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Breville Nespresso Inissia Coffee Machine and Milk Frother $78 after Cashback & Eftpos Card @ HN


Similar to superforever's deal now with $60 EFTPOS gift card from Harvey Norman plus $60 cashback from manufacturer. Deal seems to be for red machines.

Others deals with card bonus are here upto $600 off on selected machines with the cashback and bonus.

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Harvey Norman

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    op, isn't 138 the price after cashback?

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      Machine is $198
      - $60 Cashback from Nespresso
      = $138
      - $60 EFTPOS card from Harvey Norman
      = $78.00

      • Thanks! Great deal!

  • Do we get both a $60 cash back AND a $60 eftpos card?

  • $60 Eftpos offer expires on the 4th so better be quick


    Offer ends 4 May 2014. Bonus offer applies only with the purchase of the selected products. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Bonus can only be redeemed at the store from which the applicable product(s) are purchased. EFTPOS card will be given to qualifying customers in-store at point of sale. If the applicable product(s) are purchased online, EFTPOS card will be received by qualifying customers upon in-store pick-up of product(s) or with home delivery of product(s). EFTPOS card must be activated before use. Activation must occur no sooner than 24 hours and no later than 3 months after being issued. Written instructions on how to activate the EFTPOS card will be given to qualifying customers in-store at point of sale. Activation can be done online at: www.activatemycard.com.au/hnactivate or by calling 1300 079 267. EFTPOS card is only valid for a period of 12 months from the activation date. EFTPOS card is not redeemable for cash and cannot access cash from an ATM. Bonus EFTPOS card can be used at any retailer that accepts EFTPOS, at the merchant’s discretion. There are over 650,000 outlets across Australia that accept EFTPOS. For a full refund, all items must be returned in their original condition, including EFTPOS card containing its original and full value.

    • I picked up my machine on Friday, therefore according to the activation site, the card would be ready for activation on Monday (5th of May).

      Is the 4th of May the date to purchase by or to activate the card?

      • Just to clarify, if you bought by the 4th then the HD EFTPOS card will work as long as you activate within 3 months of purchasing the coffee machine. Successfully activated my card today so phew! I was worried activation needed to be performed by the 4th.

  • Cashback is from the manufacturer and Eftpos card is from HN

  • Are you sure that there are 2 rebate offers here?

  • also, $60 eftpos is only available on the red model.

  • These are the Cashback machines some have a Bonus attached.

  • I brought 2 x white ones last weekend… They were $198 then $60 cash back from nespresso and $30 eftpos card from HN - eftpos card worked, cashback still waiting from nespresso…. So yep this deal seems legit.
    Machine is quite good…. Wished the bdays were this weekend would have gone for the red at this price tag!

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      Do you just activate the card in front of them?

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    activate your eftpos cards at http://www.activatemycard.com.au/hnactivate/

  • What is the difference between Inissia Breville, and Inissia Delonghi?

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      One is made by Breville, the other is made by Delonghi. :)

      • -4

        The pod catcher one is line one is dot.

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          I cannot read this sentence.

        • +1

          Correction? "The pod catcher in one is line, and in the other is dot."

        • I mean the pattern on the pod basket (the place where the pod drop in).


      • Both of the Inissia's are apparently made in the same factory and it's simply a different badge. I asked the same question at Nespresso.

  • And the breville is a lot more better. This deal isn't as good as the target one since you also make profit.

    • Stupid question… are the pods compatible between Nescafe and Nespresso machines?

      • Nespresso is a lot better, I won't buy the Nescafe even it is free :)

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    Guys, does better Nespresso machine makes better coffee even with the same pods? or just because they have more function?

    I used Nespresso once at a networking event and seriously impressed by the taste. It seems to be a great time to get one. I am not fussy about the function but I do want the taste

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      All the base models (Essenza, Pixie, U, Inissia etc) state they are 19 bars of pressure, not sure if the fancier ones go higher but I doubt it.

      What the higher end models offer is more size options (base ones are just 2 buttons - short, long), built in milk dispenser or a frothing wand.

      So in terms of making an espresso, there's not much difference but higher end models might help you make the coffee you like.

      • Thanks Deeevan. got one.

  • I've been waiting for a good deal on these to come again, bought one, thanks OP

  • Eftpos can be used at any store ie Woolworths or only HN?

    • See above where Impoze listed T&C. Bonus EFTPOS card can be used at any retailer that accepts EFTPOS, at the merchant’s discretion. There are over 650,000 outlets across Australia that accept EFTPOS.

