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Hisense HL39K160PL 39" (98cm) $297 @ The Good Guys


Hisense 39"(98cm) FHD LED LCD TV

1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution. 4 x HDMI inputs. 50Hz. PVR recording via USB.

3yr warranty


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  • Hows the build of this particular brand? I've always been told to stay away from Hisense, but I'd like feedback from a wider audience.

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      I bought a 32" Hisense LED LCD for my dad nearly 3 years ago. It's on up to 12 hours per day and hasn't missed a beat. Would have no problem recommending their TV's.

      Would stay away from their whitegoods however :)

    • -3

      I bought two smaller Hisense TVs about 18 months ago. The EPG won't display unless you click on each channel first (ie. click on Ten and Eleven and One will show, but no other channels unless you also click on them) defeating the purpose of the EPG. It also takes about 20 seconds before the TV switches on. I checked if there was a firmware upgrade and there isn't any. After several attempts I got through to them and they told me how to do a hard reset (but only after I gave them all details of my original receipt!) which had no effect. Very basic problems. I would not buy a Hisense again.

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        My 5year old, 50" LG TV, does the exact same thing. I would say its just the technology in the unit.

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          yep my mums LG does that and also have a Sony with similar problem except its a little easier to get it to display in EPG info than click on the channel … it is very annoying i have to agree. :)

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          Yep my 5y.o. 40" Sony also does the same thing re: the EPG.

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        My 2+ year old 40" LG TV also can be finicky with EPG, so I would say you can't just blame Hisense for it.

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        Both the Sanyo and Panasonic in my house dont display the EPG until you click on the channel. Always thought that was just how it worked.

        • Even my HTPC does this from time to time. The channel guide data is embedded in the transport stream, which means you actually have to change to the channel for the TV to be able to read the EPG data to display it. :)

          If you change to a channel that uses a multiplex stream, then it'll read the guide data for all those channels (i.e. if you change to 9, then it'll be able to see the guide data for all those in the stream - i.e. 9, Go! and Gem).

        • Thats exactly how it works, if it does anything else it is getting the epg from a web stream

        • Both the Sanyo and Panasonic in my house dont display the EPG until you click on the channel

          Not all TVs do this. My Mum's Panasonic remembers the EPG info, so if you turn it on and go to the EPG, the full information is there, as long as you have been using the TV in the last week. When stepping through the channels I have seen it update the EPG information, if a program changes. My Mum's Panasonic is not a "smart TV", and it doesn't have an internet connection, so it must be storing the EPG in some internal memory.

          My Panasonic, a more recent model, forgets all EPG data when you put it into standby mode. Go figure.

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      Had one as a bedroom tv for a few years now… perfect. Has outlasted two Panasonics!
      Their support to warranty agents is also far superior to other makers.

    • By the way, the model I have had ongoing basic problems with was also part of the K16 series (HL26K16PL). All I can say is buyer beware - check the basic operations of the TV in store before buying.

    • Our 32" would be on 6 hours a day, and gas for 3 years.

      More than happy with it.

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    I have a mate hunting for a cheapish telly, cant see any reviews on this unit.
    Anyone have any experience with them?
    How is the quality and reliability of Hisense? They have a slightly higher profile than totally generic Chinese brands.

    Found an OK-ish review for a similar model. same series but I suppose the actual panel would be different.

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    This is very cheap, I wouldn't count on it working in 5 years time but that said I when I met my partner, I also met her cheapo Palsonic (not Panasonic) that's about 7 years old, sometimes it doesn't turn on but a power cycle fixes that and it's still working.

    I wouldn't get it myself, I like the bigger brands in TVs, but maybe for a bedroom TV (if 39" isn't too large) it'd be perfect for this price.

    +1 for price and 3yr warranty (may need it) :)

    EDIT: I revoke my previous words, if our bedroom TV wasn't still working I'd probably buy this. Good bang for buck indeed.

