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eBay Big Brand Frenzy - 20% off @Selected Retailers (Dick Smith, Kogan, Dell & More) 29/6 10:01am - 30/6 11:59pm


Deal Summary

Credit to Nightshade for spotting the code early.

Use Cashrewards for 2% cashback on your purchase.

Terms & conditions

  1. By using or attempting to use the redemption code for this offer, you agree to accept and be bound by these terms and conditions.
  2. This offer commences at 10:01 (AEST) on June 29, 2014 and ends at 23:59 (AEST) on June 30, 2014 (“Offer Period”).
  3. The offer entitles you to a 20% discount off the total purchase price on up to five transactions (including postage) with the participating retailers on, for purchases made during the Offer Period (“Offer”).
  4. The participating retailers are The Good Guys, Supercheap Auto, Dick Smith, Appliances Online, Catch of the Day, Kogan, Zanui, House, Dell, Quiksilver, Roxy, DC Shoes, Surfstitch.
  5. The total discount amount payable is capped to a maximum discount of $200 per transaction.
  6. The redemption code is valid for up to 5 transactions per person during the Offer Period.
  7. Multiple items may be purchased in one transaction.
  8. The redemption code requires payment with PayPal in order to take effect.
  9. To redeem this offer, enter the redemption code into the redemption code box during the checkout process. You must be an registered member.
  10. Gift cards/certificates/vouchers are excluded from this offer.
  11. Your and PayPal accounts must be active at the time of redemption (not suspended nor made inactive by eBay or PayPal) and be registered under the same email address.
  12. In the event you return or seek a refund on any item purchased using this discount, the value of the discount will not be refunded to you.
  13. This offer cannot be withdrawn into your bank account and cannot be transferred.
  14. Sellers are responsible for their own stock and eBay does not guarantee the availability of stock.
  15. To the extent permitted by law, eBay or PayPal will not be responsible for any loss incurred by you in redeeming or attempting to redeem the offer or for any costs, damages, accident, delay, injury, loss, expense, or inconvenience that may arise in connection with the use of the offer.
  16. eBay reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions of the offer at its reasonable discretion
  17. The parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the state of New South Wales.

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    • +1

      I have heard Bosch are the best for dishwashers. Let me know if you find one listed.

      • Looked at all the sellers, they all pretty much are selling the same brands. No Bosch

        • +1

          I remember something about this…it's a Bosch thing that they aren't advertised on the websites for some retailers. Someone from 2nds world told me this…they sell Bosch dishwashers but don't list them online because Bosch don't allow it. Very strange.

        • I bought a Bosch low end dish washer 6 months ago and is very happy with it. Very quite and can find a wash in 33 mins on medium soiled dishes!

  • Why isn't this one listed on their eBay site?

  • still cant pay with giftcards?

  • this seems like a great deal.
    just not sure what items will be put on shelves then.

  • GoPro - to buy or not to buy, that is the question.

    $396 less 20%, approx $320. For a silver. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Can you purchase now and apply the code on the weekend like the last sale?

  • +3

    beware guys, i just found a winter jacket i wanted on sale in the surfstitch ebay store and was going to wait until sunday for the 20% off, however their actual website is offering an extra 30% off sale items with code GOBIG

  • great great!! Will buy things from here!!

  • Do you get a tax invoice buying from them on ebay?

    • From DSE yes

    • Well you do get an invoice, order no. and receipt.

  • The $200 limit is a deal breaker for any TV. Basically to get full discount price < $1,000 per item.

  • Took advantage of the 15% last Sunday; finally bought a 3D Blu ray player. The major stores not selling the new models yet so bought the new Panasonic model from an eBay seller (homeonlinesuperstore).

    The EOFY sales of the older models appear to cost more though!?

    The code will probably be on eBay next Sunday … guessing though.

  • hopefully I can pick up a PS4 this time
    my purchase didn't go through last time (i think because they were only releasing a few per hour and I was too late in hitting the payment button)
    even better if they keep their ebay price at 479 - doubt it though….

    • They've just bumped their eBay price back up to $548

      • big shock ;)
        oh well, with the 20% off it comes down to 438.40 - almost the 435 they were selling for sunday just gone. Now to hope that they drop it ti 512 again like they did last week……

        • They've also taken away fast and free shipping…$4.95 standard shipping now..!

        • Lol it's free but in no way is it fast! Still waiting for a shipped confirmation from them. They haven't reply to my message either

  • Just wondering if anyone bought from TGG with the last sale - do you get an invoice for tax purposes? How long does it take to hit your account? i.e do you get a pdf of the invoice?

