dicksmith.com.au/laptops-notebooks/acer-aspire-15...

  • I'm not going to bother with these DS deals anymore. Every time they come out, the Samsung Smart TV's (or any Samsung TV's for that matter) are all of a sudden out of stock. Shockingly, they are back in stock by mid morning the day after the night before. Poor form.

  • Seems they can't decide whether they want it to be 10%, 11% or 12%. Hopefully tomorrow it will be 13%.

    • +3

      Hopefully next year we get stuff for free.

  • +5

    Surprise surprise things are back in stock this morning

    • Just another… Dick Smith-teries (Dick's Mysteries).

      • You mean Dick sMyths

        • Well the reappearing stock isn't a myth, it's a mystery, right?

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