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This is the fuel watch thread for Victoria. Please feel free to post the latest best fuel prices here.


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Unleaded petrol 91 is already above 150 cent around south eastern Melbourne. While driving back to home after 12.10 am on 18/06/14 I found it on south gippsland hwy near the intersection of pound road.


    • These are bloody expensive. I've would have asked: what is the normal price ?

    • I was at costco yesterday (nsw) and it was 74.7c

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      Petrol I'd be expetcing to get even cheaper over the next month or so. With the over supply of oil, expect petrol to be 80 cents per litre very soon. That will be about as low as it can go, due to taxes, transpotiion, wages and other incedental costs like profit.

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      Prices in title are per 100L

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        …whats a decimal point?

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        find another place that is cheaper then and post it!

      • OP is sharing cheap petrol prices in this area…
        I appreciate the post. Thanks Allmightyg

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      $83 for petrol… NOT A BARGAIN!

    • fill up now and not drive much, next week it goes cheaper still, no room to top up, you lose. it not going up soon, why hurry?

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      rip off

      They should be paying me to fill up with the -ve wholesale price reported yesterday !!!

      • that's crue oil, mate.'
        if you car can use that, get over there with a trailer?

    • Been this price for days at all other Costco's in Melbourne

    • Why hasn't diesel fallen in price as much as petrol?

  • I'm seeing a lot of $119.9 for 91 around melbourne on petrolspy. It seems to have happened in the last day or two. Anyone knows if this is an anomaly, or is the market heading back in that direction..

    • U91 is 82.7c @ Costco.

  • Merged from [VIC] Unleaded U91 Fuel $1.037/L @ Caltex Woolworths, Wantirna
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    Was there around 08:00pm.

    With prices elsewhere over approx $1.40/L; if you're within proximity take the opportunity going into long weekend.

    Refer image for prices of other fuel options.

    Further optional stacking with Woolworths docket and Woolworths gift card.

    Address: 699, Boronia Road, Wantirna, VIC 3152.

    Weblink: https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/storelocator/vic-wantirna...

    • Paid 98c here in Adelaide

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        No worries, omw to Adelaide from Vic

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        Are you offering to bring some over or have I missed another way how your comment is useful on a Vic fuel deal?

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      there are plenty of places in the 100’s and even one at 99.9 in doveton

      • That's what I was thinking, few places around me hovering @104, cheapest within 25KM for me is 99.9 at Coles Express

      • Better when factoring the Stacking with docket & gift card?

        • the one in doveton is actually a woolies servo, price accurate as of 1 hour ago… so yes better when stacking.

    • Belongs in the forums

      Our local United is $1.04

  • Merged from [VIC] Unleaded U91 Fuel $1.419/L @ 7-Eleven, Caroline Springs 3023
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    Lowest price after a gap! Choppers ready!?

    Recorded on 12/12/2021 Prices are subject to change

    Unleaded 141.9c per litre
    E10 Unleaded 139.9c per litre

    Address: 7-Eleven Caroline Springs
    235 -239 Caroline Springs Boulevarde, Caroline Springs VIC 3023

    • website shown 98 is 161.9

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      I believe its a typo in the title. Should show unleaded 91. Not 98

      • I believe its a typo in the title

        That's right. Most people don't pay for their petrol in Caroline Springs…

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      U91 is $1.419 not U98. I just locked in U91 for $1.399 last night lol

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      The price youve put in the title is for U91, not U98.

      U98 is 161.9, not 141.9

    • It's 141.9 in about 10 places across Melbourne, not really a bargain

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      Better off getting U95 at the same price over at Coolaroo

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      Unleaded U91 Fuel $1.419

      That's not a bargain.

    • 140.4 at -27.61901, 153.10499
      Credit refinery.fyi

  • Merged from [VIC] Premium Unleaded 98 Fuel $1.917/L @ APCO Thomastown 3074
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    Just filled up, saved myself $15 for a full tank, everywhere else nearby is 28c higher

    • same price at 77 11
      I guess this is cheaper when you factor in chopper cost

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      Thank god I locked in U98 for 175.9 4 days ago.

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        No need to thank me

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      If you have a Costco membership at Epping, VIC the price is 187.5 for U98 this morning when I filled up.

