expired BRAND NEW McCulloch HEDGE Trimmer - HIGH quality- 25cc Petrol 60cm only $199.00! Ends 14th JULY


High Quality Hedge Trimmer 25cc / 60 cm with 2 YEAR warranty.

Brand NEW in the box - I know you cant get it cheaper - as we are the only ones that have them :)

Limited stocks.
ORRP $499.00

Product Description:

Ideal petrol hedge cutter for cutting thicker branches and hedges
60cm blade length with blade gap of 27mm
Dual action blade for excellent cutting performance
Immediate safe blade stopping time


Engine Displacement – 25cc
Blade Length – 600mm
Blade gap – 27mm
Weight – 5.4kg

Product Condition: BRAND NEW
Warranty: 24 Month Parts and Labour Warranty

A SNEAK peek for the OzBargainers out there - this goes live tomorrow - but is active NOW!!!

Just for you guys - and to get you to know us - I have activated a FURTHER 10% off!!!!

Just use the code :OZBARGAIN: at checkout and it will calculate a further $19.90 off!

One Day Sale.


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    Wasn't this offered by you on the 10th of July, too?

    Perhaps if you keep offering it, you can increase the discount deal for OzBargain readers? :)
    This might keep people happy about seeing the deal again and again. :)


    Hi BIZI,

    It was a CHAINSAW - not a Hedge Trimmer.

    There is an additional bargain for OZbaragainers….


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    Silly me, I only got as far as the brand and didn't associate it with anything at all, bar the chainsaw. :)


    Just a morning bump for the OZBARGAIN people.

    I have now also activated the EXTRA 10% off code.

    Get in while there is still stock left!




      This is perhaps against your policy but I'm interested to know what other possible McCulloch deals you have in mind for the future. I bought a chainsaw, there are other things I might be interested in such as Blowers, Mulchers, possibly whipper snippers. Can you shed any light on future offers so I might be able to prioritise? :)

      I could possibly get some use out of a hedge trimmer but money is tight right now, if I get one and then in a few days you offer deals on Blowers, Mulchers, etc I might not be able to spring the cash for those as well.

      ozlegacy at gmail . com <— if you prefer to reply there.



    Whilst it is not against our policy so to speak - I really dont have more than a few days notice on what we are getting in stock.

    We have a few only of the hedge trimmers and chainsaws left in stock - We have realistic numbers and will not offer stock that has less than what we percieve the demand to be :)
    No other McCulloch deals ont he horizon right now - but that may change in a month or 2!

    I can tell you that in the next few weeks we will have the following:

    Mowers (Talon)
    Coffee Machines
    Kitchen Appliances

    Hope that helps?



      Thanks ODS, yes that helps :)

      Now to check my accounts, but I think I'll buy one of these Trimmers too - they look like pretty serious gear (compared to some of the toy ones you see)

      Quick question, blade gap 27mm, I understand that means it can handle cutting through 27mm green wood?

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