    Was going to try and use it on an olympus camera that is on that page to get in on that cashback and that offer expires on 30 June 2014. i.e the day after.


    • +3

      During the last ebay TGG sale I brought the Nespresso and wanted to get the cashback.
      I did not receive what I would consider a proper Tax invoice.
      I emailed Good Guys and requested one, customer service replied saying they had sent my request to the store who would send it to me.
      It never arrived.
      I applied for the cashback with a pdf of my ebay delivery note which stated it was from Good Guys and how much.
      Nespresso rejected the cashback saying insufficient proof of purchase.
      I emailed Good Guys again requesting a proper Tax invoice not only for casback purposes but also warranty.
      This time they sent it to me I submitted it to nespresso who thankfully approved the cashback

      • Thanks for the reply melmac, might give this one a miss due to that!

        • If you email them straight away and then chase them up again it should be fine, I shouldn't of submitted the cashback claim without it instead I should have kept hassling good guys until I got it.

  • What if I have different email addresses for eBay and PayPal? Can I just change the email or need to register a new account?

    • Last Sunday's T&Cs also stated that they both have to use the same email address however mine differ and
      I still got my discounts.

    • I had the same question, and changed my eBay email address, before last Sunday's thing, because of this in the T & Cs. Easy to do, and your eBay login details don't change - you login with eBay username + password. So I'd suggest changing your eBay email address rather than your paypal email address, as easiest way to go, and to ensure you meet the conditions - which it sounds like they didn't enforce last time, but they may this time, so why run the risk?

    • I didn't even notice this in the T&C from last weeks deal and I also got the discount, but you are right if it's easy there's no point in risking it!

  • Yes tax invoice. Had my goods within 2 days.

  • Noo.. my wallet hates me!

  • Would have bought one of these ( six months ago if this price was available then. It was always $179+, and the price changed whenever there was free shipping.

    Now I'll wait for Moto 360.

  • What is good to buy? I dont have anything I need/want

  • Really hoping this works with Appliances Online's current EOFY Sale prices which (from what I understand) end on Sunday. The items I've looked at are listed at the same price on their eBay store as their own website.
    I'm looking at getting this Rinnai gas heater currently listed as $832. The 20% off brings it down to $665.60. Cheapest I've seen it anywhere.

  • I still have some credit in my COTD account from their last deal. Can i use it on ebay deal?

    • "The redemption code requires payment with PayPal in order to take effect."

      So no.

  • will this include apple products - ala ipad?

    • Good point, I bought the iPad mini today from BigW for $298 but wont open it until Sunday now just in case.

  • Need kitchen reno… perfect time to get some appliances

  • +3

    Just noticed the Good Guys playing funny buggers with the Dyson Vacs:

    This was in stock with 20+ available earlier today and now its out of stock

  • +2

    What you guys think about this laptop - Recommendation to buy or not?

    • +12

      The invisible one?

      • +17

        Pros: light so you won't notice it in your bag.

        Cons: does not exist.

        • Yeh, rather hard to type on if your not a touch typist..

        • Pros: Cheap! Ozbargain friendly

      • 20% off nothing?

        • You realize his Ozbargain handle is 'bluecasper' which means he is a ghost, and spectral laptops exist. Don't say it's nothing because it denies his existence.

    • Free shipping?

  • +2

    Anyone selling chromecasts? I think DS have pulled it from their ebay store

  • is anyone else seeing the "SENNHEISER Momentum On-Ear Headphones" listed on DSE eBay for $179.xx on their product listing but you go to the actual product page it shows up as 297?

    Nvm, just noticed they readjusted the prices which is probably in response to this promotion -.-
    not going to bother now.

  • Anyone found bargain quality 40" TV?

    • The Dick Smith branded 40" at $399 down to $320 is pretty good value.

  • Looks like both Dick Smith and The Good Guys have removed the Moto G from their eBay listings.


  • +5

    Last night DSE increased the price of the Logitech G27 Driving Wheel set .. it was ~$238, and now its $265.


    • +2

      Typical. Right before a sale, increase the price of everything.

      • Should report to the ACCC - they're looking into was/now pricing right now. They did over a jeweller who was doing some shonky sale a few months back.

  • good deal

  • +7

    FYI Dick Smith just raised the PS4 price from 479 back to 548. Bastards.

  • +2

    DSE has already priced up their items. LG 32' 32LN563B was $375 this morning and now $399..

  • +2

    Dick smith is out of my list
    Yesterday Today Increase

    Canon pg640 ink cartridge $30.17 $41.98 ~39%
    canon cl641 $36.40 $52.98 ~46%
    canon 640 & 641 $64.25 $89.95 ~40%
    Pebble watch $153.32 $179.00 ~17%

    Good guys has not changed (yet) any of the items I am following

    • Goodguys has also they had hp slate tablet for $99 yesterday now $149!!!!

