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Canon EOS 600DKIS DSLR 18-55 IS II Lens Kit + 8GB SD Card $488 @ Officeworks


Cheaper than grey import and peace of mind local warranty.

Canon EOS 600DKIS 18-55 IS II Lens Kit + 8GB SD Card $488 @ Officeworks

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  • Any good deals on 700D?

    • Any particular reason you want the 700D? as this is a good deal

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        Dude, it's like 100D more.

        • Gold

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          I rather have one with 695D less.

  • Stunning deal for a great camera, it may not be the latest and greatest but it can produce great images for both amateurs and enthusiasts.

    • Agreed. Been very happy with mine.

  • I'm a newbie to this but I am in the market for a step up from my bog standard digital camera. How much do these normally sell for?

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      This is it. Trust me! I bought this from office works when they had this same deal in November last year, and I haven't regretted it one bit! The kit lens included in this one is quite good to start off with (I haven't bought a pricey better lens as yet). And by taking more and more photos, my skills and the images are continually improving. I bought this for a trip to Thailand and Angkor Wat and the utility I got from this camera kit has been amazing.

      Btw the 700d is the newest model that has superceded this, but for the extra $200 odd you'll pay, this 600d is unbeatable value. And don't be fooled by the model numbering scheme, the 1100d and 1200d are the entry level lowest specced cameras. 600d has a faster processor and more features than the 1100d.

      And once you've used this for a few months, use MagicLantern and you'll get even more awesome features to use in a 600d

  • Odd 1100D is more expensive?

  • Purchased this one at BigW at Christmas. Great performance from what people tell me is an aging camera. What I would like to know is what would be the best investment for a quality lens with better zoom? Don't want anything too expensive or too impractical for travel but something that improves the capabilities of this camera

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      What's your price range? What type of photography are you looking at that you need greater zoom range?

      The Canon EF-S 18-135mm/f3.5-5.6 provides a versatile range, is reasonably sharp and can be had at DWI for $301 for non-STM and $357 for STM version.

      The Tamron 28-75mm/f2.8 meanwhile is super-sharp and offers fixed f2.8 min aperature, but doesn't have IS/VC. Lose a fair amount at the wide angle too (18-28mm is much more than it sounds), but you gain 55-75mm (which admittedly is not all that much on the longer side). Can be had at DWI for $359

      If your budget can stretch further the Canon 24-105mm/f4L is a much loved lens by many- being an L-lens it's weather-sealed and is very sturdy. Probably a lens more for the enthusiast than the beginner though. $665 from DWI

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      It makes me sad that people call this an ageing camera.. It makes me feel old :(

      The truth is cameras have not moved forward a whole lot in the past couple of years. Only the very last release by Canon has moved anywhere significant - you can look at the 550, 600, 650 and 700D and they all have the same sensor. This is more important than you think! You're better off buying the 600D and getting a good lens than splashing on the 700D (or upcoming 750D - although this is rumoured to have a new sensor, finally) and sticking with the kit lens.

      Just my 2c.

      • Cameras have moved a long way, just canon and their entry level DSLRs haven't particularly. There have not been exactly significant differences since 2010 with the 550d.

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          Sorry, I should have clarified. Yes, Canon's entry level DSLRs haven't moved.

  • Though the site shows 'available in store'; it's not in most of the stores. Checked at three stores in Melbourne but out of stock. Ultimately had to purchase online (which I didn't want to for some reason).

    • Also please note that although a store may come up as "In Stock" on the website, it may just be the display model, as there is no distinction between display stock and stock available for purchase on our systems.

      • Sure the case may be as you said; however, this was not in my case. Didn't find even a display model (m pretty sure about two stores). Only empty box.
        Therefore this is a bug in OW's system. May be for few stores only; but definitely it is.

        • could be because someone pinched it

        • Stores were sent a display box to generate interest. Stock would be released for the catalogue starting date apparently.

  • Great camera! recommend it! :)

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    Great price for Aus stock. Can also do the TRS claim if going overseas (i am going). However, I wish I had money for this :(

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    I've had this camera for two years and this is a deal! It's a great camera, definitely worth the money.

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      I just get depressed because my resale value is about $200 at this stage.. Bought it for $850 in 2011.

      • really? damn, that sounds like an even better bargain than the OW deal!

      • Same here! That's the price I got mine for, and it was the Kiss X5 (slightly cheaper than the 600D). But it also came with two lenses, well worth it anyway since I probably won't be changing cameras for a long time.

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    Please update title - it reads like it is just a lens kit.

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    Can confirm, great camera. It's my first "real" camera and a significant step-up from a point-and-shoot. Grab a chinese-branded external flash and a cheap tripod and you've got most of your beginner to intermediate DSLR photography covered.

  • Hi There ,

    When i checked online it shows me only the camera with the lens , but no addiotional lens is advertised .
    Do i have to go to store and ask for it .

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      This is bog standard kit lens. The II demarcs the series-generation, not as in Two lens kit

  • how does D3200 compare ? as it is closely priced and seems to be better?

    • In most photography sites, the D5200 is taken to be 600d's direct competitor. That said, the D3200 has marginally less colour noise from ISO800-3200 compared to 600d. But it's equally bad at ISO6400. But the 600d has greater colour dynamic range. And on the kit lenses, the 24MP in the d3200 gives a diffused softer image that's not as tack sharp as the 600d's 18 MP.

      The d3200 doesn't have a tilt screen and has worse video performance. Ultimately it's a preference of which system you want to get into: Nikon or Canon. And it's also important which model feels right in your hand.

      See this link for image quality comparisons, especially the spot on the Queen of Hearts. You'll have to choose Nikon d3200 in one of the 3 other boxes first.

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      *This link, the one I gave earlier doesn't work. In this one, you can choose Nikon D3200 in any of the 3 comparison boxes. As I said, look at the Queen of Hearts and you'll see that the D3200 & D5200 has softer definition than the 600d.

      • Thanks mate , awesome website. I have decided to try out the 600d this weekend and make my decision then :)

  • more AF pointsand more megapixels?

  • When does this deal expire?

  • +3

    I bought 1 today from OW Wooloongabba after going to Oxley only to discover they just had an empty box. A helpful staff member found out that there was 4 in stock each at the gabba, Milton and Ipswich. He said each store got 5 and the bigger ones perhaps more. Browns Plains has zero in stock.

    The catalogue started on the 22nd May. Didn't see an expiry but while stocks last would be most likely.

    I'm upgrading from a 400D dual lens kit. This is a very different camera. First impressions - bigger, more plasticky, louder and different sounding shutter. The screen is a huge improvement as is shooting video and wifi (pretty sure it's got that but couldn't see it in the menu) which I'll play with tomorrow.

    It's a very good price for what should be a good camera.

  • Anyone been able to find any stock in Sydney? If not, has anyone tried price matching in JB hifi or similar?

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      Yep i pricematched at jb. I got a 600D+16GB card+case for $500 at JB HiFI in Canberra Civic

      • What a steal! Do you mind posting the receipt?

      • good price but still could be cheaper

        mine from jbhifi 1 and half year ago was $400 600d body with 18-55 is lens. But i traded in a 8 years old sony dc.

  • There are still a fair few left in Officeworks, Hunter St.

  • 1 left at Epping Officeworks, Victoria

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