    • Do people need reminding that PetrolSpy's on their phone..?

    • Daphuck. This is expensive

  • Merged from Unleaded 91 - Caltex Woolworths Springvale - 192.9 Cents/Litre
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    It seems rare to find Unleaded for less than $2/litre these days.

    This location on Police Road in Springvale (just down the road from Waverley Gardens SC) seems to be one of the cheapest today in Melbourne.

    Extra 4c/litre discount with Woolworths coupon.

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      Sad times that this is a deal :(.

      Chopper can still beat this price but not by too much

    • Eg Murrumbeena, Caulfield, Camberwell, St. Kilda - all at $1.92/litre too

      • Good to know. Where are you seeing this information?

        • Also, there’s an Eg fuelapp.
          It has fuel prices in real time.

          The app contains promotional 5 cents off vouchers for new signups which can be stacked with other discounts.

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            @Gervais fanboy: Does it still give the 5c vouchers? Dont see mention of it anymore and wasn't giving them last time I tried a new signup.

            • @bamzero: Well, I already have an older account registered on the app. So I can’t check any promotions for new signups.

              But I recently did see some fliers next to the register at the servo, promoting their app by offering those 5cents off vouchers.

    • ULP at $1.907 to $1.929 at the cluster of four petrol stations at Victoria Road, West Ryde, NSW.

      Others ive seen are around $2.10-$2.20 per L for ULP.

    • I appreciate your effort, but I don't think this is a deal. Many Caltex & 7-Eleven service stations are selling U91 @$1.929 per litre. Petrol Spy indicates that U91 is sold for $1.919 per litre @Shell Noble Park which is not far from Caltex Woolworths Springvale.

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    Costco epping, vic..186.7, filled 20 mins ago.. every else is either $2 or higher.

  • Merged from Unleaded 91 Fuel $1.799/L @ 7-Eleven Vermont, Victoria
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    Probably not gonna last, so jump at it soon. You know where to fly your chopper.

    E10 is also available at $1.779

    geo: -37.8362285,145.1938561

    • Isn't this the expected normal given the reduced excise..?

      • Maybe, but I'd imagine that'd take a few weeks to trickle down at least.

      • Government acknowledged that these changes would take around 2 weeks to start to affect the prices

      • I don't think the excise has reduced already thought has it? Usually a delay from when tax changes are announced before they are implemented. I could be wrong

      • Oh no, it will take around two weeks for the reduction in the excise to flow through to the pump, due to the vagueries of extrinsic factors, and macro and micro economic forces…

    • It was previously 182.5. I am thinking it may continue to drop a little with the full excise being reduced?

      • It sure would, but this might help someone wanting to fill up today.

    • Hoooold

    • Anybody want to share which app they're using to spoof? I gave it a go and got an error from the 7/11 app stating my location wasn't "real"

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        • Thank you :)

      • Ios or Android?

        For ios, I run ifakelocation on the PC and set it via that.
        Not sure if it matters, but I always make sure 7-11 app is closed when setting it & when remove it.

    • Terminal gate prices dropped 13c in one day, prices will keep falling gradually.

    • wait 2 weeks it should be 1.50

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      Belongs in the FUEL forums…

      • added, my bad.

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          We've been teleported

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    Merged from Unleaded 91 Today for 173.9c/L @ Liberty Lyndhurst and Few Other Places - Fill up Today [Melbourne]
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    My first post. Thought to save you few bucks. If you are like me who hates missing the bottom of the fuel cycle.
    This time I was lucky. Happy that I could fill up one vehicle. Let's see if this stays till evening; when I can save another potential $50 by filling up the white elephant's 130ltr tank.

    Fuel price soared to 215c at most places. Few places still show around 170c mark. Hurry.
    Time to fill up!

    Please look up in your area. I am not sure where else to check however; PetrolSpy shows the price hike at most places.

    • You have to neg to show that? Be gentle; intention is to help others (understand not at the expense of nuisance). Anyway… why am I wasting more time?

  • Merged from Unleaded 91 $1.669 @ Coles Express Mount Waverley Victoria
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    Just drove by the petrol station and saw the price, 166.9c/l.

    Fill up!

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