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Sony Xperia Z2 $759.00 + $9.95 Delivery @ Sony Store


Sony has made the Xperia Z2 available online for $759.00 + $9.95 delivery. As this is directly from Sony Australia, it would be safe to say this is local stock and beats the price of Mobicity ($899.95) and Kogan ($859), both which are grey imports.

Mobicity $899.95: http://www.mobicity.com.au/sony-xperia-z2.html#.U2Hmfl5FNG4
Kogan $859 (Sold Out): http://www.kogan.com/au/buy/sony-xperia-z2-4g-lte-d6503-16gb...

Main specs for Xperia Z2 (thanks brick007123):
Full HD 1080 x 1920, 5.2 inches (~424 ppi pixel density)

2.3 GHz Qualcomm MSM8974AB Quad-core (Quadcomm Snapdragon 801)

20.7 MP camera (2.2 MP Front)

Storage 16 GB, 3 GB RAM

Support microSD, up to 128 GB

Weight: 163 grams

Battery: 3200 mAh

Google Android 4.4.2 (Kitkat)

Waterproof (IP55 and IP58)

Dust-resistant (IP55)

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    • Yeah, it'll be like $490 next year!

  • +2

    i saw the advertising today stating it has the best smartphone camera in the world. mmmm i think nokia and its 1020 would think otherwise.

    • Nokia 1020: 41 MP camera

      It's not waterproof though.

      • +2

        "good" is subjective. The 1020's camera is really high-res, but the slow focusing and shot-to-shot speed makes it a bad camera for the way I use my phone camera.

        • +1

          Back to the newbie views of megapixels = good camera…

          There is other factors you can have a 1000000 mp camera which doesn't produce as good of a picture quality of something that produces 20mp.

          You can compare 20 different 24mp cameras, and they will all vary in price and picture quality.

    • DXO rated the Z2 well above those two, so it's not farfetched.

    • +2

      Pretty sure those ads state it's the best camera in a waterproof phone.

      • -2

        And your point is? lol.
        There is many reports which say the camera is better than any other smart phone.

    • try using the nokia to capture your kids swimming in the pool.. it will quickly become the best non-camera in the world.

  • +34

    Unfortunately, missus sets a limit on buying anything. I got a macbook air and a S4 and claimed it to have been given by my office. I have a PSVITA which I couldn't have claimed as office equipment lies in my backpack and can only be played with when she is not with me or on the train.

    How long will I continue to lead this double life. Everyday I wakeup with my eyes screaming me to go back to sleep but I muster courage and lookup Ozbargain for any late night or early morning deals that i cannot miss.

    The rectangular red box with "EXPIRED" printed leaves me in anguish.


    Confessions of an Ozbargainer

    • +1

      Hey mate, I feel your pain I'm limited with my gaming time. Also usually play when if she is not around. Plus I have to try and hide my purchase, I had to use a gift card from work plus convincing her about the nice deal and getting it as a reward for my hard work for a project…to get Nexus 7 2013…

      I tried to claim it as work given the tablet before, but it didn't work because she knew our environment is Microsoft shop…no way work will get an android device. Then I got accuse for telling lies

      perhaps you can share a tip on how to hide purchases, she even checks the credit bill of course

  • -1

    This phone is clearly bette than iphone 5s and galaxy s5 but why are other phones still more popular than nokia and sonys?

    • +2

      Advertising. That's why.

      • +2

        Also they launch at the same time worldwide. The Z2 came out months ago in other regions.

        • Yeah if you are willing to wait, in a few weeks the G3 is supposed to be announced and will possibly supersede this in a few areas, and could be cheaper than this too. The Z2 should have been out here atleast 6 weeks ago, especially if the replacement isn't that far off.

        • Z2 won't be out in the UK and Canada until later this month. It will be arriving in the USA sometime "this summer".
          S5 and Z2 were announced on same day. Z2 was available elsewhere in the world first, and in Australia will only trail S5 by what, 3 weeks? Not too bad in the grand scheme of things.

    • Why you think that this phone is better than S5?

      LTE is cat 3 while S5 is Cat 4 (faster i think)
      Yes, Z2 has 3G ram vs 2G in S5, but its cpu is 2.3GHz S5 is 2.5gHz
      Z2 is as heavy as Note 3
      Most importantly, especially when you and 2 boys, S5 has the fastest Autofocus

      • +2

        Australia gets the D6503 which is Cat 4 compatible. The one i picked up in Singapore is also this model and i've been able to get around 80mbps in non congested 4G areas on Telstra. The average speed though is still around the same as Cat 3 LTE in CBD areas, around 35-40mbps.