  • Can you pay for the item with the eftpos card on the spot? Or its to be used for future purchases?

    • You need to activate and will active next day, so NO.
      But can we use it at any other stores?

  • I bought it for $199 without the EFTPOS cashback. Wish I waited. :(

  • Maybe return it and buy again?

  • +1

    HN offer $5 for email newsletter signup. save $5 more.

  • Bought one last week from hn.
    $30 eftpos
    $60 cashback
    Ended up paying $109.
    Feel ripped off a little.heehee

    • Return it, you get 14 days to change your mind. They'll either refund or give you a credit for HN purchase and then buy from this deal ;)

  • They also have the Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine for $134 + $75 Supplier Bonus = $59
    I would still buy the Nespresso over the Nescafe however! Prefer real frothed milk over powdered capsule milk

    The Saeco Exprelia Auto is also $1299 after Bonuses ($300 Supplier Bonus + $300 HN EFTPOS CARD)

    Looks like there are some great deals to be had at Harvey Norman this weekend…. :)

  • DOes this come with milk frother?
    And what pods is it compatible with ? Trying to work out cost per pod.

    • +1

      Yes, with milk frother, it's in the title.

      Will work with Nespresso pods (order online or pickup from in-store), or 3rd party Nespresso compatible pods. Nespresso original pods usually go from 68c each to 84c.

      Coles have their nespresso pods, 10 pods for $4 usually.

  • Why do they call it 'EFTPOS' gift card, is it the same as just a $60 HN Gift Card?

    • EFTPOS cards are a little more flexible, they can be used at any EFTPOS terminal (Except I believe Coles), where as a giftcard can only be used at the issuing retailer - ie Hardly Normal

    • Because it can be used at other shops, not just HN.

      • Thanks, so is there any restrictions on which shops it can be used at?

        • no restriction…

  • can this make yummy hot chocolate?

    • +1

      Yup. Nespresso don't sell hot chocolate pods but you can get compatible ones at Woolies/Coles. Alternatively, just melt chocolate in the frothed milk (NOT in the frother).

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        Nespresso does have a dark chocolate flavored pod though. Its called the cioacattino.

  • +3

    What is it with you middle class people and your posh coffee? You are never content to live simply like the proletariat; you always have to turn everything into an extravagant luxury.

    Coffee in itself is simply a somewhat foul-tasting caffeine delivery medium, but you transform coffee consumption it into a religious ritual. If people saved more of their money for retirement rather than spending it on unnecessary luxury goods, the Liberals wouldn't be threatening to cut everyone's handouts.

    • +3


    • +4

      Cool story bro.

    • +1

      Haha. +1 to both of you.

    • +3

      Calls us middle class, uses words like 'proletariat'. Lol ok

      Did you really infer that the reason benefits get axed is because we drink coffee? settle down mate, think you've had one latte too many :)

      • i laughed i really did

        i'm not a coffee snob but i cant drink nescafe 43 or international roast or something like that

    • I was really concerned reading Thaai's post, the I checked their location, and that explained it all…

  • Thanks mate, just bought one :)

  • -3

    If you go in store they have other colours for the same price. I saw white and red but I think there are also black, blue cream, etc.

    • Don't know why I'm getting negged for saying other colours are available in store? Anyway, FWIW they had 20-30 in a big pile in Belrose NSW (don't know if they had more out the back). Colours available included red and white and possibly others as I just got the colour I wanted).

      • +1

        60 hn card only applies to RED and BREVILLE brand, bro…..

      • Did they give you the $60 EFTPOS card with the other colours though?

        • +2

          I got white and the $60HN EFTPOS card. Will claim the $60 Nespresso card.

  • +1

    Ordered at 9:36am SA time and received a confirmation email, then at 9:43am received an email saying "Sorry, your order has been delayed. It shouldn't take too long. We'll contact you as soon as it's ready." Anyone else? Does this mean they're out of stock?

    • I ordered online about 30 mins ago, was already showing "out of stock" in the store near me when I added to cart but it says you can still buy they will backorder soon. So I went ahead ordered, 2 mins later got a call from the local store saying they wont get any new stock in, but there is another one( 20mins drive) have some so they can transfer my order to there,I accepted that.

      suggest you ring the store and check if they are definitely any new stock in soon.

      • I opted for home delivery though..

  • Midland WA had 10 left at 9.10 today. Only one with stock in WA

    • Malaga WA also has stock.

    • Edgewater WA has stock.

  • can still order?

    • I did an hour ago (for delivery in Brisbane). Seemed to work fine.