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      my sony bravia only lasted 4 years….

      jb is selling the 40 inch for $496….


      so i think for this price its good…

    • +6

      if you are good with a screwdriver and a soldering iron about 4 bucks worth of capacitors is all you need.

      The tell tale sign of leaky caps on the power supply is having to power cycle for the device to start.

      Ive fixed TV's, PVRs and BD players like this

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    Great price for a TV in the bedroom! +1

    EDIT: Just bought it for my Mum, early Mother's Day present :)

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    Pay less, pay cash? $296 :)

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    $50 statement credit for $250+ TGG purchases if you have an AMEX and register for this promo when you login to your online account.

    • I just logged in and can't see an option to register for this promo?

      • +1

        it should be under the 'Offers and Places' tab directly beneath your balance summary when you log in. I have an AMEX issued AMEX btw, it may not be available to bank issued AMEXes, or otherwise the offer might be maxed out because they've reached 2000 cards to register

        • I think it is the latter :(

    • I purchased on my amex using paypal, but look like terms and conditions suggest must be purchased in store. I'm hopefully going to get the credit but not sure

  • +3

    Nowadays, most biggest brands TV are made in China, But what is the biggest brands Chinese use?

    Changhong, Hisense are two of the top brand in LCD, i have bought one Changhong 40 inch Full HD from Melb about 440 four years ago, put in workplace, plays 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. After 4 years, it still in perfect working condition.

    Compare to LG, Samsung, Sony and Panasonic, Hisense and Changhong is no name brand, but their quality is as good as big names.

    Especially when Japanese sell first class products to US and Euro, Second class to their own country, third class to Asia and Aus, Last class to China and India.

    • -4

      Most panels are made by LG.

    • -5

      Just checked. I have a Panasonic 32" LED which is made in Malaysia so I guess that's slightly better than made in China. Panasonic TV's are pretty damn good in my opinion.

      • +5

        Panasonic are not the product they were 10 years ago. I have had 2 of their sets fail on me.

        BTW… Most panels are made by company ??… it all depends on the person starting the rumour on that topic on that day… :-(

        • Must be better than Hisense though?.

    • +1

      the perceived quality problem is not 'Made in China', but 'designed in China'

      • +3

        It really is a perception issue as there are excellent products designed (and made) in China for example Oppo

      • +4

        I'd say the biggest problem with off brands from China is the quality control .

      • +1

        Agree with you on the perceived quality problem.

        All iPhones are manufactured in China. Its biggest annoyances were design issues. eg. early models had poor reception depending on how you held the device because Apple had located the radio antennae in a position that could be covered over.

    • +1

      Yeah I tend to agree with you. Not many electronic products are "made" by a company named the same as the name on the device and it's not something that indicates quality either way for me.

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    Bought a similar model for a similar price from this deal last year https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/96499

    Great telly for the price, haven't had any problems with it 12 months down the track.

  • +3

    Good price and love the 'warrenty'.

    • +12

      Got a link for where you can get a refurbished Samsung 40" for ~$300?

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    Hisense is one of the better built and supported TV makers in the market today.
    Whist they are a Chinese co. they are one of the better ones.
    Most TVs are made in China these days anyway.
    If you go and speak to your local TV warranty agents/repairers they will confirm that Hisense support in such matters is far superior to most other makers.

  • +1

    Interesting to see completely mixed reviews on Hisense tech, lovers and haters across the board.

    • typical of this type of price range … could be hit and miss :)

    • Interestingly most of the reviews are only opinion and aren't from owners. The most reliable reviews will be from owners or from sales staff who have seen the number of TV's returned from every brand. (Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic).

      You'll find comments above from OzBargainers who are repeat buyers and mention good warranty, etc.

      Nothing wrong with people having opinions, this is a forum that encourages it. Just take the "reviews" with a grain of salt especially if a review is too broad and focuses on brand plus country but doesn't mention the specific model that's in the original post.

