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Free Ferry Trips Mon-Fri 7-9am/5-7pm [Syd] Starts 30/06/2014


Hi all,

Note this starts next week 30/06/2014.

Looks like another issue with the workers in the industry. Nonthless a bargain for some :) Maybe a good idea for those who want the scenic route home!

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  • Awesome! that will save me $50 x2

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    Score! I'm visiting Sydney next Wed/Thurs. Free sightseeing for me! Thanks OP.

    • Unfortunately they aren't doing it for free during the day.
      I'll also be in Sydney next week, but don't want to take my kids on in the rush.

      • I'm just going with a friend to check out the Game of Thrones exhibit coming to town and wander around doing touristy stuff…going during peak hour won't bother us :)

  • never take ferry to go to work. can you bring a motorbike on a ferry? a peddle bike should be fine, right?

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      Yes, 'peddle bikes' are fine. Motorbikes not.

  • Love getting union benefits without paying membership fees.

    • You should make an ad.

    • Certainly better than being forced to accept union concessions when you don't wish to join the union.

  • Funny how these industrial disputes flare up under the Liberals

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      yeah, funny that , liberals try to screw over workers, unions react.

  • I would be careful. You might get fined. Not worthy of the risk.

    HCF spokeswoman Michelle Handforth said that while MUA members may not be collecting tickets, measures will be in place so customers will be able to pay for fares.

    “Our customers understand we can’t run free ferries, despite the best attempts of the unions to undermine our service,” she said.

    “Tickets will be sold next week and customers will need a valid ticket or Opal card and any required concessions to travel.”



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      It's pretty low risk. If you are on the inner harbour ferries heading to Circular Quay, there are no gates at almost all wharves and so you just buy a ticket at Circular Quay. If HCF are going to enforce it just buy a ticket at the wharf. I very much doubt they will fine anyone, this is more just an attempt to mitigate their losses by trying to encourage people to 'do the right thing'.

  • As noted above, in today's Manly Daily they said free ferries is off. They are employing their own people to sell and collect tickets. As they aren't as quick as the normal people, there may be delays buying tickets so they suggest allowing extra time or pre-purchasing or use opal

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