    • +1

      Dick Smith had a sale which ended so maybe that's why the prices are up now?

      Edit: Confirmed. Back to their normal prices.

      Canon pg640 ink cartridge $30.17 $41.98 ~39% Google cache: $41.98 on 18 May 2014
      canon cl641 $36.40 $52.98 ~46% Google cache: $52.98 on 18 Apr 2014
      canon 640 & 641 $64.25 $89.95 ~40% Google cache: $89.95 on 18 Apr 2014
      Pebble watch $153.32 $179.00 ~17% Google cache: $179 on 3 Jun 2014

  • +7

    Bastards are increasing prices everywhere.

    • Simple, don't buy on that day from those stores.

    • let us know those that have and help others avoid those that dont play fair

  • I reckon we shouldn't upvote this yet, until we purchased and paid. Then only we upvote. But it's not fair for a downvote. Just don't vote.

    See all those bastards like DSE, The Goodguys… increase prices…………

  • +1

    I'm eye some of the air fryers..lets see how much they mark it up by

    • me too,

      which ones are you looking at?

      tefal actifry or the philips air fryer?

      • I'm looking at the Philips. But that could mean I'm really looking at the Tefal. All your Tefal are belong to me.

      • Still deciding between the two. Looking at reviews and Youtube videos for both. Tough choice. Both seem very good, but also both make things each other can't.

        • Buy both :)

      • Got the Philips AIrfryer XL for $286. Pretty good deal I think :)

  • Time to buy that new dishwasher!

  • This is just marketing bullshit. EBay marketing for their big customers so they can make bigger margins, not for consumers.

  • +1

    Finally!! I can get my air guitar from COTD that is never discounted for 20% less.

  • +5

    Although this is a genuine deal, I will be downvoting it due to the increased pricing from some online retailers. Looking at you Dick!

    Edit: Damn cant change a plus vote to a minus. You got lucky this time Dick, never again.

  • yeah… looks like a useless deal this time. Found nothing reasonable from these sellers unless wife has some items from homeware section :)

    I bought 2 S4s for my daughters last Sunday (of course separate accounts) but that rogue seller is now saying that it is out of stock. So all my happiness out of ebay sale is gone.
    Seems ebay don't have any strict policies for such bastards who put up listings without stock and then you have to waste time waiting or run after them for refund….

  • The Good Guys just took the fridge I was going to buy offline. 'out of stock' Yet it's in stock on their website and has been for ages.

  • +4

    I don't understand why the store are jacking up all the price, as eBay are taking the loss of 20%, but the store get pay by eBay in full. I guess they're trying to maximize their profit. Ebay should crack down on this. let all of us complain to eBay.

    • They all want to eat out of our 20% profit pie… making sure we pay more or less same price as per market price even after 20% off.

      • They also want to make sure online shopping is less of a deal and encourage you to walk into their stores.

  • +6

    TheGoodGuys doesn't seem to stand with their name

    • agreed. they used to be cheap to wipe out the little stores, and now they are just average in price.

  • +20

    I've sent an email to Ebay to complain about the price increase items. Waiting for their response.. will let you know.. I encourage people to do the same.

    • I doubt Ebay will take action as they can say it is up to the retailers to set the price but in reality Ebay probably marked up the commission it gets from the retailers. I have no idea on how it works but it would seem, the 20% off is just a marketing ploy. All these companies probably were told by ebay to increase their prices or remove hot items or items with less profit margin.

    • +1

      Good on you for doing something kevin22

    • Do you have a contact email address? I don't mean some overseas call center dude though.

      Maybe we should all fire some rockets off to ebay.

      PS4 and Moto G had definitely significant increases so the 20% turn about to be nothing off. Why the pretend sale? What's the point?

    • This is the response from eBay.

      [email protected]

      11:27 AM (1 hour ago)

      to me

      RE: Item wasn't as described SR# x

      Hello x,

      Thank you for contacting eBay about reporting a member.

      I would be glad to assist you with your issue. However, I'm not able to do any investigation yet since I lack information. Kindly reply to this email and provide the following:

      1. Member your reporting
      2. Item number

      I apologise if I am not able to provide you with more information today. Rest assured, once we receive the details I requested above, we can move on with our investigation. If you have any other concerns, please do not hesitate to include it on your next email.

      Thanks for choosing eBay. Have a good day ahead.

      Warm Regards,

      Marlon N.
      eBay Trust & Safety

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