  • Can this TV be wall mounted?

    Looks like a good price!

    • +2

      Spec says 200 VESA, so yes.

      • Thanks heaps! I will give it a go :)

  • does anyone know what kind of video files it will play back from USB? the site says "Play back multiple audio & video files from external USB storage"

    is it mp4 or avi?


    • +1

      .ts .vob .mp4 .mkv .divx .avi .flv

      • Thanks!!!

      • What about rmvb? My sister has lots of korean drama in this format and it would be nice to be able to play them without a need of an external media pkayer

  • Not sure about the warranty or how TEAC is as a brand, but 32" FULL HD. :)


    EDIT : Whoops sorry guys jumped the gun.. I take back my post!

  • Looking for a cheap kids tv that has network or wireless connection for my DLNA server.

    • +1

      Get them an xbox and this teli and they'll love you for years.

  • Are there any larger Hisense sets on special? eg 49-50"?

  • +1

    No love or hate for any brand of TV, here. My experience with this brand has been good though. 2 x 40inch units and 1 x 50inch unit - no problems with either. They were the LED LCD 100hz types. 4yrs, 3yrs and 2yrs old now, respectively, never had a single issue with any of them. Got most through JBhifi and they delivered all the panels for free, too.

    Right on a par picture quality wise with the LG & Phillips 100hz panels the parents have. No difference in quality what so ever. For almost half the price of bigger brands, it's almost a no brainer to get one of these if they have them in the type & size you are looking for.

    Only downside with the <50inch models were bringing up the menu OSD took a couple of seconds & channel changing is a fraction of a second slower than Pana's or Sony's in my experience. On the flip side though, it makes no difference for us as we have a media centre & gaming PC attached, so we don't watch free to air garbage or have the need to change channels, other than HDMI 1/2/3/4 etc….

    **Quick note about the panel on offer in this deal listing though - it's the old 50hz LED LCD model (current is 100hz), which means the unit is likely 2-3yrs old. They haven't been making the 50hz models in this size for a few years at least, now. Make of that what you will.

    • The only new model at this size for Hisense is the 40" 40K20P which is 50hz.

  • I would really like to buy this but the checkout is giving me issues. It's asking me to enter a valid mobile number. What? Anyone else experiencing this?

    I tried entering it with spaces and without spaces. I used "+61 4" format. I tried different browsers. Same result. Tried on Android and Windows. Tried calling their support but he has to ask the web team to call me tomorrow…

    • +1

      Okay in case anyone else has this issue I found a work-around by leaving the mobile number blank and by creating an account instead of using the guest checkout.

  • I might be missing it a bit, but just wondering if someone could help me understand the bargain value of this one being so voted as a pretty good bargain? Esp where a Soniq 40" (http://www.jbhifi.com.au/tv-lcd-led-plasma/soniq/40-inch-ful...) or a Kogan 40" (http://www.kogan.com/au/buy/40-led-tv-full-hd-za/) seems to be normally priced @ just +$50 to this price (i.e. they seem to go for 349)…? It might be, and maybe I haven't been watching this space closely enough to recognise it.

    • +2

      Even with your calculation, 50 bucks on 300 is 16.5% —> A significant savings. Not to mention a $50 cashback for AMEX holders.

      • +1

        Yep and Kogan only 1 year warranty, not sure about JB!

    • +2

      My first purchase from Kogan was a disaster, ordered a BD Player and as soon as I opened the parcel I smelled a rat as the box looked like it's been opened before and resealed. Anyway, I went ahead and set it up in my system but the damn thing would not work, not even turn on. So had to contact them and after much hassle and frustration using their site, got approval to return the goods, but at my expense! So I was out-of-pocket for the postage. So lesson learnt, I would never even think about buying from Kogan, regardless of how cheap they are, as they say, it's cheap for a reason!

      • There's no way I'd settle for a DOA item being returned at my expense. You didn't pursue it further?

