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BenQ W1070 1080P 3D Home Theater Projector - ($782 USD) AUD $866.99 Delivered - Amazon.com


Hello All,

I've been eyeing off one of these for a while and Amazon have just emailed me an update on the pricing -25% off "list".
I'm still yet to bite the bullet but some of you may be interested.
It's a little bit more expensive than the slickdeal a while back - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/144639 - but I think I'll go for it… maybe.

This price is using amazon's currency converter. You guys+gals can use that 28 degrees card you're all hiding away for a bit more off the price. Shipping is to Perth WA.

I've attached some of the other "deals" in the email I received, if anyone is interested on a different projector.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    a while back

    Not really.. Just about a month ago.

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      Oh I thought that would be classed as "a while back".
      Cheer up mate.

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    Only saving $140ish over Aus pricing… Not enough value to be worth the risk in my opinion.

    • I agree - BenQ doesn't offer international warranties and you really do want a warranty on one of these units.

    • fair call, I never knew about the different warranty period. I'll have to keep my eyes on OW over the next few weeks..

  • 240 or 110V or 110-250? US or AU plug?

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      Q: May I know whether it has a voltage option? I live in Malaysia where the voltage is 220-240V. I will be getting this projector in USA.
      The manual says, under 'specifications': Power supply AC100-240V, 3.4 A, 50-60 Hz (Automatic)

  • This is a great projector. I just bought 2 of them for work and are awesome.

    One little quibble is that they don't have horizontal keystone. This means that you have to mount them perfectly in the centre of your screen or else the picture will be skew.

    I also was able to pick them up for about $920 from OW price match from cabletown ( I think )

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    Note: US warranty 12 months return to supplier and AU warranty is 24 months direct with Benq.

    The power supply in the projector is multi voltage BUT the plug will be US type not a three pin. It can be easily replaced with a standard 'computer cord' unit.

    Also, there have been a number of people reporting problems regarding unevenness across the screen and excessive noise in some units. These have been fixed under warranty by Benq but I think your chances of a quick resolution of a problem is much better through a local supplier. The noise rattle has been fixed in later units.

    I purchased mine Feb 2013 form Officeworks (price match under AU$890) and couldn't be happier. One fantastic projector and 3D is great.

    My advice is think carefully before purchasing overseas, especially when the price difference is not significant.

  • One good thing about these is the replacement lamp isn't ridiculously expensive like some other brands. Saving a few hundred on a projector can sometimes bite you in the butt with the cost of replacing the lamp.

    • Bought a 'backup/spare' bare lamp (NOT the full assembly) for under AU$100 from Aliexpress. Good value.

  • Some good replies in here - when you consider the local deals available and the risk involved with warranty with an overseas model the few extra dollars you save will be more than made up if there is any issues.

    The purported savings, when you factor in conversion / shipping / warranty etc, makes this not really a deal in my opinion.

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