        You are right though when you are comparing CPUS. The S5 does have a higher clock speed Snapdragon 801 but the performance differences are negligible.

  • ★★★★☆

  • +1

    It's strange that Sony AU has the price for the Xperia Z2 ($759) listed as less than the Xperia Z1 ($779).
    And the price of the Xperia Z is still $749.

    Looks like Sony has added new products but not reduced the price of the older products….

    • So there is a contrast to feel z2 is a bargain?

  • Why does it only have 16gb internally?!? external expansion is all well and good (and I refuse to buy a phone without it) but not all apps run off external memory and it's amazing how fast that internal memory can be gobbled up. I refuse to buy a phone with less than 32gb of internal memory available….I don't understand why there are so few manufacturers that release higher capacity internal memory smartphones in Oz.

  • +1

    If I remember correctly the n5 was negged by some people on the bases it was rrp. The only difference between this and the n5 deal, the n5 deal the price is still the same after 6 months. I think this deal deserves to be negged based on the same bases and I also feel that this is worse of a deal since it will be beaten on price in the near future.

    So I am negging this deal on that basis. I hope my neg won't be taken back, since it was allowed in the past for that reason.

    Please don't turn ozbargain into advertising forum. RRP is not a bargain!

    Actually negs were allowed on the bases on rrp, go through all the negs and read the comments.

    If this stance has change, mod please respond in comments here.

    • let it go will ya? you disagree with the deal, raise it with moderator instead of carrying on about it here

      • Its too much to ask for some clarification on their stance here? rrp deals in the past have been deleted because they aren't deemed a deal. Just like to see some consistency…

        • RRP is not a bargain!

          So if a company offer a very good product for cheaper price than it's competition but advertise it's as RRP, then this is not a bargain since there is no discount? Should they overly inflate RRP and then reduce it to trick people into think they are getting it for cheaper?

          If a product is deem worthy for it's price then it is a bargain. Same apply to the Nexus 5 deal. I was deem worthy by 273 people so it stand as a deal.

          And rrp deal that were deleted in the past because they are deem unworthy for it's RRP.

  • Damn I read all the comments and by the time I got to the end I forgot how much ram it had again :(

    A lot of love on ozbargain for the Z2 compared to S5 deals being posted

  • Any honest reviews on the Galaxy S5 vs Xperia Z2?

    • +1

      They are both great phones. The best one for you would be what do you wish to do with the phone?

      If your phone is often near water or you like taking pictures then the Sonys the way to go.
      Otherwise its probably the Samsung

      • Both phones will protect you well around water. The S5 is only IP67 whilst the Z2 is IP58. The main difference is the Z2 can go up to 3m deep vs S5 1.5m for 30 minutes.

        The main concern i have with the S5 is that the rubber seals around the back cover may loosen over time - as it's designed to flood under the cover when in water this may impact the water proofing performance in the long term. Which is why Samsung only considers it 'water resistant' (to reduce the legal ramifications) though it does have an official water proof rating.

        I would still consider the S5 camera to take better low light shots, but yeah the differences are so close it wouldn't even matter which one you go for as you would be just as happy with either.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGVqRPZgF-o

      Josh Vergara from Android Authority have a really detailed comparison, Z2 wins here.

  • You are (profanity) grouse mate.
    Awesome, big thumb up

  • Willing to pay someone $20 if they let me use their Sony X account to get this phone cheaper!

    • Haha, I wonder who would risk their SonyX account for $20…. they can ban the user for breaking their rules.

      • :(

        Or buy the phone and I'll buy it off you for a profit! :(

  • has anyone tried to match sony's official price at optus' stores?

  • +1

    Was waiting till payday and now it's sold out online, Please mark as expired :(

  • +1

    Ordered yerterday. Been told that the phone has been despatched

  • +1

    bought it, free delivery for mySony members

  • -1

    My plan is to wait until end of this year when z3 and iPhone gets announced and released

    By then z2 should be around $600-650 I predict

    Good price from Sony, but it is a want not a need for me. I can wait. Meanwhile would love to know how to become a Sony X member in preparation… Share the love on how to please

    • Why dont wait for z300 instead? By the time this phone will be $3?