        • It being one of my first online purchases, I didn't think about that, so now it's a lesson learnt, I suppose… also it was a real pain communicating with them on their site, just wanted to get my money back that's all… now I just avoid Kogan that's all.

    • Because Kogan and Soniq are terrible brands, who use panels and components several generations back & several years old (well, Soniq aren't anywhere near as terrible as Kogan). Comparing them to cars, it's like the equivalent of selling you 5yr old floor stock that's never been driven, at the cost of 18month old floor stock that hasn't been driven.

      Unlike these brands that offer 12months warranty (and Kogan will take months to fix something, once they've stone walled you to the point of getting the office of consumer affairs involved to foprce them to actually help you) - Hisense have a full 3yr guarantee.

      • Yes I think Soniq is not bad actually. After returning the Kogan unit I got a Soniq BD player and it's working fine, only complaint being the remote doesn't work unless it's closer to the player, but a small price to pay for being able to play BD's from other regions, pic quality good too, imho! cheers

    • Thanks for the insight guys, I must admit, the value in the built-in warranty hadn't occurred to me :) For all my questioning the value proposition, I ended up pulling the trigger, ordered online and picked it up last night, and for the money, it's seems a pretty nifty, well enough performing TV - as some people have mentioned, the remote is a little slow, and inconveniently (for initial setup) there isn't an entry in the Logitech Harmony database, but for the money, I'm pretty happy with it.

  • Anyone wants really really low price LCD/LED TV?

    A good place to go is Changhong Head Office locate in Fern Tree Gully, Their manufacturer refurbished TV is really cheap. My friend recently bought a large 3D Tv there for less than 600 dollars, no quality issue.

    Personally i like this brand, because the good experience, they also sold more than 10,000,000 LCD last year in China.

    What's wrong with those refurbished products? Nothing, i heard most products get refurbished because some cheap, low income, central link feed person purchase before Easter or Christmas, watch during the holiday, and return them with funny excuses, so i believe they should have plenty stock after the Easter.

  • 4 left at Castle hill. Salesperson couldn't do a better deal, not even a dollar. Still a good price!

  • Link no longer working? Seems like they have removed it from the website.

    • I'm guessing they sold it. It was marked as a clearance item.

  • Bought one front the northland store just before closing yest. Fantastic unit for the price, a no brainer buy. I was surprised to see it have 4 hdmi ports and even an optical out. (This will go very well with the Logitech z906 from last week)

    So this comes to $247 after the $50 Amex credit. Not bad at all!

    Have a good Easter guys! Happy ozbargaining!

    Edit: btw, they had 3 pieces left.

  • As my CRT tv is already close to 20 years old, I got one of these Hisense ones from TGG Marion SA and it looks great too. Pic quality is actually quite good, imho, and there's enough outputs for my needs. Reckon it's a bargain at this price, now hope that it'll last a while! Thanks to OP for this tip!

  • +1

    Ended up getting a HL39K20D for $390 from bayswater TGG as the HL39K160PL was no longer available. It has D-LED backlighting which i reckon is superior to E-LED (edge lit) backlighting. This site explains it quite well http://www.haier.com/in/LocalLibrary/faq/tv/led/question/201...

    • Hi FarQ, love the name, haha. How have you found the TV so far, I was looking for a similar one to this and from what I have seen and heard hisense is quite good gear.

      • +1

        I am happy with it, considering what i paid for it. It was replacing a Panasonic 32" 100Hz LCD, which went to my mum. I do notice a faint flicker from certain areas of the screen when it is drawing fine lines of black (Hobbit2 & some other movies i have played back on the WDTV Live SMP), but i put that down to it being a 50Hz tv. Other than that, the picture is crisp, the backlighting is even and the bezel is small enough. Colour looks good, some people have complained about the Soniq's being a bit too red. Its also lighter than my previous 32" lcd! (as it is wall mounted). 3yr warranty is a bonus.

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