  • No Red in Canberra and The Good Guys wouldn't match the $60 eftpos card.

    • But you can still place the order and wait. right?

      • Don't want to pay in advance in case its a long time coming.

        • I called up the Springvale store who was willing to put an order down for me and let me pay cash for it when I pick it up. The store was supposed to receive 8 more units yesterday so they should be arriving any day. Perhaps you can do the same for your store?

  • Thanks OP, bought one, just wait until available,


    "Breville Nespresso Inissia Coffee Machine with Milk Frother - Red
    Product code: BEC200XR

    $60 Cashback via Redemption

    Total Paid: $198
    (Incl. GST $18)"

  • Great deal, especially with the extra 5 off. However 3 out of 3 Harvey Norman orders now and every time I've had to call the store involved because they don't confirm it's ready and waiting. Poor form.

  • Can't get this from Broadway store. Their sales rep kept asking me to spent $249 for the same model but different colour. They said I can only get the $60 EFTPOS card if I spent $200 in store. No way I am paying extra for the same coffee machine, so I sign up and bought online and got it delivered for $199.95 ($180+$6.95 postage -$5 sign up discount). HN online sales rep said if I ordered it I will get $60 from HN and Nespresso and I will be able to activate the EFTPOS card once I received it by mail, even after 4th of May.

    If you can't get it in store, just don't bother talking to the salesperson there. Waste of time.

  • Got a very weird call from HN Canberra, the staff said breville will not release this machine till 13th of May. I asked him if other HN has stocks, and he said it is not possible.

    If others are getting this machine nationwide, did he just try to kick me out of the waiting queue?

    • I am going to pick up tomorrow. HN sent me confirmation email.

      • HN Fyshwich?

        • Sydney mate.

  • Thanks. Just picked up 2nd to last one from Marion SA. One more left if anyone's interested.

  • Thanks OP, just ordered one. Could you please tell me if the official Nespresso site is the best place to order pods or can we get them cheaper elsewhere? TIA

  • ya, anyone know where to buy cheap pods? hopefully ones that taste good as well??

    • +1

      Genuine Nespresso pods only available from their stores, online or phone. Never seen them discounted although free postage over certain order size which is usually very quick. I have had next day delivery.

      Compatible pods are available from larger supermarkets and on line with varying reports of compatibility and taste.

      • Thanks, I'm only after the genuine ones for now. Don't want to regret buying the coffee machine ;)

        • +1

          Try Coles Finest Fairtrade Ethiopian & Sumatra coffee pods. They are excellent and value for money. I drink coffee for years and own two Saeco coffee machines. I had a Nespresso as a gift and hate the original pods' taste. Tried Coles once and like them. They are Nespresso compatible and taste so much better.

        • Thanks, I'll try them :)

        • Tried Ethiopian not that good will return it tomorrow.

      • the refillable pods you can buy are amazing and much more environmentally friendly!
        you can choose what you fill the pod with.
        Padre Beans and Campos Beans forever!

  • Site is getting ozbargained

  • Nice deal but I think HN are not going to allow pickup until after the 4th May when the $60 eftpos offer is over… I'm waiting to collect.

  • +1

    Thanks Elppa8! The deal came just in time as my aerochino has started burning at the base, usually I call up and buy one at a discounted price of $80. I saw the deal this morning and immediately ordered at 7:10am! I went to pick it up this afternoon and the HN staff member said they were totally swamped with orders!

    • Does warranty not cover this?

  • Just picked up 2 from HN Munno Para SA, they still had 2 left in stock at 5pm.

  • I wasn't allowed to get any other colour, but I just ordered one on Back-Order in the City West (WA) store. As I have paid in full, they have passed me the Cash-Back and the EFTPOS card also.

  • Ordered mine for in-store pickup from Gepps Cross (SA). The order was placed at ~4pm; by 6pm I had received a call saying they are out of stock, but Munno Para still has some. Was told to call the Online Store contact number and have them shift the order to the other store. Called straight away and spoke to a human who told me Munno Para has some, but Mt Barker has plenty, so went for the latter. Likely to pick up tomorrow morning. Great deal!

    • Wouldnt it be easier to just get it delivered?

      • But $6.95 delivery!

        Seriously though, Gepps Cross to Mt Barker is some serious distance. I hope you're driving over in a Prius.

        • First chose Gepps Cross because it was the only store which showed online as having stock. When I found out they'd run out, I was directed to Online phone service, and they told me both Munno Para and Mt Barker had stock. Not so far up the freeway from where we live in Crafers. :)

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