      • I'm sure you could. Since it sounds like you can live for 149 years, according to release calculations and if Sony still lives.

        We all know android prices go down quick. 3-6 months wait is nothing.

        • Good price from Sony, but it is a want not a need for me. I can wait. Meanwhile would love to know how to become a Sony X member in preparation… Share the love on how to please

          If you've paid attention to the forums, there was a sony x application link a long time ago, that's where I applied and got in.

        • Is the link still available?

        • It still is.
          Slim chance of getting in now though.

    • My plan is to wait until 2100 and get the Sony Z5000 it will be awesome, it will have 10,000 cores and have a battery life of 2000 years.

      • You do realize everyone will be laughing at you while posting about it via their Google Brainplants, right?

  • Back in stock again! This is really torture……….As I am plucking pedals since yesterday and still cant decide should I or should I not………grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • Yes you should. Because I said so.

      • lol

  • Seeing how beautiful the Z1 Compact is, I think I will wait for the Z2 Compact. I prefer the smaller screen, with the same power of the flagship phone. Sony has done a very good thing here.

    • Are you sure there is going to be a Z2 compact?

  • Wow this thing records Video in 4K res @ 30fps….

    • I wonder how many lines it actually resolves. I thought my Canon SLR's 1080p was clear until I saw the raw footage from a Sony EX3 three-1/2"-chip professional video camera. It's like the megapixel wars all over again, this time with video!

      • Hard to say if its any good.
        But i've seen some pretty amazing video when I was in Japan and watching the Demo of 4K Projector 100inch. The shots were just breathtaking.

  • SonyX Preorder price went up to $662.39, about a $24.50 increase from $638, still a very good deal :)

  • Anyone want to sell me their Z2 for $720? :)

  • Received in the mail today.

    • Does it come with noise cancelling ear phones and a magnetic charging dock?

      • No it does not.

        Magnetic charging dock - It's a piece of molded plastic for $59 RRP..
        Not sure I would pay that much for it, even at the sony x price I feel as if it's a bit pricey :|
        The case however is quite good at the sony x price :)

  • Can be had for $672 now, so people consider it a deal to spend roughly an extra $97 to get it around a week earlier. This phone is losing value fast. :D

    • Where?

      • Now that's a deal!
        Someone just posted it here too.

        • Why don't you revoke your +, it was even mentioned earlier in this deal that telstra would sell it for this price when they got phone. Sony are just using this site to advertise and hold back supply to get suckers.

        • +1

          Because it was a good deal when it was posted.

          The price of everything drops, should we all go back to all the past deals and revoke our + because prices have dropped?

        • -1

          Should we post every new release that the manufacturer intentionally holds back to supply to mark up to silly people to get it a week or so earlier? Unlike the n5 which was allowed to be negged, it still maintains it value 6+ months on, at this rate this'll be worth half the money it is now in 6 months. :)

        • Can you provide proof that the manufacturer intentionally held back supply to mark up the price?

          If so, then I'll definitely retract my +.

          But if it's just a conspiracy theory, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and let it stay.

  • -1

    Cheaper at telstra outright https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/144018

    • -1

      Wow seriously?
      You neg a price that was available and submitted 12 days ago?

      • Why would people post this as a deal in first place. You may as well post every new release that is held back by the supplier and say its a deal.

        • -1

          Well at that time (12 days ago), it WAS the market's cheapest available price (not including Sony X).
          Kogan is still selling theirs for $850..

        • That's only because sony held back to supply, to cash in on silly people. And it isn't 12 days once you factor in delivery anyhow. If you wanted this phone you'd been waiting a couple months anyways.

        • -1

          That's only because sony held back to supply, to cash in on silly people. And it isn't 12 days once you factor in delivery anyhow.

          Where the hell do you get your information from? Is it just made up?

          Sony would sell it at its wholesale price. They only hold back supply to the Australian market because we're.. a small market. Same thing happens to a lot of tech. Microsoft Surface Pro 1/2 (from microsoft), typically Australians get stuff 2-3 months behind the global supply chains. They don't make more cash if Kogan decides to sell it at a higher price. They've already made their money once Kogan/other resellers buy it from Sony.

          For the record..
          I ordered my phone on the 1st of May
          Received my phone on the 5th of May

          If you want to factor in delivery, that's one week.

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